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Mar ch 28 , 1968
Mrs . Joseph Pepe
Exe cutive Assistant
Mayor•s U,:ban Coalition
Office of the Mayo:r
City of Riverside
Riverside , California
Dear Mrs . Pepe :
I am attaching information on formation of the Atlanta Ur-ban
Co lition.
In nswer to yo\11' sp eific que tlons:
There i no budg t for the function of the U\"ban Coalition.
At the pr
nt tim w hav no d finite plans £011 s tting
up mor formal typ organh: tion although this might
b done ome tim in th f utur •
Th City of Atlanta does h ve a Community Relation
Commi ion which was
tabli h d by th City Gov rnment. Th Ch bman of the Commi . ion, R v rend Samu l
Willi m , r pr
nt all dvil rlghta ot"g nt ations of the
m mb r of the Atlant Urb n Coalition.
1 hope thi
information might b
of some v lu to you.
Sincerely your ,
Dan Sw

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