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January 3, 1968


TO: The Steering Committee

FROM: The Task Force on Private Employment

In order for the Task Force on Private Employment to
implement the "Private Employment, Assistance and Investment
Section" of The Urban Coalition's Statement of Principles,
Goals, and Commitments, the program developed by the Task
Force must be practical and action-oriented. The complexity
of the problem and the urgency for action have been clearly
stated many times. Therefore, it is not necessary to include
this information in this paper.

It is generally agreed that much will depend on the
commitment and action taken on the local level. Therefore,
the Task Force has assigned top priority to working with local
leadership throughout the country. In many cases, local
employment committees will be part of the total local
coalition effort. The Task Force plans to undertake the
following activities:

1. Encourage and assist the business sector to develop
specific manpower programs that will make an impact
on the employment. problem. These activities include |
recruitment, training, and placement programs.

Develop policies and procedures whereby a local
employment committee may apply for direct financial
assistance from the Task Force. This would be on a
matching basis and be limited to a very small number
of highly effective programs.

Assist the business sector to develop the practical
techniques and mechanisms to implement programs on
the local level. This would include the development
of a manual of instruction and information.

Establish a clearinghouse for information on programs
and activities being undertaken by the private sector.
Case studies on specific programs would be developed
and made available to interested companies throughout
the country.

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The Task Force has already initiated action in some of the
program activities. During the months of November and December
meetings were held in Baltimore, Maryland, Detroit, Michigan,
and Atlanta, Georgia. The conferences focused on specific
topics such as organizing local employment campaigns; recruit-
ing, training, and placement of the hard-core unemployed;
reassessing under-employment; job development and upward
mobility; and promotion of economic growth in the ghetto.
Future conferences are planned in Phoenix, Arizona for the
western states and in Kansas City, Missouri for the midwestern

In addition to the area conferences, meetings with repre-
sentatives for individual communities and companies have been
held. It can be expected that this activity will increase as
more communities and companies become involved in local coali-
tions and begin to develop employment programs. It has been
suggested by many participants in the conferences that the
Task Force serve as a clearinghouse for information and develop
specific case studies on programs being undertaken by companies.
The Task Force is working very closely with the National
Industrial Conference Board and the National Association of
Manufacturers on this activity. Information on programs is
being gathered at the present time and it should be available
to companies in the very near future.

The Task Force plans to invite business and labor leaders
to assist the Task Force on the national level. The Task Force
is presently considering a list of individuals who have expressed
an interest in working with the Task Force.

Although the Task Force does not plan to become directly
involved in the conduct and administration of programs, it will
develop policies and procedures by which the Task Force can
provide limited financial assistance in the development and
implementation of specific programs. This activity will not
only provide much needed financial assistance to local employ-
ment committees, but also provide the Task Force an opportunity
to implement some of the goals in the "Private Employment, Assis-
tance and Investment" Section of the Statement of Principles,
Goals, and Commitments, such as "Earn and Learn Centers! recruit-
ment, and training programs.

In summary, the major activities of the Task Force will
focus on broadening the commitment and involvement of the private
sector on both the national and local level. It will also develop
and implement in cooperation with local employment committees a

small number of specific programs to expand employment opportuni-
ties for the hard-core unemployed.

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