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datavery of. services és their community and citizens, af the usually |

cited obs tholes to such expansion did not exist (such as budgets).

We would appreciate your answers to the following questions
after consuiting with the heads and personnel chiefs in the types
of agencies listed below, if such a survey has not already been

I. Assuming no limitations in budgets and facilities (in-
cluding provisions and requirements for recruiting and training
new personnel), in which of the following municipal functions do
you believe there is a need for at least a 10% increase in services

and/or personnel? Please answer in col. l.

1 2 3
Need for Ideal Staffing Nonprofession-
Increases? Increases al as°% of
(please check (enter number) CH ae
partment or Function if need exists)
ti-pollution enforcement SOA CA Por) hy Set! FG Ws ehelen's| SNe
ucation aPe'te tale jay et a 3 Dis ase, eee sus Rees Slats are
neral administration eos @ tt @ #8 © 8 & oe esee*m@ernetenee## eaeoeeet8te#e#skeesegs
alth and hospitals Rela! ikea tst =" a, Able > elttte lol see Te * oy oiths ea
ghway and/or traffic dept. i ca eek ee tcc Meee SEP abe v
using codes and inspection Naira s 3% > WRN cy a5 tas RAMs 6
brary eo @ 8 @ se @#@ 8 6 eeeese#s#ereeesst eevee @eeews
lice . ee ee @ ee oe eoeeeetee eae *e# eee eee
Tre . oreoeeeretkees#«# ov eee ee ewe oe @ @ @ eo oe @
ereation and parks Qiageyete ys. 0% oka als ah, ete Bellic (St, % yon
ban renewal (or rehabilitation)
- including Model Cities Mee sesh ta ol Sa ita’ 424 a
» .

nitation ‘ oer ew te Pees *e es #8 @ =e #@ ewe o* @ ss © oe @
lfare : o fee ake ease a) 0 Mies 2 a! vias Maes, “<ivhabes
her? “eT oe @ese@ 8 @#@ 8B se @oeesee et eeeseee# see @etesnree#

(please name)

(please name)
Fie In coltmn 2 could you provide estimates of how many

addi tlonat: personnel would be needed to implement these increased
‘eaves Plausible, reasonable estimates are perfectly Sebdatact omy
here. We are not insisting on precise to-the-last-man figures.

IIT. In many of these potentially expanded departments and
functions, there is always the strong probability that new profes-
sional personnel may not be available in the numbers desired.

Partly as a means of solving this type of personnel shortage, some
agencies around the country have recently begun to recruit and train
( Aden and women without the regularly required advanced Ene a i on

to perform those aspects of "professional" jobs which actually

i cietwen ae dks fe agian
cmp ners laceie alert rs adie Alain vs * 8 SI ike i eee er eee — —

could be performed by such men and women. In other departinents

and functions needing more personnel, the only major reason for not
hiring them is simply the problem of inadequate funds, andsmen and

a eee

women could be employed in a variety of jobs that are not rigidly
professional in nature (for example, playground aides, urban beauti-
fication personnel, certain kinds of hospital employees, a
In column 3, would you indicate what percent of the numbers
Cre! «
cited in column 2 might consist of these two typesyvof new employers?
In answering this question, please do not feel constrained by any
existingg budgetary or entrance-requirement Limitations. Again,
° no Ppoh-ctae precise percentajyre is requested here -- only your best

estimate as to what proportion of these jobs could conceivably be

filled by nonprofessional personnel.

[beso AF tx a P tihy a f Of thn a 4 Ae ven, baTOy perie

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