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• ti
the desree to
could be expanding their
de livery ri.r- aervice s
their community and citizens, if the
cited obstacles to such expansion did not exist (such as budgets).
We would appreciate your answers to the foll owing questions
aCter consulting with the he a ds a nd personnel c hie1s in the types
of agencies listed below, i1 s uch a surv e y has not already been
Assuming !!.2 .limi tati o n s i n budget s a nd f' ac i liti<~s ( i n-
cl u d i n g provisions and requir e me nt s f or rec r u itin g and traini1 1g
n ew pers onn e l), in which of' th e following mun i c i p a l

fu nct i on s do

you b e l ie v e there is a n e ed fo r at l ea st a 1 0% in c re as e i n servic e s
and/or personn e l?
Pl.ease an s wer j n col . 1.
f' o r
IncrenSL'S ?
( ple:1s0 ch c'ck
i :f n C! e d t~ x j s t s )
part ment or F u nction
l dedl Staffin g
(c 11 t. 1ir numb1·r)
ti - pollution enforcement
nernl admin.istration
alth and hospitals
ghway and/or traffic dept .
using codes and inspection
creation and parks
ban renewal (or rehabilitation)
- includine Model Cities
(please name)
{please name)
.. ...
Nonprofess i on al D.t; % o f
col . 2
provide estimates oC ho~ many
additio~al personnel J ould be needed to implement these increased
Plausible, reasonable estimate3 are perf'ectly satisfactory _;. ·,
We are not insisting on pre c ise tn- the-last-man :figures.
In many o.f these pot e ntially expand e d departments and


there is always the strong probability that now pro~cs-
sional personnel may not be ava i labl e
Partly as a
ag e nci e s
means of solving t h.i.s
around t h e
the · numb e rs desired.
type of p t! rsonn e l
coun t r y h ave r ece n t l y l> (•g un
( A) men a nd wom e n without
re cru i l. and
j obs which a ctually
could be performed by such me n a nd women.
In oth e r
n e eding mor e
p er s o nn e l ,
t he
c ould b e
pr u.fcs,..ion a ]
e mploy e d
in n a ture

fica t 1on perso n nel ,

v.1 rie 1, y o:f j t) l >s
(f or cxnmple ,
c ertain kind s
t' 11 n ds ,
th.:.i. t
playground a i des ,
2 migh t
c on ::; i :-; t
In an s we rine this qu0:-;tio n,
pl .. : 1:-;e
t l1t· :·H :
.Jo n o t
f!Xist int; Ludgetary or entra n c , · - rcqui r l' mt- 11l
iron - clad precise p ercentat~"
estimat e as
f .((6--. 0,/11.( . . .
the ) num l H· rs
t. y pt 'S /\ o f
ll l' W
nn:-;t1'a.i 11 Pd
f, · 1· 1
l t mi.l,tlio11s .
t h es e
, •111ployccs ?
hy ,111y
Ag ,11 11,
jobt> cu 11ld c on cL'i. vahly
I> "
per so nn el .
~.,e~.....;--1 / " ,' ( .--/- ,. .,,.,....,
-- .--- ------- - .
~nl I
etc .).
is requ..:· !-it,•t..l h1 · rt i -- oul y ynur l> c::; t
to what proportion •., r
fill e d by nonprof e s s ion a l
u r han b 1• a u t i -
' mplo y ee s ,
h o s p1 t. al
.f or 110 t
a n d :• mc n a nd
are not d l y
ln co l u mn J, wo u ld yo u .i n dic,1t.e wh,,l p , · 1·c ·1 : 11t o f
cit<,•d i n
d e partm e nt s
only rn ,t ,jlJr n'a s o n
h i r inl{ t hem is si mply the p ro lil 0 m o.f i n ad,• qu,1 tc
wom e n
tra in
the r e eula r ly re qui re d a dv a n ce d p re p aration
to perform t hos e asp e cts of "prof ess ional"
and .function s



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