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December 11, 1967
Members of the Steering Committee
Urban Coalition
John Gunther, U.S. Conference of Mayor s
Chairma n, Wor king Committee on Organization
The Urban Coalition in 1968
Your Working Committee on Orga ni zation met and based on that
meeting and subse quent discussions with individual members of the
Working Committee, I submit this report.
1. The Urban Coalition should mntinue its efforts toward assuring an equitable share o f the b e nefits from the nation's economy
for the r e side nts of our centr a l citie s. The Urba n Coalition
should b e responsive to but independe nt of the individual
eleme nts of it. The Coalition should seek to facilitate the
impleme ntation of policies developed by it and others and concurred in b y the Coalition. Areas of substa ntive conce rn should
be education, emp loyme nt, and h ousing , including relate d community
facili t i es and services . The Coa lition should encoura g e the
formation of local coalitions to develop and implement plans for
the solution of community problems. Thr-=; National Coalition,
through local coalitions and b y dire ct action, should supp ort
policie s to or d e r private and public prioritie s to mee t the
pressing and long n e gle cted n eeds o f the c e ntr a l citie s.
The Steering Committee is the governing body of the Coalition
and it may add to its number as it dee ms appr op riate. The
Steering Commi t tee shall s e l e ct its ch airman or co-chair me n from
its membe rs a n d sha ll de t e rmi n e the s ubstan ce of the a re as o f the
Coa l iti on a c t i v i ties , estab l i sh a budget and employ a Nationa l
Coordin ator .
3. There sha ll b e a Council o f Lo cal Coa l iti ons . This Coun cil
will be made u p o f t wo representatives from each l o ca l c o a l ition
and it shal l se l ect two o f its members to serve on the nationa l
Steering Committee. The Council will serve in an advisory
capacity to the Steer ing Committee .
4. Each member of the Ste ering Committee may designate an
individual to repr esent him on the Work ing Committee. The
Working Committee shall select a chair man or co-chairman from its
members, and may establish committees as needed to oversee the
implementation of decisions by the Steering Committee, and prepare proposals for the consideration of the Steering Committee.
5. Areas of Coa lition activity will be e x plored in depth by
task forces established by the Steering Committee and responsible
to the Steering Committee.
6. The Coalition sha ll employ such staff as its budgeted resources
permit. The staff will be under the direction of a National
Coordinator who may be retained and serve at the pleasure of the
Steering Committee. The staff will provide services as necessary
to the Steering Committee, the Council of Local Coalitions, the
task forces and the Working Committee.
7. Staffing and funding should be planned on a one-year basis; and
prior to January 1, 196~ a comprehensive review should be made to
asses progress toward the objectives of the Urban Coalition and
to make such recommendatioraas may be appropriate for its continuation.

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