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The Urban Coalition
January 12, 1968

As the new year begins and the second session of the 90th
Congress convenes, The Urban Coalition reaffirms its call for recognition
of the compelling needs of the people of our nation's cities and for
immediate and positive action to meet those needs, No longer can this
country tolerate the serious unemployment, housing deficiencies, educa-
tional disparities and urban decay which plague urban America, The Urban
Coalition calls upon American citizens to insist that this session of
Congress enact the legislation necessary to restore health to our cities,

The nation can no longer ignore the intolerable conditions of
life which cripple too many of our fellow citizens and induce the wide=-
spread discontent and disorder which have erupted year after vear, warn-
ing America that it is not meeting its responsibilities to its own people,

The Urban Coalition, broadly representative of American busi-
ness, labor, religion, civil rights and local government, pledges its
firm and continued support for a re-ordering of national priorities and
a commitment of national resources equal to meeting these responsibilities,
The substantial number of communities forming counterpart Urban Coalitions
all over the country is strong evidence that the citizens of our urban
areas share the Urban Coalition's concern and its commitment, With the
commitment of its citizens this nation has the capacity now to resolve its

urban problems,
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