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December 11, 1967
Members of the Steering Committee
Urban Coalition
John Gunther, U.S. Conference of Mayors
Chairman, Work ing Committee on Organization
The Urban Coalition in 1968
Your Working Committee on Organization met and based on that
meeting and subsequent discussions with individual members of the
Working Committee, I submit this report.
1. The Urban Coalition should mntinue its efforts toward assuring an e quitable share of the benefits from the nation's economy
for the residents of our central citi es. The .Urban Coalition
should ·b e respons i ve to bu:c. independent of the individual
element s of it. The Coalition should seek to facilitate the
implemen tation of policies developed by it and others and concurred i n by the Coalition. Areas of substantive conce rn should
be educa tion, employment, and housing, including related community
facili tie s and services. The Coalition should encourage the
format i on of local coalitions to develop and implement plans for
the solu tion o f communi.t-:, problems . The National Coalition,
through local coalitions and by direct action, should support
polic ies to order private and public priorities to me et the
press i n g and long neglected needs of the centra l cities .
2. The Steer ing Committee is the gover ning body of the Coalition
and i t ma y a dd to its number as i t deems appr opr iate . The
Stee rin g Committe e shall select its cha i r man or c o -chair men fr om
its member s and s h all determine the substance of the areas o f the
Co aliti on activ itie s, e s t abl i sh a b udget and employ a Nationa l
3. There shall be a Counci l o f Lo cal Coalitions. This Council
will be made up of two representatives from each local coalition
and i t shall selec t two o f its members to ser ve on the national
Steer i n g Committee. The Council will ser ve in an advisor y
c apacity to t he Steer ing Committee .
4. Each member of the Steering Committee may designate an
individual to represent him on the Working Committee. The
Working Committee shall select a chairman or co-chairman from its
members, and may establish committees as needed to oversee the
implementation of decisions by the Steering Committee, and prepare proposals for the consideration of the Steering Committee.
5. Areas of Coalition activity will be explored in depth by
task forces established by the Steering Committee and responsible
to the Steering Committee.
6. The Coalition shall employ such staff as its budgeted resources
permit. The staff will be under the direction of a National
Coordinator who may be retained and serve at the pleasure of the
Steering Committee. The staff will provide services as necessary
to the Steering Committee, the Council of Local Coalitions, the
task forces and the Working Committee.
7. Staffing and funding should be planned on a one-year basis; and
prior to January l, 196~ a comprehensive review should be made to
asses progress toward the objectives of the Urban Coalition and
to make such recommendatiorsas may be appropriate for its continuation.

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