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December 18, 1967

Report of the Committee on Budget and Finance

The Committee has reviewed the financial report for the Coalition's
activities from July 31, 1967 through November 30, 1967. A copy
of the report is attached. It appears that the experience of the
first four months of operations has produced a substantial degree
of organization approximately within the projected budget approved
by the Steering Committee on August 23. The Committee notes that
the current and projected level of activity through January 31,
1968 will require the fulfillment of the outstanding pledges.

The Committee recommends that the Coalition extend its interim
budget for an additional three months through April 30, 1968 ata
level of at least $50,000 to enable the Coalition and its Task
Forces to complete its organizational phase.

Looking beyond this, the Committee believes that the future annual
budget can only be determined after the Steering Committee has
determined the scope of its program. The projected budget for
operations developed by the staff appears reasonable and can be
increased or decreased based upon the Steering Committee actions
during the next several months as the organizational phase is

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