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/ he Ur, ban Coal. tion / Federal Bar Building West | 1819 H Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. | 20006

Steering Committee Co-chairmen: Andrew Heiskell / A. Philip Randolph


AKO} Working Committee Members

FROM: John Feild and Ron Linton, National Coordinators
SUBJECT: Luncheon for Washington Representatives

DATE: November 10, 1967

Steering Committee Co-Chairmen A. Philip Randolph and Andrew
Heiskell feel that the Washington representatives of organi-
zations who have evidenced an interest in The Urban Coalition
ought to be fully apprised of Coalition action and programs
particularly as they relate to the Washington scene.

As a first step in developing a continuing relationship with
Washington-based representatives of our supporters, we have
invited them to a luncheon at the Statler Hilton Hotel in
Washington at 11:45 on November 20th.

Mayor John Lindsay will join us to discuss with our guests
the range and importance of Coalition activity here in Wash-

We are al inviting all the members of the Coalition Working
Committee to attend this luncheon. Please advise Mrs. Marcia
Greené (202/293-1530) at your earliest convenience if you will
or will not be able to attend.

National Coordinators. Jahn Feild | Ron M. Linton
Telephone 293-1530

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