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Washington, D. C.
September 21, 1967
John Feild opened the meeting and defined the. working committee as a reviewingand coordinating body with the primary objective of insuring a steady
flow of information to the national steering committee so that the steering
committee will be able to make appropriate decisions at its meetings.
Steering committee will meet Monday, October 9 at 7 : 30 PM in
New York at the Time-Life Building.
Office space has been secured in the Federal Bar Building West, 1819 H Street NW .
(tel eph one 293-1530). John Feild and Ron Linton will conti nue as coordina tors
f or t h e Coalition. Full-time staf f will consist of Olga Corey , information
coor d i n a tor and a ssociat e coordina tors Mel Cotton and Chris Mould. Jim Gib son
of the Po tomac I n s t i t u t e and Vernon Jo r dan o f the Southern Reg ional Coun c il
will be availabl e on a part- t i me basis on loan f rom their r e s p ectiv e a gen c i es.
An administrative report will be sent to y ou before the October 9
steering commi t tee meeting . You wi l l al s o r eceiv e a ros ter wi t h
name s, addr es s es and phone numb ers of a l l st eering committee
member s and t h ei r repres en tativ es. · A budget fo r operat ing t h e
Coalition will b e presented t o the steering commit t ee on Oct ober 9.
A ros ter of all t hose who a t tend ed t h e Conv ocat i on will be s ent out b efore the
October 9 meeting: everyone who at t end ed will receiv e one.
Compl ete proceedings are also being prepared and wil l also be sent t o everyone registered at
the Convocation.
Because of pr i n t ing co sts, bulk cop i e s of the p r oceedings can only be
supplied at cost. Please notify Olga Corey i n advance of your organization's needs.
Two new task f orces are being f o rmed--Loca l Coali t i ons and Communicat i ons .
Co-Chairmen for Local Coaliti ons are (1 ) Mayor Joseph Barr of Pittsbu rgh ,
(2) a businessman to be selected as soon as possible, and (3) Arnold
Aaronson, of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. Co-Chairmen for
Communications are (1) Joseph Allen, President of McGraw-Hill Publications,
(2) John Johnson, President of Johnson Publications (Ebony, Jet), and
(3) Harold Fleming, President of the Potomac Institute. Also, Roy Ash of
Litton Industries has agreed to serve as Co-Chairman of the Task Force on
Educational Disparities with Dr . Arthur Flemming and Roy Wilkins.
Representatives of the Co-Chairmen of the task force met with the coordinating staff. They are considering pilot meetings (probably New York,
Detroit, Atlanta) at which 10-20 representatives of the local corporate
structure will generate ideas and lay the groundwork for local action.
The first meeting would be held early in October. Under consideration
for follow-up to the local meetings is a national meeting to launch plans
for assisting local private employment programs. The task force also
plans to prepare a handbook for the initiation and developmen t of local
task forces on private employment.
Cities in which local coalitions are already in the process of formation--or
a re likely to be--are being identified. These cities will be contacted to
send representatives to a national meeting in Chicago on October 18. At
this meeting there will be presentations on the techniques of establishing
and operating local coalition task forces on private employment, legislation (public service employment) and communications. Meanwhile, staff
li aison from the Coalition will be available to any city coalition working
in these three areas. Hopefully 50 or more local coalitions will be in
op era tion by early November .
All members of working committee were asked to immediately contact
their principals and urge them to contact key people in local
ccmmunities who could be helpful in establishing local coalitions
as emphasized in the Coalition's Statement of Principles, Goals
and Commitments.
The t ask force urged members of the working committee to relay to their
principals th e need f or telegrams , calls and letters in support of the
Cl ark- Javits bi ll . I t was explained that the Coalition's endorsement of
this l egislation was t aken as a result of polling members of the steering
committee as agreed at the previous meet ing . In ord er to keep procedures
cl ear, the t a sk force will meet before the Octob er 9 steering committee
meet i ng to draw up recommendations to the Committee for Coalition policy
on pending legislation .
The three Co-Chairmen of this task force h ave d efined their objectives as
three-fold : (1 ) communicat ing to the public the meaning, goals and activities of the Urban Coalition, ( 2 ) working with other task forces in producing materials which wil l offer technical assistance and guidance in implementing coalition programs and (3) mounting a nationwide educational effort
on the urgency of the urban crisis.
The national Advertising Council has registered a strong interest in assisting the Urban Coalition and has scheduled a special meeting with a coalition
representative to discuss how their interests, talents and energies may
best be used.
Tas k force Co-Chairmen are meeting in New York on October 5. This tas-k
force will be ·working closely with the Insurance Committee on Urban
Problems which will also be working closely with local coalitions.
Task force co-chairmen have not met yet.
has expressed a desire to work with us.
A task force operating in Illinois
Four items have been proposed for the agenda of the October 9 meeting, which
will be attended by principals and their representatives. These are: (1)
recommendations on organization, (2) presentation of task force programs,
(3) procedures for developing public policy positions and, (4) an administrative report. Since there will be discussion of the desirability of
enlarging the present 33-member steering committee, especially to provide
for some type o f participation by local coalitions, a committee was
appointed to consider this question and report on October 9. This committee
consists of Richard Hirsch, Chairman, Andrew Biemiller, Alfred Eisenpreis,
Harold Fleming, Bayard Rustin, Wayne Smithy and Peter Tufo.
It was a lso decid ed that the proposal for an Urban Economic Council would
be presented to the steering committee .at the October 9 meeting.

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