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. Chicago Conference
Mobilizing Urban Coalitions
Chicago Circle Center, University of Illinois October 17th, 1967
With any new national effort such as that being undertaken ~y The Urban
Coalition, it may be expected that organizational structure methods will
continue ~o undergo change.
For this reason The Urban Coalit ion is under-
standably :following a flexibl e course of action.
The ideas set forth in
this discussion paper may be expected to undergo fur t her change a s they are
subject to continuing review by both national and local leadership .
views of those interested in The Urban Coalition are invite d and we lcome .
Base d upon the Statement of Principles , Goals and Commitments adopted at t h e
August Emergency Convocation, The Urban Coalition's program may be restated
as follows:
To encourage the Congre ss to respond affirmatively to the n eeds
of the cities .
To encourage public concern with the needs of the c it ie s o
To stimulate gr eat e r private initiative a nd effort in dealing with
the problems of the cities, including both investme n t and technical
assi s t a nce.
To stimulate gr e ater support' for and interes t
meet such needs as:
in ongoing efforts to
--job d e v elopment and manpower training programs
--open housing efforts
--urban renewal and reconstruction
�Page ·Two
--anti-poverty programs
--programs to overcome educational dispariti e s .
Among the methods tha t may b e followed by The Urban Coalition are the
Be supportive, not op er ational.
It is e x pected that Th e Urban
Coalition will suppor t o ngoi ng e fforts at both the loc a l an d n a tional lev els.
rt may stimulate new under takings.
It will coopeiate with s uch majo~ n ew
efforts as th e $1 billion inv e stme nt allocation of the insur anc e industry
for center city development.
It will give support to loc a l u rba n coalitions.
Stimulat e inte res t in successful e x amp l e s of actio n .
Thr ough it s
Task For c es The Urban Co a lition will identify, work with , and public iz e
successful effort s to e xpand employment, e x tend lower i n c ome hou s ing a n d
equa l housing opport unitie s , new educational pro g r a ms a nd th e like .
Task Forces hope t o s e rve as c a t a l y st s and conv enors .
They wi l l serve a s
c l e aringhouses o f l oc al a c t ion.
Work with the mass media .
Thr o ugh its Ta sk F orce on Communicati on s
and Public Suppor t and thr ough co un te rp a rt comm i ttees at t h e loc al lev el ,
it is h oped that the mass media can te encouraged to fo cu s gr e at er a t te ntion
on the n eeds of c ities .
Br oad public understandin g of the n eed for greater
re s ource s , of the c omplexit i e s of the p r obl e ms invo l ved and the need for
urgent action are es s ential if the g oal s of The Urban Coalition are to be
To coordinate a national legislative campaign.
The Urban Coalition
has called upon Congress for action across a broad front to meet the urban
Interpreting and emphasizing the need for national action is as
~uch a local obligation as it is a commitment of the National Steer ing
Discussions with members of Congress is as much a hometown
affair as are appearances before Congressional comm ittees.
The National Steering Committee at the present time consists of thir ty-six
They are broadl y representat i ve of business, labor , local govern-
me nt , religion, civil rights and education.
It is expected that two addit-
ional member s of the Steering Committee will be sele cted by the Council of
Urban Coalitions.
As loc a l coalitions are formed they wi ll b e invited to
designate two r e pre s e ntatives to serve on the Coun~il a nd thro ugh this
Council provide the National Steer ing Committee with advice and guidance on
matters of national concern .
The National Ste ering Committee has establishe d
seven Task Forces a nd it i s e x p e cte d th a t
c ounterpart units.
guide line s.
local coa lition s will d e v e lop
These are ide ntif i ed and discussed in the attache d
Under con s i der a tion for futur e d e v e lopme nt is the establi s hme n t
o f a Council o f Urban Ec o nomic Advi s o rs to assist the Coa lition in a n a l yzi ng
the ~mp act of Federa l economic, fisc~l, tax , and budget a ry p o licies of cit i es.
A secon d Counc il o f Un i v ersi t y Urba n Studies Cent ers i s b eing contempl ated as
a mea n s o f channe ling the b est r esearch i deas con cerning urban deve l opment
into the discu s s ions and p l ans of b oth t he National Steering Committee and
�Page Four
and local coalitions.
Further additions and modifications ~n the organization
and structure of The Urban Coalition may be expected as experience is gained.



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