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September 27, 1967
Mr. John Feild
Mr. Ron Linton
(202) 293-1530
Mr. Andrew Biemiller
(202) 628-3870
Mr. George Meany
815 16th St., N. W.
Washington, D. C.
Mr. Jack Conway
(202) 393-5596
Mr. David Cohen
(202) 393-5581
Mr. Walter Reuther
United Auto Workers
8000 E. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, Michigan
Msgr. Lawrence Corcoran
(202) 332-2730
Archbishop John F. Dearden
National Conference of Catholic Bishops
St. Aloysius
1234 Washington Blvd.
Detroit, Michigan
Mr. Jack Davies
(212) 552-4415
Mr. David Rockefeller
Chase Manhattan Bank
New York, N. Y.
Mr. Alfred Eisenpreis
(212) 679-0800
Mr. Theodore Schlesinger
Allied Stores Corporation
401 Fifth Avenue
New York, N. Y.
Mr . Walter Fauntroy
(202) 387-2090
The Reverend Martin Luther King
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
330 Auburn Avenue, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Mr . John Gunther
(202) 298-7535
Mr . Patrick Healy
(202) 628 - 3440
Honorable Joseph Barr
Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh
City Hall
Pittsburth, Penn .
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Honorable Milton Graham
Mayor of the City of Phoenix
City Hall
Phoenix, Arizona
Honorable James H.J. Tate
Mayor of the City of Philadelphia
City Hall
Philadelphia, Penn.
Mr. James Hamilton
(202) 544-2350
Dr. Arthur Flem ming
National Council of Churches
475 Riverside Drive
New York, N. Y.
Dr. Roy Hamilton
(617) 523-1100
Honorable John F. Collins
Mayor of the City of Boston
City Hall
Boston, Mass.
Mr. Tom Hannigan
(202) 265-8040
Mr. Joseph D. Keenan
International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers
1200 15th St . , N. W.
Washington, D. C.
Mr . William C. Hart
(212) 751 - 1311
Mr . Gerald L. Phillippe
Chainnan of the Board
General Electric Co .
570 Lexington Avenue
New York , New York
Ra bbi Richard Hi r sch
( 202) 387-2800
Rabbi Jacob Rudin
Pr esident
Synagogue Council of Ameri ca
235 Fi fth Avenue
New York, N. Y.
Mr . Richard Idler
(4 12) 553 - 4555
Mr . Frederick Clo s e
Cha irman of the Board
Aluminum Company of Ame rica
Alcoa Build ing
Pit ts burgh, Penn .
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Mr. Vernon Jordan
(404) 522-8764
Mr. John Wheeler
Mechanics and Farmers Bank
Box 1932
Durham, North Carolina
Mr . Jay Kriegel
(212) 566-6934
Mr. Peter Tufo
(202) 223-6694
Honorable John V. Lindsay
Mayor of the City of New York
City Hall
New York, N. Y.
Mr . Conrad Mallett
(313) 963-0566
Honorable Jerome P. Cavanagh
Mayor of the City of Detroit
City Hall
Detroit, Michigan
Mr . Allen Merrell
(313) 322-2687
Mr. Henry Ford II
Ford Motor Company
De troi t , Michigan
Mr. Clarence Mitchell
(202) 544 - 5694
Mr. Roy Wilkins, Executive Director
National Association f or the
Advancement of Colored Pe ople
20 W. 40th St.
New York, New Yor k
Mr. Cha r les Moeller
(212 ) 578 -2011
Mr. Gilbert W. Fitzhugh
President and Chief Execu tive Of f i cer
Metr opolita n Life I n surance Co .
One Madi son Ave .
New York, New York
Mr. Paul Parker
(612) 330-2100
Honorable Arthur Naftal i n
Mayor of the City of Minneapolis
City Hall
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mr. Guichard Parris
(212) 751-0300
Mr. Whitney Young, Jr.
Executive Director
National Urban League
55 E . 52nd Street
New York, N. Y.
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Mr. Joseph Rauh
(202) 737-7795
Mr. Arnold Aronson
Executive Secretary
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
2027 Mass. Ave., N.W.
Washington, D. C.
Mr. Bayard Rustin
(212) 666-9510
Mr. A. Philip Randolph
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
Room 301
217 W. 125th St.
New York, N. Y.
Mr. John J . Sheehan
( 202) 63 8 -6929
Mr. I. W. Abe 1
United Steelworkers of Ame rica
1500 Connnonweal t h Building
Pi t tsbur gh , Penn.
Mr. Will iam Slay ton
( 202) 265 -2224
Mr . Andrew Heiskell
Chairman of the Board
Time , Inc .
Rockefeller Center
New York, New York
Mr. James Rouse
Pre sident
The Rouse Co .
Village of Cros s Key s
Bal t imor e , Md .
Mr. M.A. Sloan
(919) 682-9201
Mr. Asa T. Spaulding
Nor t h Ca r ol ina
Mu t ual I nsurance Company
Box 201
Durham, N. C.
Mr. Philip Sorenson
(812) 379-6331
Mr. J. Irwin Miller
Chairman of the Board
Cunnnins Engine Company
301 Washington Street
Columbus, Indiana
Mr. David Stahl
(312) 744 - 3307
Honorable Richard Daley
Mayor of the City of Chicago
City Hall
Chicago, 111 .
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Mr. Dan Sweat
(404) 522-4463
Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
· City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Mr . Anthony Weinlein
Mr. Richard Murphy
(202) 296-5940
Mr. David Sullivan
Building Service Employees
International Union
900 Seventeenth St., N. W.
Washington, D. C.
Not yet designated
Mr. Roy Ash
Litton Industries
9370 Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California

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