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December 16, 1968
Accomplishments of Coalitions
The "older gene ration" of coalitions , with increas ing frequency, is
showing tangible and substantial re s ults; the younger coalitions are,
in many insta nces , cons ume d by o rganizationa l problems . Some illustrative accomplishme nts are listed:
The Miami Coalition, in collaboration with the United Black
Federa tion, a bl a ck organization formed with the encourage ment and cooperation of members of the coa l ition, h a s taken
significant steps to ease police- community relations. It is
currently f o rmulating programs in o ther fields identified
as key to Mi a mi's needs.
Ten (or more ) coalitions are aggressively c reating entrepreneurship o pportuni ties f o r minorities. The New York Coa lition's
Venture Capital Corporation has just made its f i rs t loan, in
cooperation with the Harlem Commonwea lth Council. The comp l ementary Coaliti on Development Corporation h as begun with a
case load o f 203 entrepreneurs s eeking t echnica l as sistance .
Plainfi e ld and Racine h a ve h e l ped establis h sma ll companies .
REC Industries , a small manufacturing company estab li shed by
the Ra ci ne Environment Committee now employs and is training
35 "hard core " youths. Both the Philade l phia and New York
coaliti ons h ave active programs designe d t o enhance the
capabilities and opportun iti es o f mino r ity con tractors.
Most coalitions are striving to re lieve unemployment, consist ently i n collaboration with the loca l NAB effo rts. The New
Detroit Committee has found 50,000 j obs; Minneapo lis ha s
promote d coordination o f NAB efforts with other o rgani zations;
Fresno h as estab l ished a Manageme nt Council f or Mer it Employmen t;
Riverside h as formed a Job Opportunities Counci l ; and Tacoma has
establ ished a ghetto area employment o ffice which has plaqed
300 h ard-core une mp loye d.
The Winston- Sa l e m Coalition h as estab li s h e d a Housing Foundation
{with a million d ol l ar budget ), and h as h e lped finance a hous ing
proj ect f or the elderly. Other coalitions with strong hous ing
activities include Detroit, Fre sno, Lima, Minneapolis, New York,
Philade lphi a , and Tacoma.
The New Detroit Committee i s pressi n g l egal action t o get more
adequate reso u rces for core-city sch oo l s. Bridgeport, Minneapo li s,
and Racine are conce ntrating on scholarships for des e rving
minority college s tudents. Detroit a l so h as stimulated the
formation of partnerships between schools and major companies,
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and Newark has proposed private sector construction and operation of schools. New York has helped find sponsors for 15
Street Academies, whos e contributions will amount to $600,000
annually. New York also has a ttempted to come to g~ips with
the city's decentralization crisis through public education and
offers of mediation. The Philadelphia Coalition is launching
an employment training program by establishing "academies" in
high schools which are sponsored and operated by major compan ies.
Three academies are being o rgan i zed in Of fice Management, Banking
and Finance, Aviation and Aerospace, and in Electronics.
Coalitions in Detroit, Newark, New York, Baltimore, New Orleans,
Philadelphi a , Plainfield, Racine, and Saginaw are promoting legislative activity either at the local, state or Federal level.
Established Coalitions
New Bedford, Massachusetts established a coalition in late November;
this brings the total of established coalitions to 40.
Hou.sing Con fere nce for Coalitions
During 1969 the Urban Coalition, with the help of the National Institute
of Public Affa irs, will provide a s e ries of conferences to help coalitions
develop effective strategies in particul ar substantive areas. The first
of the s eries , To Impr ove a City ' s Housing , will be held on Feb r u ary 6
and 7 in Washington. This conference i s specifica lly d es igne d to h e lp
the staf f and hous ing ta s k forc e me mbers o f coa litions to ident ify the i r
rol e and strategies in improving the loca l hous ing situ at ion.
Organizing Efforts
Efforts are currently underway to establish coa litions in 33 cities.
Thi s tota l includes Chic ago , Illinoi s and Durh am , North Caro lina. Coa li tions are e x p e cted to be a nnounc e d soon in San Francisco, Kansas City
and Dayton. ·Mr. Walter Re uther h as scheduled a luncheon on January 9 to
advance organi zing efforts in Michigan cities . .
At the Novembe r mee ting , the Steeri ng Committee resolved to aid. in the
formati on of loca l coa litions . All 38 members were contacted by letter
as a cons equence , r equ es ting assistance in relation to spe ci f ic cities.
Te n members h a v e responded to this r equ es t; s even me mbers h a v e p r ovide d
the n ame s of individu a l s who can assist in a total o f t we lve of the
target cities:
Since the last meeting on Nove mber 1 3, the following Steering Committee
members h ave made or wil l make speech e s:
Mayor Nafta lin
Cl e v e l and , November 21
Mr. Close
Corpus Christi, January 28.

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