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New York, New York
October 9, 1967
Co-Chairman Andrew Heiskell opened the meeting by welcoming Mr. John Johnson,
President of Johnson Publications and Mr. J. H. Allen, President of McGraw-Hill
P~blications to the meeting. They are Co-Chairmen of the Communications Task
Force. By unanimous approval they were added to the Steering Committee. In
addition to this, Mr. Heiskell said that the present limited religious representation warranted additions from that segment.
Coalition costs are running slightly in excess of the approved budget. It was
suggested that a finance committee made up of members from the Steering Committee
be set up. Mr. Heiskell appointed Mr. Asa T. Spaulding, Mayor Jerome Cavanagh,
and Mr. Theodore Schlesinger to that committee. They will oversee the budget and
fund raising activities.
To date, contributions have been received from the mayors and the business members.
The labor contribution is expected shortly, and the contribution from religion is
in the process of being worked out.
The Report of the Special Working Sub-Committee on Organization was brought up
for discussion. There was some disagreement as to whether the National Coalition·
itself should take a public position on legislation pending before the Congress
or whether this should be done on the local level. It was decided, however, that
any statements released by the National Coalition would be seen by all members
of the Steering Committee before being made public. Specific changes were made
in Paragraphs 7 and 8 (see attached) and the public policy position was approved.
Over fifty cities have indicated that they are interested in setting up their own
local coalitions. To assist these communities, as well as others, a one-day
planning session will be held on Tuesday, October 17, in Chicago. This session,
hosted by Mayor Daley, will be attended by representatives from several hundred
The Co- Chairmen of the Task Force on Communications will be recruiting ten
leaders in the various areas of communication . Contact has been made with both
the Magazine Association and the Advertising Council. Both have expressed an
interest in working with the Coalition. It was suggested that Urban America might
serve as liaison between the Advertising Council and the Coalition.
The Co-Chairmen of the Task Force on Reconstruction Investment and Urban Development have met and have agreed on the expansion of the Task Force. They have
assigned their working committee to develop r ecommended goals and a task force
program. The full task force membership will meet on October 19.
The Task Force on Educational Dispari t ies and the Task Force on Equal Housing
Opportunity are in the process of holding working committee meetings to develop
task force programs.
The Task Force on Priva te Employment is scheduling meetings in three cities with
local private employment task forces in preparation fo r a national private emp loyment conferenc e.
Mayor Lindsay reported on the Task Force's activities on behalf of the Cl ark-Javits
Amendment . He noted that the Prouty compromise failed by five v otes . He a lso
noted that a new effort would be made in the Senate and an additional effort in
the House to pass an emergency public employment meas u re. He said that the l egislative committee fe lt that two other pending measures related directly to the
employment problem. One was adoption of the poverty legislation; the other was
defeat of the Welfare Amendments to the Social Security legi slati on.
There was intense discus s ion relative to the position of the Steering Committee
on this legislation. A consensus was reached that there shou ld be prepared a
positi on paper on the Welfare Amendments to be distributed to the Steering Committee
members to determine their reaction.
A committee wil l be made up of members from the Steering Committee to work with
Urban America on setting up the Urban Economic Council.
Next meeting of the Steering Committee will be at 7:30 p.m. on December 18 , 1967,
in Detroit, Michigan.

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