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May 6, 1969

Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr.

Director of Governmental Liaison
Office of the Mayor

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Dan:

The draft position paper on health by the National Urban Coalition
is, in general, excellently put together. The statistics, insofar
as we are specifically familiar with them, are accurate, The list—
ing of problems affecting the poor in different ways or in different
degrees as compared to the non-poor, is essentially the listing our
Comprehensive Health Planning Project has been gathering together.
The listing of possible solutions or ameliorations is quite compre—
hensive. However, several such solutions are presented as though
their efficacy had already been established, such as the use of
neighborhood health centers, the extension of group practice, etc.
These must be, in fact, the objects of careful study, in which both
objective and subjective factors need to be included.

A small quibble would seem in order for the first few pages which

seem to equate being black with being poor. I realize this is because
statistics are more readily available comparing the health conditions
of Negroes and whites than comparing the poor and non-poor, but this
could be remedied in the final edition of the paper, In the concluding
sections, the emphasis is clearly on the poor in general, as is most
proper and effective,

The authors of this paper obviously know how to marshal their evidence
and how to present it effectively to make points. There is little
doubt that this is a valuable resource document, and the promised "Ex
for Action'' should be even more useful,

ecutive Director
DWB: j
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