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xecutive Sysrems, Inc.

606 STATE ST.- LAWRENCEVILLE. ILL. 62439 - TEL 943-3311

Management. Actuarial and
7 28 SOUTH DEARBORN - 372-4646
Pension Consuliants CHICAGO. ILLINOIS

Wp Lud Sek

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.

Mayor of Atlanta =
City Hall Vf
Atlanta, Georgia OW é

Mr. Mayor,

March 17, -1969

I would like to call your personal attention to the seminar
described in the enclosed brochure.

In view of your involvement with THE URBAN COALITION, I believe
you will want to attend or send someone to report to you on the

I'm tired of going to conferences on Negroes and youth where all
we have is white adult speakers and a couple of name Negroes. I

want to hear about youth from youth . . . and about Negroes
from Negroes.

The rules for this conference were that it had to provide direct
interaction between adults and white youth and black youth. It
is the youth that make the program good.

For the first time, business and educators and students will be
in one program omthis subject.

‘ ee

. Patrick Rooney )


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