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The Urban Coalition
1819 H Street , N.W.
Washington , D. C. 20006
Telephone : (202) 223-9500
CHAIRMAN: John W. Gardner
CO-CHAIRMEN: Andrew Heiskell / A. Philip Randolph
March 11, 1969
Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Ivan:
On behalf of Joseph Keenan, Walter Reuther, and David
Rockefeller, I wish to thank you for sending your representative to the February 26 meeting of community
development officials called by the Urban Coalition
Task Force on Housing, Reconstruction and Investment.
The meeting explored the potential for increasing the
volume of construction of low- and moderate-income
housing through the pooling of a portion of low-income
housing starts by several cities -- the pooled market to
be supplied by large-scale, efficient developers and
The discussion was very productive, and the consensus of
the meeting was that the Housing Task Force should move
rapidly in concert with mayors, governors, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development to refine the concept
into a specific working proposal.
We- are now proceeding with this tas k and Messrs. Keenan,
Reuther, and Rockefeller will be taking an opportunity
to present the proposal to you in the near future.
John W. Gardner

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