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October 4, 1968
1819 H STREET, N . W ,
WASHINGTON, D . C . 20006
Education, - Labor ' and Antipoverty Funds. Congress has
cleared the final appropriations f6r the HEW and Labor
Departments and the Office of Economic Opportunity, the
antipoverty agency. The antipoverty appropriation was the
largest Congress has ever approved, but funds for schools
attended by educationally deprived children were below last
year's appropriation.
The House narrowly defeated a Southern-backed provision
that would have encoura g e d resistance to desegregation of
schools. The Urb a n Coa lition Action Council joined other
organizations and HEW in working for defe a t of the segregation provision. ·
Budge t
(in million s o f dollars)
Title I
$ -77.
Teache r Corp s
31. 2
Preve ntion
-25 ..
Biling u a l
10 .
- 22.5
OEO Antipoverty
Manpower Training ,
Labor De p artment
1,87 3.
2,08 8.
1,9 48 .
- 23 2 .
- 13.
Th~ Title I f unds for sch ools teaching edu cationa l ly deprived childre n -- an important program for schools in big
cities -- were $68 mi llion l ess th a n l as t year's appropriation
and a llowed the schoo l s on l y 32 % of the amounts t hey received
for the past school year. Co:1gress also gave advance au t hority
for appropriations in fisca l 1970 but limited the f unds to 90 %
of the amo unt received this yeai. This was inte nde d to h e l p
TELEPHON E: 202 293·153 0
2 -
schools plan their programs before the opening of schools next
The Teacher Corps appropriation was the largest Congress
has allowed so far, and the funds for teaching bilingual
children and for preventing school dropouts were the first
made for these purposes.
The antipoverty a ~p ropriation, which was not earmarked
for any specific OEO programs, was $170 million more than
Congress allowed last year. Funds for OEO have risen each
year since the first appropriation in fiscal 1965.
The Labor Department's manpower app ropriatipn was only
$1.5 million above last year's fiscal 1968 figure but some
manpower training programs, such as JOBS and Concentrated
Employment, are financed from OEO appropriations.
Funds Exempted from Budget Cut. HEW's education funds
will be exempted from the o ver-all $6 billion spending reduction requi r e d under the tax surcharge-budget reduction
law if Congress has its way. A section o f the vocational
education bill (HR - 18366) that Congress sent to the President
October 3 exempts education appropriations from the $6 billion
reduction in s pending and th e $10 billion r eduction in obligations (.committed money ) vote d for all Government agencies
in June. However , the Preside n t still retains authority to
hold down spe nding on any education program no matter what
amount Congress may have appropriated.
Segregation Amendment. The key part of the Southern
provision opposing d e s e grega tion of school s prohibited HEW
from "forcing " childre n to attend any particular school ag a inst the choi c e of the i r pa rent s . The provis ion was
sponsored by Mississippi Rep. J amie L. Whitten (D), a hi gh ranking member o f ' the Appropriations Cammi ttee. The Senate
amended this provision by adding language th at prohibited
forc e d atte ndance at a particular school "in o rde r to overcome
racial imbal a nc e ."
Thi s phrase v!as a l ready a p art o f c i v il rig h ts l a w . It
allowed the Government and the courts to put an end to freedom of choice " school plans that we re p e rpe tuating racinl
discrimina tion.
Whe n me mbers of the House a nd Se n ate Appro pr i a tion s
Committees me t in conf e rence on th e Labor-HEW appro pr i ation
bill, Sou t h erne rs h ad a ma jo r ity o f the v otes a nd they stru ck
from the bill the Se nate lang u age limiting the prohibition to
pl a n s to overcome racia l i mba l a n ce .
In effect, ·w hit te n' s
p u rpose was achi eve d .
3 -
Action Counc il Chairman John W. Gardner wrote Rous e
Speaker John W. McCormack (D Mass .) and the Republican leade r,
Rep. Gerald Ford (Mich.), October 2, asking them to help defeat the Whitten amendment on the House floor.
He said the
amendment "ra.ises the real threat of resegregation in many
Southern school districts" and "implicitly sanctions racially
dual school s ystems ."
On a clos e , 167-175 vote Octobe r 3, the House rejected
the Appropriations Committees ' recommendation and adop t ed the
Senate language nullifying Whi tten's amendment. This wi ll enable HEW to continue to withhold funds from school d istricts
that are not making re~l progress toward desegregation.
New Housing Funds . The President sent to Congress Oc tober
3 a request f or supplemental · appropriations that included
funds to begin some of the programs in the n ew Eousing Act
and to administer the fair housing law . These were his
housing proposals:
Home Ownership Contract ~uthority
$75 million
Rental Housing As sistance
75 million
Grants for Tenant Services
15 million
Planned Ar e a wide De v e lopment
5 million
Low and Mode rate -Income Spons or Fund
5 million
Fair Housing Program
8 mi llion
Flood Insurance Administration
1.5 million
The Hou se is exp e cte d to t a k e u p the supp l ement a l appro priation bill Oc t o be r 7 or Oc t obe r 8 and the Se n a t e will a ct
shortly thereaft e r .
HUD Pe r s onne l. Another attemp t i s e xpe cte d t o b e made
next week in t h e Sen a t e to exempt the De par t me nt o f Housing
a n d Urban De ve lopmen t f rom th e cutback i n p erso n n e l r e qu ire d
by the tax surcharge- budge t reduction law.
For the e ff ect
the law now has on a dministration of the new housing p rograms,
see the Se ptember 27 Le gisl a t i ve Re po rt of the Ac t ion Council.

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