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1819 H STREET, N. W. September 27, 1968


TO: Chairmen and Executive Directors of Local
Urban Coalitions

SUBJECT: HUD Appropriations and HUD Personnel Limitations

As you will noté in this week's Legislative Report,
Congressional action has been completed on Fiscal Year 1969
HUD appropriations. HUD was given $2.1 billion, a compromise
between the $1.2 billion approved by the House and the $3.1
approved by the Senate.

No funds were given to implement the Fair Housing pro-
gram which became law earlier this year, although HUD had
planned a staff of 850 and had requested $11 million for this

Nor do these appropriations include funds for the new
programs authorized in the Housing and Urban Development Act
of 1968. It has been anticipated that a supplemental budget
request would be sent to Congress to initiate some of the new
programs, including Home Ownership and Rental Assistance.

The HUD Act authorizes $75 million for each of these programs
in the first year. There is now some question whether the
supplemental request will be made.

In addition to all of this, the HUD personnel limitations
present one of the greatest problems facing the housing and
urban field. An increase of 1,600 persons is projected to
administer the new HUD programs during the next year, yet
the Department will have to cut its personnel by 900 under
the limitations imposed by the Tax Increase - Budget Cut bill.

All of these developments point to bleak times for our
cities as they try to meet their needs in the months ahead.
We had not anticipated so many problems with appropriations
in the housing and urban field, but are now faced with them
because of the strong economy drive in Congress and a general
lack of understanding about the needs of our urban centers.

You can be very helpful by:

(1) Communicating with the President, urging the
Administration to send Congress a supplemental budget
request for implementation of the new Fair Housing law
and the new HUD Act programs (particularly Home Owner-
ship and Rental Assistance); and by communicating with
your Senators and Representatives, asking their support.

TELEPHONE: 202 293-1530

(2) Explaining to your Senators and Congressmen
the special urgency in the urban field for a HUD
exemption from the ceiling on personnel. It will be
impossible for the Department to begin its new programs
and effectively maintain its present ones if it suffers
the cutbacks currently anticipated.

We have called for your help several times in the past
few months on legislative issues relevant to the urban com-
munity. Your response has been very encouraging. Your
continued assistance is most valuable, and we hope that you
will at no time underestimate your importance in helping to
obtain needed urban legislation.

Sincerely yours,


owell R. Beck
Executive Director


Enclosure (Weekly Legislative Report)

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