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SUBJECT: Volunteer Management Consulting

In the development of a few of the coalitions, it has been
found useful (or necessary) to seek the volunteer assistance

of one or another of the national management consulting firms.
They have helped in some instances in developing organizational
plans for the coalition itself and in other instances in
working with enterprises being established in the ghetto areas.

It is this experience of a few coalitions that prompted John
Gardner to ask the Association of Consulting Management Engi-
neers(the North American association of prominent firms in
this field) if their member firms would volunteer to assist
when and as their help might be needed by urban coalitions.

ACME's Board of Directors has told its member firms that the
program of The Urban Coalition merits their support and has
asked them to provide assistance to coalitions when they can
be helpful.

The experience of those coalitions that have drawn on the
capabilities of management consulting firms suggests that they
can be used effectively to help with (a) the working out of
organizational plans of the coalition, (b) the development of
procedures (e.g., budgeting procedures, purchasing procedures,
personnel procedures), and (c) in assisting enterprises that
are being established with similar problems.

When you feel your coalition needs the assistance of a consul-
tant, you may wish to contact the associate director responsible
for your area, indicating the nature of assistance you seek or
the problems on which you want consultants to help. In turn,

he will pass on your request to the Executive Director of ACME,
who will invite one or another of the member firms in your area
to provide assistance.

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