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July, 1968


What Happened to the Kerner Report?
Is the Southern Baptist Church
racist anymore?

Black Panthers and Black Power

Can Laws Prevent Gun Deaths?
The South, Race and Tomorrow

What are we doing in Vietnam?

The Deaf and Dumb American

Vietnam: A Hawk's-Eye View!

The Other War and How we're losing it.
Vietnam, A Balanced View.

Humor and the Black Bag

The Christian Black Betrayal

The New Black Politics

No Riots Allowed

Is St. Petersburg Another Memphis?

What's Next for SCLC? .

The New Militancy in the NAACP
Has CORE Gone "TOM"?
What's the future of CORE?


1 Mayor John V. Lindsay Mayor of the City of New York

2 Dr. W. A. Criswell President, Southern Baptist

3 Eldridge Cleaver Black Panthers and Author

: of "Soul On Ice”

4 H. W. Glassen President, Nat'l Rifle Assoc.

5 Ralph McGill Publisher of Atlanta Constitution
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8 Steven J. Ledogar Vietnam Working Group State Dept.

9 William Lederer Author of "Our Own Worst Enemy"

10 F, Edward Hebert Congressman - Louisiana

me Colonel Corson Author of "The Betrayal”

12 John Mecklin FORTUNE Editor
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15 Bill Cosby Comedian

16 James Baldwin Author

17 John Conyers, Jr. Congressman —- Michigan

18 Winton Blount Pres. U.S. Chamber of Commerce

13 Rev. A. D. King Bro. of the late M. L. King, Jr.
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22 Rev. Jessie Jackson Director of "Operation Bread

Basket" - SCLC

a3. Chester Lewis The Young Turks, NAACP
*24 Roy Innis Acting Nat'l Director of CORE

25 Robert Sonny Carson Brooklyn CORE Leader

26 Ron Karenga President of "US" Organization

Cool It Baby!

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29 Saul Alinsky Exec. Director of Industrial
Areas Foundation

30 Dick Gregory , Comedian

31 Morris B. Abrams Pres. American Jewish Committee

and Pres.-elect Brandeis Univ.

How to make Black Power work for
Black People.
The Red Man's Got It Worse than
the Black Man.

Violence may be American, but it
isn't any good...

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~July 24th - Scheduled guest changed due to Cleveland riots.

Guest: Rev. Ralph Cousins - Chairman of Communications Network

of Cleveland Council of Churches
Issue: Crisis in Cleveland

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