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NELSON PRICE, Executive Producer
BEN LOGAN, Producer 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 420, New York, New York 10027 Telephone: 212/663-8900

EDWARD M. JONES, Director of Programming


Origination: NIGHT CALL originates in New York at 11:30 p.m,

EKastern Time. The program is brought to your
community by broadcast lines. Cost of broad-

cast lines to your telephone company test board

is borne by the producer. The loop and bridging
costs from the telephone company to station are

borne by the station,

Charges: There are no program charges. Production costs
are the responsibility of the producer.

Station There will be three 70 second breaks--one each

Cutaways: quarter hour-- during the one-hour broadcast: a
10 second station ID and 60 seconds for local
commercials. Revenue from commercials is the
station's, The choice and responsibility for
such advertising rests with the station,

Public Public service spots will be fed down the network
Service line for the stations which want a completely
Spots: packaged program.

7 Second NIGHT CALL will be fed live to the stations with
Delay: no delay. There are two reasons why the show is

not delayed nationally:

a. The producer cannot assume this responsi-
bility legally for the station; therefore,
no attempt to do so is made,

b. Acceptable air expression changes from
market to market. What is acceptable
in Chicago may be unacceptable in
Sioux City.

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Released in cooperation with the Broadcasting and Film Commission,

National Council of Churches, and the National Catholic Office for Radio and Television (NCORT)
Produced by TRAFCO/ Television, Radio and Film Commission of The United Methodist Church,

Harry CG. Spencer, General Secretary,



on the Network:


Test Signal:


Number :

Regular Phone
Number :

The producer does have several precautions against
abuse on the air:

a. The calls are screened before being
placed on the air.

b. The host has override capability
over both telephone lines. When the host
speaks, the gain automatically lowers on
the audience and guest lines.

c. NIGHT CALL permits any point of view
to be expressed. Ideas are attacked but persons
are not. This basic respect for persons has
effectively negated the bigot in the past.

d. The audience caller can be taken off
the air at the flip of the switch by the host.

Participating stations are identified on the
air when a listener calls in from that station's
listening audience.

NIGHT CALL accepts calls collect from listeners
anywhere in the country. This cost is the
responsibility of the producer.

A program test signal with time checks will be
sent down the line 15 minutes prior to starting
time each night.

To contact the producer during or near show
time, call:

212/ 749-5400.

In case of a line problem, call your local
telephone company.

The producer may be reached during office hours

212/ 663-8900.

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