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NELSON PRICE, Executive Producer - ;
BEN LOGAN, Producer 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 420, New York, New York 10027 Telephone: 212/663-8900

EDWARD M. JONES, Director of Programming

NELSON PRICE, Executive Producer of NIGHT CALL, has been a
member of the TRAFCO staff since 1959. He is Director of

the Radio and Television Department for TRAFCO (Television,
Radio and Film Communications for The United Methodist Church).
Mr. Price was Producer of the BREAKTHRU television series for
children, Producer of several TRAFCO films and filmstrips,
Executive Producer of the award winning AMERICAN PROFILE
radio series, THE WORD--AND MUSIC weekly radio series, and
THE MAN WITH A MIKE daily radio series. He is Chairman of
the Radio Operations Committee of the Broadcasting and Film
Commission, National Council of Churches, and Chairman of

THE PROTESTANT HOUR Committee. He serves on the Executive
Committee of the Protestant Radio and Television Center in
Atlanta, is a member of the World Association for Christian
Broadcasting, the National Association for the Study of
Communications, and member of the Board of Managers and
Executive Committee of the Broadcasting and Film Commission
of the National Council of Churches.

Mr. Price is a graduate of Morningside College in Sioux City,
Iowa and did graduate work in communications at the University
of Chicago. He was Director of Public Relations for the Indiana
Area of The Methodist Church from 1952-57, and held a similar
position in Chicago from 1957-59,

Mr. Price has four children and lives in Pomona, New York,

Released in cooperation with the Broadcasting and Film Commission,
National Council of Churches, and the National Catholic Office for Radio and Television (NCORT)

Produced by TRAFCO/ Television, Radio and Film Commission of The United Methodist Church,
Harry GC. Spencer, General Secretary,

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