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NELSON PRICE, Executive Producer
BEN LOGAN, Producer 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 420, New York, New York 10027 Telephone: 212/663-8900

EDWARD M. JONES, Director of Programming

EDWARD MAGRUDER JONES, Director of Programming for NIGHT CALL, has
just completed an assignment as Producer-Director-Writer for the
TV documentary, ONE NATION INDIVISIBLE. This 3 hour program on
racism in the United States is a Westinghouse Broadcasting Company

1966-67 ABC News Producer-Director-Writer
"Africa", "World Boy Scout Jamboree", "Glassboro Summit",
"Nurses: Crisis in Medicine", "GT-9, 9A & 10 Space Missions".

1963-65 WABC TV Producer of News and Public Affairs
series: "New York, New York", "Page One", "The Big News"
Specials: "Who Will Tie My Shoe?: The Mentally Retarded",
"The Fair Face of Robert Moses, Parts 1, 2 and 3",
"Opening Day At The World's Fair, '64 and '65",
"Puerto Rican Day Parade 1965", "The Big News of 1964",
"Ten Years:'....with all deliberate speed.'",
"Herbert Lehman: The Making of a Hero", "The Deputy",
"The Teacher: Honor Without Profit", "Blowup At Breezy Point",
"#2 Columbus Circle: New Gallery In Town",
"Action At Strycker's Bay".
Network Specials: 11/22/63: half hour bio LBJ; 11/23/63:
An Appreciation of JFK by Henry Steele Commager; 11/24/63:
An Appreciation of JFK by James MacGregor Burns; 11/25/63:
hour bio LBJ; remote producer National Republican and
Democratic Conventions, 1964.

1952-62 CBS News
Producer CBS Reports
"Showdown In The Congo", "The Hot And Cold Wars of Allen Dulles",
"Kast Germany: The Land Beyond The Wall",
"Eisenhower On The Presidency, Parts 1, 2 and 3",
"Crossroads Africa: Pilot For A Peace Corps".
Associate Producer CBS Reports
"The Beat Majority: Our Election Day Illusions",
"The Case of the Boston Electra", "Iran: Brittle Ally",
"Biography of a Missile".
Producer Small World Special
"The Small World of Leo Szilard".
Associate Editor-Producer "Small World" series
Reporter-Production Associate "See It Now" series
Reporter-Writer "This Is New York" series WCBS Radio
Desk Assistant-—Junior Writer Network Radio News

Mr. Jones has 3 children and lives in Scarsdale, New York.
Released in cooperation with the Broadcasting and Film Commission,
National Council of Churches, and the National Catholic Office for Radio and Television (NCORT)
Produced by TRAFGO/ Television, Radio and Film Commission of The United Methodist Church,
Harry C. Spencer, General Secretary,

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