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BALITIMORE Hon. Theodore R, MeKeldin, Chairman

Dr. Homer E. Favor, Vice-Chairman
Parren J. Mitchell, Vice-Chairman
Gilbert Rosenthal, Secretary

Dr. Wilmer V. Bell, Treasurer
Walter H. Lively, Executive Director

July 3, 1968

Dear Sir:

As Chairman of the Baltimore Urban Coalition, I am writing
to inform you that we have undertaken the task of mobilizing

a group of outstanding local businessmen who are greatly con-
cerned over the future of America's cities.

These men numbering about 200 and representing a full range
of the commercial interests of our city will be accompanied by
Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro, III and leaders from religious,
labor, educational, and civil rights groups when they journey
to Washington next Thursday, July 11th to meet with the Mary-
land Delegation to the Congress.

It is our purpose to make it clear to our representatives that
we care deeply about the conditions in Baltimore and all of the
cities of the country and to urge them to give priority attention
to Urban America and its people,

We would like to urge you and the other local Urban Coalitions
around the nation to act as the catalytic agents in your cities to
activate similar demonstrations on the part of your local business
leadership. We believe this is vitally important--that the timing
is such that we have the opportunity to be effective with Congress
and with the people at home who will be heartened by our show of

We share the sense of urgency expressed in John Gardner's letter
to Congress on June 27th and this is our way of supporting it

with the delegation in Congress. We sincerely hope that you will
in some way join us in this effort to inform Congress of the con-
cern of the American business community.

Very truly yours, \

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Theodore R. McKéldin
Room 3505 — 222 Saint Paul Place — Baltimore, Maryland 21202 — Phone: 752-8470

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