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August 13, 1969

The meeting of the Urban Coalition Action Council Executive
Committee was called together at 3 p.m., John W. Gardner presiding...

I. Public Service Employment. This is a priority item for
the Action Council. Particular attention of late has been
paid to how business community support can be brought to bear
on this matter.

The concerns of businessmen and what faults they find
with the concept of public service employment were reported
on. Discussion then centered on how these criticisms can best
be factually answered. Attached is a report of the lobby
strategy reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee.

II. Foundation Tax Issue. The legal implications of the bill
as it now appears and what progress has been made in changing
injurious language in the bill were discussed. It was the
view cf the Action Council that although Foundations are in
better shape than they initially were when work first started
on the bill, there are still many liabilities to it which
would severely restrict the Coalition and many other such
organizations' activities. Continued efforts to win modifica-
tion of the bill in the Senate were approved. Attached is a
report on current action of the House Ways and Means Committee.

III. President Nixon's August 8 Statement on Welfare and Other
Domestic Issues. A most spirited discussion ensued on the pros
and cons of the President's message to the American people.

The Executive Committee adopted a position on the strengths
and weaknesses of the President's proposal which were
incorporated in a statement released to the press. A copy of
the statement is attached.

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