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At the current time Steering Committee members and
Executive Committee members are elected for indefinite terms,
terminated only by a member's resignation, death, or upon a
vote of the Steering Committee to remove him from office.
order to assure the continued vitality of the Committees and
an orderly process of turnov~r, terms of office should beestablished for all members.
It is therefore recommended that the Executive Committee
approve the following policies and authorize the Chairman to
implement them, including the incorporation . of changes in the
by-laws as may be n ecessary:
Ex cept as noted in Paragraph 2, all Steering Committee
members shall be nominated to serve for a term of two
years and shall b e eligible for re-election to additional
The terms of office of members who hold public offic e or
are offic ers of private organizations or businesses shall
be up to two years but shall not e x ceed the term of their
non-Coalition position.
The chairman and co-chairmen shal l serve in that capacity
for 2-year terms and shall be eiigible for re-election.
.' -~' . ......
Executive Committee members shall be elected for a term
equivalent to their term on the Steering Committee and
shall be eligible for re-election.
The Nominating Committe e shall be established as a
permanent committee of the Ex ecutive Committee.
m~mbers shall serve for a term equivalent to their term
on the Executive Committee · and shall be eligible for
re-election .
The size of the committee . shall be fixed by
the Chief Ex ecutive Officer but may not be less than five.
Individuals will be elected to ~he Steering Committee,
Executive Committee and the Nominating Committee by a
majority vote of the Steering Committee which may be
taken either by mail or at a regularly scheduled meeting .
The Chairman is authorized to assign terms of office to
all current members of the Steering Committee in
accordance with the policies stated above.

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