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The Atlanta Service-Learning Conference
invites you
to its inaugural meeting
Urban Needs
= Educational Opportunities
at the
White House Motor Inn, Atlanta
June 30 -- July 1, 1969
T he first in a series of meetings
planned for 1969 by sp onsors of the
Atlanta Service-Learning Conference,
T he City of Atlanta
The Atlanta Urban Corps
Economic Opportunity Atlanta
The Colleges an d Universit ies of A tlanta
Department of Health, Education and Welfare
The Southern Regional Education Board
Volunteers in Service to A m erica
The Peace Corps
Atlanta shares with other major American
cities its needs for increased services and its
large population of college students -- some
40,000 in the metropolitan area. In an attempt
to explore ways to meet urb an needs, to offer
students a more relevant education, and to
bring campus and co mmunity closer together,
Atlanta students, city officials, higher education faculty and staff, regi onal and federal
agency officials are jointly launchin g the
Atlanta Service-Learning Conference.
.. -
R esearch: How are students' educational
and career choices affected through participation in service-learning programs?
Methods and Programs: H ow should a
service-learning program be designed for
implementatio n o n a large scale?
Among th e work group part icipants will b e
m emb ers of the Atlanta Urban Corps and
ot her service-learning programs which will
fo rm a practical lab oratory for the Conference.
Meeting Series
Information Exchange and Results
The meeting on June 30 and July 1 marks
the opening event of the Co nference. The
Conference will co ntinue for six months and
will sponso r periodic meetings to consider major dimensions of the service-learnin g concept.
Th e Co nfere nce will foster the exchange of
information among p articipants and with interested perso ns in other metropolitan areas .
It is a lread y sp onsoring surveys of student
manp ower res o urces in the urban area, of the
needs of the public and voluntary age ncy
sectors for st udent manpower, and of prese nt
college and university program s helping t o fi ll
these needs. A wrap -up meeting and publicati o n is planne d for the co ming winter, when
pla ns for continuing the examina tion of servicelearn ing a nd extending service-learning programs w ill be co nsidered.
Work Groups
In exploring the service-learning concept,
w ork groups will b e formed t o concentrate o n
particular aspects of the idea. These work
groups, and a typical question to b e p osed to
each of them, are listed b elow :
Serv£ce: How can the student make a
maximum co ntributio n in hi s short term
Learning: What learn in g can take place
during the assignm en t ?
Curriculum: What are the implications of
the service-learning idea for curricular d evelopment?
Financing: What is an equitab le distributio n of cost among the h ost agency? the
college? the government?
Part icipat ion in the Con fere nce is open to
a ll perso ns and groups interested in sharing
infor m ation o n service-learning programs.
In quiries may be addressed to:
Atlanta Service-Learning Conference
Peace Corps, So uthern Region
Suit e B- 70
27 5 Peachtree Street, N .E.
At lanta, Georgia 30303
�Urban Needs = Educational Opportunities
Monday, June 30
Welcome by Mayor Ivan Allen
A Case Study presented by the
service-learning players
Service-Learning in Action in
Atlanta -- up-to-the-minute report
Needs of Urban America
luncheon address
Seminars on service-learning
concept and programs
Social hour
Educational Needs of Young
People -- dinner address
Tuesday, July 1
Service-Learning and National
Programs, an exchange with
national officials of the Teacher
Corps, VISTA and the Peace Corps
A . Service
B. Learning
C. Curriculum
D. Finance
E. Research
F. Methods and Programs
12 : 15
Servic e by Youth
luncheon address
Workshops resume
Workshop reports and discussion
What Next?

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