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.,. The Urban Coalition
1819 H Street, N.W.
Washington , D. C. 20006
Telephone : (202) 223-9500
CHAI AMAN: John W. Gardner
CO-CHAIRMEN: Andrew Heiskell/ A . Philip Randolph
February 18, 1969
The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Ivan:
The staffs of Urban America and the Urban Coalition are
producing jointly a study of what has happened to the domestic
crisis in the year since the Kerner Commission made its report.
The new assessment, "One Year Later", will not attempt to duplicate the work of the National Advisory Commission on Civil
It will use the report as a point of reference.
It will attempt to report factually and objectively whether or
not we have moved from that reference point; in which direction,
and importantly, whether or not our ability to move positively
has increased or decreased.
Responsibility for content of the new report will rest with the
staffs of Urban America and the Coalition. However, the author
and editors have been assisted by an advisory panel: Senator
Fred Harris; Mayor John Lindsay; David Ginsburg, former executive director of the Commission; Dan Parker, immediate past
chairman of the National Association of Manufacturers; the
Reverend Channing E. Phillips, District of Columbia Housing
Development Corporation; and Tom Wicker, Associate Editor,
The New York Times .
The Kerner Commission reported on March 1, 1968.
"One Year Later"
will be published in early March 1969. Advance copies of the
manuscript and supplementary materials will be released to all
media and interested organizations beginning February 24 for use
no earlier than February 27, on which date a press conference will
be held in Washing ton to release the publication. Copi es of the
manuscript will be sent to you no later than February 24.

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