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Atlanta, Georgia 30303

September 25, 1969




To: Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr., Director of Governmental Liaison

From: Mr. W. R. Wofford, Building orttetay

Subject: Demolition Grant No. Ga. M-1

Attached herewith is information relative to our Demolition
Grant Program. As soon as a financial statement is prepared by the Office
of Director of Finance where these records are kept, I will forward it
to you.

In order that you may have a complete picture of the Demolition
Grant Program, I have included more detailed information than requested.
It can be seen from the report, after owners were notified and hearings held,
many owners elected to demolish their own houses, thus relieving the City
of this task.

Owners of the 282 houses programmed to be demolished in the
Demolition Grant Area were notified of the City's intention to demolish
each house involved should they fail to do so.

I would like to point out that under "In Rem" authority, the City
has demolished houses outside of the Demolition Grant Area and placed liens
on the property for the demolition costs involved. We, therefore, are able
to fully recover the cost of demolition whether or not the house is in a
Demolition Grant Area.

On August 23, 1966, application was made to HUD for a Demolition Grant.
On November 11, 1966 the contract was executed, and our program dates
from that time.

At that time the Demolition Grant Area comprised approximately the Eastern
2/3 of what is now our Model Cities Area, and it was planned to demolish
157 structures during the Grant Program.

Experience showed that while the number of demolitions were proceeding
about as planned, voluntary compliance by owners was reducing the number
demolished under contract drastically, and that the funds allocated were
not being used at the rate anticipated.

Therefore, in March 1968 an amendment was proposed and accepted on May

1, 1968 increasing the Grant Area to about 1/7th of the City in the south-
east section. The number of structures to be demolished was increased to

Since that time our rate of progress has been accelerated, but the ratio
of owner demolitions to Grant fund demolitions has remained essentially
the same.

For example the total demolitions in the area during the Grant period is
224. Of these, the owners have voluntarily demolished 163, while the City
has only had to demolish 61. We feel that this ratio is a desirable thing
from the standpoint of public relations, since it minimizes dispute, legal
complications, and adverse publicity.

It should be pointed out that in planning this Program no adequate provision
or allowance for owner demolitions was included. For this reason the funds

actually spent are less than that provided under the Grant.

The following is a complete breakdown of our progress as of September 22, 1969.

ies To be demolished - Initial estimate
Total Residential Non-Residential Mixed Number of Units
157 141 5 7 eee
2. To be demolished - Revised Estimate
Total Residential Non-Residential Mixed Number of Units
282 256 12 14 363
3, Actually demolished - Cumulative Total
Total Residential Non-Residential Mixed Number of Units

224 206 1L 7 312

4, Demolished - Owner's Expense

Total Residential Non-Residential Mixed Number of Units
163 148 8 7 219
5. Demolished - At Project Expense
Total Residential Non-Residential Mixed Number of Untts
61 58 3 0 93

6. Remaining of Contract

Total Residential Non-Residential Mixed Number of Units

58 50 1 7 51
7. Now in process in Grant Area

Total Residential Non-Residential Number of Units
36 32 4 48

8. Balance -

Total Residential Non-Residential Number of Units
- 22 -18 -4 =3

9. Structures Repaired (estimated)*

Total Residential Non-Residential
75 72 3


Total estimated Demolitions under Grant, 282 - Total demolished
to date 224
Active cases 36
Repaired (estimate) 75
Total 335

* We feel these should be counted as they were included in the planning
count, but repaired by owner.

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