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DATE: April 30, 1968

TO: All Concerned Parties

Staff - Urban Coalition Action Council

The following is a list of all the members of the House of
Appropriations Committee. Those names which are underlined are
key votes on the Committee. Please save this list.

(Suite H218, phone 2771, meets upon call of chairman)

George H. Mahon, of Texas. _ Frank T. Bow, of Ohio.

Michael J. Kirwan, of Ohio. Charles R. Jonas,

Jamie L. Whitten, of Mississipi. of North Carolina.

George W. Andrews, of Alabama. Melvin R. Laird, of Wisconsin.
John J. Rooney, of New York. Elford A. Cederberg, of Michigér.
. Robert L. F. Sikes, of Florida. Glenard P. Lipscomb,

Otto E. Passman, of Louisiana. of California.

Joe L. Evins, of Tennessee. John J. Rhodes, of Arizona.
Edward P. Boland, of Massachusetts. William E. Minshall, of Ohio.
William H. Natcher, of Kentucky. Robert H. Michel, of Tllinois.
Daniel J. Flood, of PEnEAy Vane « Silvio 0. Conte, of

Tom Steed, of Oklahoma. of Massachusetts.

George E. Shipley, of Illinois. Odin Langen, of Minnesota.

John M. Slack, Jr., of West Virginia. Ben Reifel, of South Dakota.
gohn J. Flynt, Jr., of Georgia. Glenn R. Davis, of Wisconsin.
Neal Smith, of Towa. Howard W. Robison, of New York.
Robert N. Giaimo, of Connecticut Garner E. Shriver, of Kansas.
Julia Butler Hansen, of Washington. Joseoh M. McDade, of

Charles S. Joelson, of New Jersey. Pennsylvania.

Josenh P. Addabbo, of New York. Mark Andrews, of North Dakota.
John J. McFall, of California. William H. Harrison, of Wyoming.
W. R. Hull, Jr., of Missouri. Louis C. Wyman, of New Hampshire.
ceffery Cohelan, of California. Burt L. Talcott, of California.
Thomas G. Morris, of New Mexico. Charlotte T. Reid, of Illinois.
Edward J. Patten, of New Jersey. Donald W. Riegle, Jr.,

Ciarence D. Long, of Maryland. of Michigan.

John 0. Marsh, Jr., of Virginia.

Sidney R. Yates, of Illinois.

Bob Casey, of Texas.

David Pryor, of Arkansas.

Kenneth Sprankle, Clerk and Staff Director.

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