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The Urban Coalition / Federal Bar Building West [1819 H Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. [ 20006

Steering Committee Co-chairmen: Andrew Heiskel/ / A, Philip Randolph

March 29, 1968


This is the last of the National Coordinator's Weekly Reports,
initiated by John Feild and myself September 29. They were begun
because we felt that members of the Steering Committee should be
kept as currently advised as possible about action to implement the
policies of the Steering Committee.

John Feild returned to his duties at the U. S. Conference of Mayors
in January, but he has continued to provide invaluable assistance and
consultation to the Coalition. I have remained at my post to help as
much as I could in the transfer of responsibilities and duties to
Chairman John Gardner.

Having been associated with and having worked for John Gardner over
the past year and a half on special assignments at the Department of
Health, Education and Welfare, it has been especially gratifying to
continue that relationship; and, at his request, I will be available,
at his call, to consult and assist on Coalition projects.

In the meantime, I shall devote my efforts to completing a book and
pursuing my normal professional activities in the environmental
Management field.

However, I cannot relinquish my coordinator's title or cease the
issuing of this report without a strong and warm thank you to the
members of the Steering Committee and their representatives who have
been so supportive and helpful during the past seven months. It has
been a most gratifying experience working for the Steering Committee
and particularly working for Andrew Heiskell. I look forward to a
continuing involvement in the Coalition.


Chairman Gardner has announced that Lisle C. Carter, Jr., former
Assistant Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, will be
Deputy Director of the Urban Coalition.

Mr. Carter's resignation at HEW became effective March 23. He had
been Assistant Secretary for Individual and Family Services. He
also served as Director of the Center for Community Planning, where
he helped implement the Model Cities Program.

National Coordinators: John Feild / Ron M. Linton
Telephone 293-7530


Mr. Gardner also announced that Mrs. Sarah Collins Carey has been
appointed a Staff Associate of the Coalition. Mrs. Carey, an
attorney, served as Consultant to the National Advisory Commission
on Civil Disorders during the preparation of its report. She has
been associated with the Washington, D.C. law firm of Arnold and
Porter since August, 1965.

Harold Levy and Robert Meier, assistants to Mr, Gardner at HEW, had
previously joined the staff of the Coalition as Special Assistants
to the Chairman.


Chairman Gardner will testify in support of an emergency public
service employment program on April 1 before the Subcommittee on
Employment, Manpower and Poverty of the Senate Labor Committee.

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