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The Urban Coalition / Federal Bar Building West [7879 H Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. | 20006

Steering Committee Co-chairmen: Andrew Heiskell / A. Philip Randolph

March 22, 1968


California Statewide Coalition

The Mayors of Fresno, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles
and Compton -- and representatives of three other California
cities -- met at Fresno on March 14 and agreed to launch a
statewide urban coalition. It will be the first such organ-
ization to be formed.

A statement released by the group invited other Mayors to
join in the new undertaking and called for a "comprehensive
effort to reorder the priorities by which our State resources
are being allocated to the resolution of urban problems."

Christopher Mould, Deputy National Coordinator of the Urban
Coalition, met with the group.

Educational Disparities

The Task Force on Educational Disparities met in Washington

on March 20, The members recommended to the Steering Committee
that the Coalition immediately initiate an effort to prevent
cut-—backs in federal programs of assistance to education in

the current austerity drive.

Local Coalitions

Mayor Alfonso Cervantes of St. Louis, Missouri has informed
Chairman Gardner of that city's intention to form an urban
coalition. At meetings last week, community representatives

of the city of Buffalo, New York decided to launch a coalition
immediately and formed an organizing committee for that purpose.

Executive Committee

Attached are the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting
which was held on Monday, March 11, 1968.

National Coordinators: John Feild / Ron M, Linton
Telephone 293-1530

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