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The Urban Coalition / Federal Bar Building West | 1879 H Street, N.W. Washington, WFC. | 20006

Steering Committee Co-chairmen: Andrew Heiskell / A. Philip Rang6lph
| ebrua 9, A996




Associate National Coordinator Elbert Ransom, Jr. met this. week
with the newly-formed "Committee of Fifty" in Harrisburg, Penn-
sylvania. The Committee is presently representative of all seg-
ments of the community except local government. After Ransom's
explanation of the objectives and principles of The Urban Coali-
tion, the Committee decided to issue an invitation to the Mayor
to attend a special meeting to discuss the possibility of members
of the city government joining the Committee to make it a true
Urban Coalition.

The Boston Urban Coalition reports good progress. At a meeting
last week, Robert Slater, president, John Hancock Mutual Life
Insurance Company, was elected chairman. Three task forces were
named--Employment and Entrepreneurship, Housing and Education--
and asked to prepare action proposals at the earliest possible
date. A committee was also named to recommend a permanent orga-
nizational structure.


At a meeting in Washington this week, the Legislative Task Force
decided to urge the Coalition Executive Committee to authorize

(1) moving ahead immediately to support the open housing legis-
lation now in the Senate, and (2) mobilizing support for a supple-
mental appropriation to fund summer programs for the larger cities.


The third in the series of regional meetings on private employment
will be held at the Hotel Muehlebach in Kansas City, Missouri, on
February 21. Scheduled speakers include Kansas City Mayor Ilus

W. Davis, William Flynn, director, STEP Program, National Associa-
tion of Manufacturers, Rev. Thomas J. Ritter, executive director,
Opportunities Industrialization Center, Philadelphia, J. A. Hosford,
general manager, Western Electric Company, Lee's Summit, Missouri,
Mayor Joseph H. McDowell of Kansas City, Kansas, and Francis Keppel,
chairman of the board, General Learning Corporation and former U.S.
Commissioner of Education.

National Coordinators: John Feild / Ron M. Linton
Telephone 293-7530


Concurrent workshops will be held on Organizing Local Employment
Campaigns, Recruiting, Training, and Placement of the Hard Core
Unemployed, Job Development and Upward Mobility and Reassessing


James F. Oates, Jr., chairman of the board and chief executive
officer of the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United
States has accepted an invitation to become a member of the
Urban Coalition Steering Committee.

The press of other commitments has made necessary the resignation
of Steering Committee member Gilbert W. Fitzhugh, president,
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.
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