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i he Urban Coalition / Federal Bar Building West | 1819 H Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. { 20006

Steering Committee Co-chairmen: Andrew Heiskell / A. Philip Randolph

POR ¥QUR INFORMATION February 2, 1968

John Feild, who has served as National Co-Coordinator of the
Coalition, resumed February 1 his full time responsibilities
as Director of the Community Relations Service of the United
States Conference of Mayors. John had been on loan to the
Coalition since its formation. :

Ron Linton will continue to serve as National Coordinator.
Christopher Mould has been promoted to Deputy National Coor-
dinator and Staff Director. Chris, who holds a Doctor of Law
degree from the University of Chicago, has been Associate
National Coordinator working with the Task Force on Local Coa-


Mayors and other leadership representatives of 37 cities met

in Washington last week and approved the concept of developing
a Council of Urban Coalitions. Membership on the Council would
be open to those cities which have formed Coalitions of their
own. It would give a voice to the local groups in national
discussions and would function as a part of The Urban Coalition.
Further discussions through the Task Force on Local Coalitions
are expected to lead to the formation of the Council this
Spring. The Task Force membership was expanded as a result of
the Washington meeting to include representives of urban coali-
tions in New York City; Plainfield, New Jersey; Gary, Indiana;
and Fresno, California with the possibility of other additions
subsequently. The expanded Task Force will meet on February 12th.


Coalition Co-Chairman Andrew Heiskell held a press conference

in Washington last week to emphasize the urgency of congressional
action on urban problems. Participating with Mr. Heiskell in the
press conference were: Arnold Aronson, Leadership Conference on
Civil Rights; Joseph D. Keenan, International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers; Norman Hill, representing A. Philip Randolph;
Mayor James H. J. Tate of Philadelphia; and Christian Herter, Jr.,
Chairman of the New York Coalition and Vice President of Mobil
Oil Company.

* National Ccordinators: John Feild [ Ron M. Linton
Telephone 293-7530

Mr. Heiskell's prepared statement mainly covered the points
made in the legislative statement mailed to you two weeks

ago. He emphasized the need to "assure a job for every citi-
zen able and willing to work" and expressed support for the
President's proposal in the State of the Union message to
reimburse employers for additional costs involved in hiring
and training the hard-core unemployed. He emphasized, however,
that much more must be done, including government-generated
employment programs.

A copy of the Associated Press story of the press conference,
as carried in the New York Times, is attached. NBC televi-
sion news and 16 reporters covered the event. Also attached
is the New York Times column about the Coalition statement
by Tom Wicker.


The new Executive Committee of the Steering Committee will
hold its first meeting on February 9 in New York City. All
but two members of the Executive Committee have been named.
The list is:

Business: Joseph H. Allen, President, McGraw-Hill
Publications; Fredrick J. Close, Chairman of the
Board, Aluminum Company of America; J. Irwin
Miller, Chairman of the Board, Cummins Engine
Company; and Theodore Schlesinger, President,
Allied Stores Corporation.

Labor: Gecrge Meany, President, AFL-CIO; and
Walter Reuther, President, United Auto Workers.

Church: Dr. Arthur Flemming, President, National
Council of Churches.

Civil Rights: Arnold Aronson, Executive Secretary,
Leadership Council on Civil Rights; and Whitney M.
Young, Jr., Executive Director, National Urban

Local Government: Mayor Joseph M. Barr of Pittsburgh;
and Mayor James H. J. Tate of Philadelphia.

The Co-Chairmen of The Urban Coalition, Andrew
Heiskell and A. Philip Randolph, are ex officio
members of the Executive Committee.


In the Minutes of the January 8th Steering Committee Meeting
which were mailed to you with the last weekly report, under
the heading of Report of the Committee on Budget and Finance
and the Organizational Proposal, it was incorrectly stated
that "Staff support would require approximately $5,000,000."
This should have read: "Staff support would require approxi-
mately $500,000. ;

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