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The Urban Coalition
Federal Bar Building West/ 1819 H Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. / 20006
Steering Committee Co-chairmen : Andrew Heiskell
I A. Philip Randolph
December l, 1967
Task Force on Local Coalitions
More than 200 representatives from 34 cities in six states
attended the Western Regional Mobilization Conference in
San Francisco on November 30. The program followed closely
the format of the previous conference held in Chicago, with
heavy emphasis on how to organi z e local coalitions.
General session speakers included Bayard Rustin, Executive
Director of the A. Philip R~ndolph Institute, who also served
as chairman; Mayor John F. Shelley and Mayor-Elect Joseph
Alioto of San Francisco; Francis M. Barnes, Vi c e President
of Crown Zellerbach Corporation; Bishop Donald Harvey Tippet t,
President of the Council of Bishops o f the Methodist Church;
Kenneth Wright, Vice President of the Life Insurance Association of America; Mayor Floyd H. Hyde of Fresno; California
State Assemblyman John Knox; Robert Reveles, Washington Representative of the National Association for Mexican-American
Services ; and Auxil iary Bishop-Elect Mark Hurley o f the
Archdiocese o f San Francisco.
San Francisco Mayor-Elect Alioto gave the conference a boost
by announc ing that he intends .to appoint committees broadly
representative of labor, business, and minority groups to advise
him on urban problems. He said he also intends to broaden
the coalition o f s upporters in his recent e lection to be representative of the entire community. While not specifically labeling this group as an "Urban Coalition," the Mayor-Elect made it
plain that he expects it to work toward the same objectives .
"In th e past we have been able to successfully organi ze coalitions
for less noble purposes," Alioto said, " and then, but un f ortunat ely,
we have let them disband when they had fulfilled a single purpose.
We do not intend for this to happ~n in this case."
An Eastern Regional Mobilization Conference will be held in New
York City in early January.
National Coordinators : John Feild / Ron M. Linton
Telephone 293 - 1530
Working Committee Meeting
Minutes of the November 27 meeting of the Working Committee
have been mailed to you. You will note from the minutes that
much of the discussion centered around plans for the December
18 and January Steering Committee meetings.
Next week you will receive a calendar of scheduled Coalition

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