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November 3, 1967
Plans have been
Baltimore (Nov.
Chairmen Gerald
both meetings .
will attend.
completed for the two exploratory meetings-14) and Detroit (Nov. 21). Task Force CoPhillippe and David Sullivan will speak at
Key business and labor leaders from the area
In addition, three regional conferences on expanding private
employment have now been scheduled. They will take place in
Atlanta (Dec. 13), Phoenix (Jan. 17) and Kansas City, Mo.
(Jan. 24) .
Officials of the National Industrial Conference Board are
cooperating with the Coalition in developing information on
hard-core unemployment and training projects. Task Force
representatives met with the National Association of Manufacturer s to d i scuss the ir .acti v i t ies in employment e xpansion.
Representatives of task force co-chairmen meet November 8 in
Repre s e n tatives o f task f o r c e co- chairmen mee t Nove mber 3 in
Wash i n g ton . The group i s p a ying parti cula r attention t o the
p r oblem of new lower income housing in suburban areas on an
open occupa n c y b asi s .
A n a ti o nal action ses s i on f o r s ome 300 s ubur b an fair h ous ing
c ouncils i s plann ed f o r early nex t year in Chic ago .
Task force mee t s Nov e mbe r 21 in New Yo rk to d isc uss pos i t i o n
paper s drafte d by representativ es o f the c o - chair men. Announc e ment of new me mbe rs on the t a sk forc e will be made at that time .
Task f orce meets November 7 in New York.
McGraw-Hill Publications has scheduled a special supplement on
urban problems for January which will run in ~11 40 of their
publications: This i s the second time McGraw-Hill has ever
done this.
´┐ŻAndrew Heiskell, Co-Chairman of The Urban Coalition, speaks
on urban problems and local coalitions at the annual convention
of the Public Relations Society of America on November 14 in
A presentation on the work of The Urban Coalition will be given
to the Public Service Council of PRSA by James Pitt, director
of public relations for Time, Inc.
Discussions of the Coalition and its goals are also taking place
with representatives of the Advertising Council and the American
Business Press Association.
Communications are coming in from cities across the country
wanting to know how they can set up a local coalition. The
task force is developinq a pamphlet version of the guidelines
distributed in Chicago. This will be available for distribution shortly.
The next regional meeting on "Mobilizing Urban Coalitions" wi ll
take place in San Francisco .on November 30. Program and space
arrangements are now being made with the help of Mayor John
Shelley's office. The Eastern Regional meeting will be held
in New York City on December 11.

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