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October 13, 1967
Minutes of the laststeering committee meeting are included.
discussed there will not be treated in detail here.
Printed roster of all those attending the convocation is ready and is being
mailed to all who were there . They will also receive a special supplement
of CITY magazine, devoted entirely to the Convocation.
Urban Coalitions are now underway in Detroit, Minneapolis and New York. In
addition, dozens of other cities have begun organizing local groups and many
more want to know how to go about it. In answer to these requests, the
Coalition is calling a one-day planning meeting in Chicago on Mobili z ing
Urban Coalitions." Some 50 cities are expected to have representativ es at
the me e ting which will take place at the University of Illinois' Chicago
Circle Center. Speakers and workshop chairman include Mayors, businessmen,
labor leaders , religious leaders and civil ri ght leaders -- many of them
members of the Coalition's national steering committee.
Pilot programs -- all different -- are being developed in Atlanta, Baltimore
and Detroit , through the cooperative efforts of local government, labor un ion s
and the business community. The Atlanta program will feature hiring and
train i ng , the Detroit program emphasizes t raining and up grading and the
Baltimore program is concentrating on expanding Ne gro business opportunities .
Working s taff members o f tas k f or c e will meet soon f or a second s e ss i on to
cons i der propective members for the task fo r ce and to plan a r eas of a c tivity .
Po's i t ion paper s wi ll be prepar ed in the following areas : 1) a surve y o f
ex i s t ing fa i r housing committees experience , 2 ) the current private and
gov e rnme n t i nv estmen t s i tuation, 3) governme n t policies such a s 221 D3 and
how they a ffect p l a ns f or metr opol i tan open hou s ing and 4) wha t the t a r get
groups f or t his task should be and how they shou l d r elat e to loca l c oalit ion s .
Working staff member s wi l l be mee ting fo r the second time t he evening of
October 16 and a ll- day Octobe r 17 to prepare agenda and d iscu s sion papers for
the task force . On Oc t ober 19, ~he full t ask forc e wi ll hold its first meeting,
also in New York. Approximately 15 key people in the banking, building and
insurance indu s try, and in the labor movment, have been aske d to ser ve .
Task force co-chairmen met in New York prior to steering committee meeting
and agreed on a list of top leaders in the various media who will be asked
to serve on task force. Negotiations are going foward with the advertising
council for a campnign on the urban crisis.
Members of the working corrnnittee met in New York following the Steering
Corrnnittee meeting. They discussed the relationship between this and the
other task forces -- for example, the role of local government in working
with the problems of the school board, and the role that industry can play in
developing systems to eliminate educational disparities. This question will
be discussed in further detail at the next meeting of the group. It was
also agreed that there needs to be further definition of "educational
disparities" and further discussion of what this task force's goals should be.

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