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September 29, 1967



Approximately fifty cities where local coalitions exist or are being
formed have now been identified. Representatives of the leadership in
these cities will be invited to an all-day planning meeting in Chicago on
Tuesday, October 17. Meanwhile, staff is responding to requests for
assistance in setting up coalitions from these and other cities and is
preparing guidelines with suggestions for local action for use by local

Attorney Charles Taft of Cincinnati has agreed to serve as ca-chair-
man of the local coalitions task force (with Mayor Joseph Barr and
Arnold Aronson),


Businessmen and business organizations are being contacted to explain
Coalition goals and to develop a list of examples where business has taken
the leadership in expanding opportunities for the hard-core unemployed.
These case studies will be collected and considered as the basis for
guidelines for local action.

An agenda has been developed for a series of pilot meetings in differ-
ent cities at which ideas for local action will be discussed. These meet-
ings will be held in October and November.


Roster of participants in August 24 Emergency Convocation has been
prepared and is being mailed to all who attended. Convocation proceedings
will be mailed later this month.


Funding for model cities and rent supplements was approved by the
Senate -- $637 million for model cities and $40 million for rent supple-
ments. This is $300 million more than was approved by the House for
model cities and $40 million more than was approved by the House which
tried to kill the program entirely.

The House has not yet reported out a substantive measure on the
Poverty Program. The Senate Committee has reported one out which in-
cludes the Clark-Javits Emergency Employment Title. This measure is now
being debated in the Senate and chances for passage are better than they
were last week.

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