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Mes. Thomas H. Gibson
1646 Me. Paran Rd., N. W.
Atlanta, Ga. 30327


Dear Mayor Allen,

Just a line to tell you that I think it
was a stroke of genius on your part to establish a
Community Relations Commission here a year ago, and
then to give them "carte-blanche" to do the things,
and hold the meetings they thought were in the pub-
lic interest} I think their achievements have been
truly remarkable!

I am particularly interested because I
moved here from Los Angeles, where we had had a
County Commission on Human Relations, ever since the
"zoot-suit" days. but they were not only "“ham-strung'
no one ever listened to them!

I sat and looked at you the other night,
at the United Negro College Fund dinner, and thought

how much I admired you. ;
Best Regards
S ood (5 \eson

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