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RHOO’S L. PEROUE, Secrefury

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July 17, 1967

Mrs. Eliza K. Paschall
Executive Director
Community Relations Commission
1203 City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Eliza:
I have talked with several people about your letter dated

July 5, 1967, addressed to the Conmunity Council from your organiza-—
tion, They all agree that the city of Atlanta needs a comprehensive

year-round recreation plan and Mr. Allison from EOA, Mr. Cox from the
Atlanta Youth Council, and Mr. Delius from the City Recreation
Department have agreed that we should get together to discuss how
such a plan could be developed.

We are in agreement that the primary agencies which would have
responsibility for planning and implementing the plan should come
together first. Therefore, we are not in agreement with your recom—
mendation that we convene a meeting of representatives of all
recreation facilities at the present time. We feel that the smaller
group should figure out how a plan could be developed and how it might
be financed before we bring together the groups who provide many of
the direct services in recreation.

Mr. Cox and I are very much interested in convening a meeting
of the primary groups in which we would discuss how such a planning
process could proceed for the city. Both of our organizations have
information at the present time which is pertinent to proceeding with
a planning process, The Economic Opportunity of Atlanta also has
information and I think the time is ripe for us to proceed.

"We have not set a date for such a meeting but will within the
next few days after I have a chance to confer with Mr. Furniss, the
‘Chairman of our Board of Directors. We would propose at that time
to invite a representative of your organization, the City Recreation
Department, the Community Chest, EOA, the Mayor's Office and the
community school program, : ,

Please let me know your thoughts on the matter.

Best regards,


Duane W, Beck
Executive Director


Mr. William W, Allison
Mr. John Cox

Mr, Jack Delius

Mr, James P, Furniss
Mr. Joseph Haas

Mr. Richard C. Hicks
Mr. Irving K. Kaler
Mr. Al Koth

Mr. Jack Schmitt

Mr. Dan E, Sweat, Jr. <—
Mr. William Terry

Mrs. Inez B,. Tillison

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