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At about 2:30 a.m. Friday, May 20, in the ambulance in which I was riding
we heard a police car reporting chasing a car out Dekalb Avenue for running a
red light; chased the car for about 20 minutes, kept saying the car was running
red lights, at one point, said Tried to wreck us. Whe ambulance followed, be=
cause we figured they would be shooting or a wreck; followed the car to Decatur
out Memorial Drive; the car wouldn't stop, drove into park on the south side of
Decatur, into swampy part of the park; we heard shots and went down the creek with

a stretcher,

They had the man in the creek, kicking him; he had been bitten by the police
dog and hit over the head with a sawed off shotguns He was handcuffed, He was
kicked by about 10 different people, including the ambulance driver. There were
about 30 police there by that time, including lots of Dekalb Police, who had heard

the radio. i

When we got there, the man was saying, "Don't hit me again", and I heard
someone say about 20 times "Get him, Bill", I tried to pick him yup and put him
on the stretcher, no one would help me. A policeman shoved him and he fell on
the other side of the stretcher and was bitten again by the police dog. I got
him on the stretcher, but someone dragged him off, pushed him down in the mud
on his face, and then made him walk to the ambulance; more police kicking him and |
cuffing him across the face, There wera some superior officers there and they
tried to find a car with 2 officers so one could ride back in the ambulance with
us» Finally, they found one off-duty policeman and he rode in the ambulance. He
shoved the man face down in the ambulance, and he Climbed ineand kicked him. The
man finally gat a bit billigerant and said "I wish I was dead", and the police ©
officer said, "Well, I'll take the hand cuffs off and you run, and I'll just fix
that for you", |

When we got to Grady, the detention officer roughed him up a bit more. He was
treated at the emergency clinic. Usually anybody who comes in like that is taken

to X=Ray, but before they got to X-Ray, he was taken off to jail.

Turned out the reason he didn't stop when they saw him running the red

light was that he had borrowed his frisnd's car without permission. They said

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it was a stolen car, and there was some talk dF charging him with attempting
to murder a police officer,

He gave his mame to me as "Leroy McFarland", but then he gave it to the

attorney as "Lou McMorris" or something like that.

(A person is not allowed to make a phone call from Grady's dotention ward. Somee=

times it is 18 hours before they get out of Grady, but the police don't let them

make a phone call.)

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