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Box 1, Folder 14, Document 10

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The undersigned are reside nts _g!_ ~he_ Seminole Court Apartments . The buildf9g _
at 585 Seminole Ave . , N. E. , directly South of the apartments, is to be razed
in the near future because of the Expressway . Several other buildings in this
neighborhood have been razed by Hudgins and Company, and the combustible materials were burned at the site . However, the law limiting the size of the fire
to 10 feet in diameter was not obeyed , the fires were often 40 to 50 f e et in
diameter, and the material was not completely burned but was doused with water
and left smouldering for several days . Also, the burned-out debris was not
taken away. This caused an unpleasant odor, and is harmful to the health .
Because of the dang~r of fire to the Seminole Court Apartments, whose upper
floors are constr ucted of wood , and the failure of the contractors t o observe
the law, we are r espectfully petitioning you to refuse a permit to the contractors to burn the combus t ible material whe n razing the building at 585 Seminole
Ave ., N. E.
s- Cf I
-s-93 5eMl",oc/£ /lv€ A)E. Ar:
6 - 9 7 ~~
f_e_ _( {

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