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Box 7, Folder 18, Document 6

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June 12, 1967
Mrs. Eliza K. Paschall
Executive Director
Community Relations Commission
1203 City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dea.r Mrs . Paschall:
This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of June 7, 1967.
Th.e meeting you referred to on the morning of Jun 6th w
a me ting call d for th h ads of the vaJ"iou op r ting
departments of the City Government.
It has never been our pr ctice to include th
x cutive director
of th variou gove,:nment agencies uch as Civil Def n e,
Metropolitan Planning Commie ion, the Atlanta Youth Councii,
etc. - t th
m etings. How v r, they re not closed me ting _ ,
nd w · would b happy to _ v you ttend future meeting if you
o desir •
I am sur Mr. Collier Gladin, h ad o! the Pl nning D
rtm nt, wUl be happy to furnish you with ny nd . 11 inform tion
submitt d to th d
rtm nt bead at th m ting on June 6th.
Sine r · 1y your ,
R. E rl Land t
Admini tr tiv .Aa i tant
CC: Mr. Irving Kaler

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