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Box 7, Folder 18, Document 13

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Atlanta Avenue, S. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30315
18, 1967
Mrs. Eliza K. Paschall
Executive Director
1203 City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mrs. Paschall:
The Summerhill Civic League would like the help of the Commission in some
way to enable the residents to get current information on the Model Neighborhood Progr~~ as develo9ment occur.
The suggestion has been made that we might get one or two VISTA Voltu"l.teers


· _ _ to this area to work with tha Civic League as kind of
"Information Aids".
We understand, howe ver, that the VISTA ifolunteers would have to be formally
assigned to some gro up with a staff me1;1ber to supervise them. i·Ie wonder
if the Co:m.r .ri.ssion could serve as this kind of no:ninal sponsor ·w ith us to
help the Volunteers find out where to get information and how to keep
curr·ent on it. The Civic League would decide what we need them to do, but
we would need your hel9 in how to do it.
As you know, it is in1portant that people who live here to be reassured that
t'here is a way for thein to keep up with ·,;hs.t is going on. We believe that
having this kind of ser·1ice throu gh the VISTA Volunteers would ans,-.-er our
needs, and I ha-,J'e reason to believe that of t he 7ISTA Voluntee rs would
be very happy to do this.
Very truly yours,
t;:.l f.~vcL /pt!& .
c. G. E7. zard
President, SUiill~erhill Civic League
I rving Kale r

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