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iCity Moves to Avert Summer Unrest
1 The task torc e· w1il be re·bl f

t·j mcmh cr of the task force be- Thoma.~ A. Vam Sant or ih e Boarrl
spons1 e or
c spenc mg o " _
. L' d .
. 'd, ',,
of Education.
II f d5 tha t become available , L,rn,-e, Mi. m ~ay s,u , ex.
Acting early to ker-p the j a
perience h'l.s shown th at even J ames W. Smith, assistant to Lhe
. ,
/ n-.1 t
nt 10
. 1 f
R~lali ons.
.1for community proJects.
"We want to be sure that we ;:> ?~ _er co_
s 11 1 met Robcl't o. Lowery, Fire Comm i.scity s summer a coo
Mayor Lindsay yes terday ap- i are ge tting the maximum value j ac,i vittes ~ needed.
T k F
. If
h d O11
t and th at 1 The chairma n of the coor- Robcl'l Shrank. Mrs. J ohnson anrl
. pointed a Summer as
orce , or eac
ar spe_n .
clinatin"' task force will be Fmnlt Espada of the Huma n
' of top city officia ls to coo'.di· tl~ese fu nd s are go_mg mtore~l: IBany
Gottehrer, an assistant Resources Adn:tinistrallon ..
n t recrea tion and comm u111ty- . a.eas where the:c I S the _g
to the Mayor Mr. Gottchrer Wa lter E. Wa_shmgton , c_ha1rma n ;
-es t need," Mr. Lindsay said.
. . '>

or the Housing Autho'.1ty.

. a e
development progra ms m deA ther ssi"nment of the . who ts 3~ y~ars old, has se1:ved Willi am H. Booth , chairma n of j
· 11b I od 5
a : 0
t. t ' on lhc Antipoverty Operat10ns the Human Rights Commission.
Ipressed ·neig ono
' task force Wlll be to 'l.t tac : Boa rd a nd the Special Summer Sidney Davidoff, assistant to t he ;
I The 22-member group, winch Federal fund s to support the i 1966 Subcommittee.
Mayor for Neighborhood P1·0- :
includes nine Negroes and one program. LaSt year, New york
A form er reporter Mr Gotte- grams.

. c·ty re ceived nearly $12-milhon
Robe,·t M. Blum . .assistant to the !
Puerto Rican, will supervise I tl
F d 1 G . ~rnnlent !hrer was a trouble shooter for Mayor for Neighborhood Little
er a , ofov,.
. c1·t Y ne1g
. hb or h oo d s. c,ty
. Httll ~.
activities that range from the for
h th c Off'
E conomic' tl1e Mayor m

throug . e
~ .
. this winter.
Peter Aschk cnasy. deputy execu- ,
p_lacement of play streets and Opportumty, for s umm.z1 ac- , The Summ er T a sk Force is tlve directol', Dcpartmen.t or l
fire-hydrant sp:11ys to tllc tivities.
scheduled to hold week! meet- P a rks.
spending of antipoverty fund s
But the prospec ts fo r another !:
t·I th
ht Y ti
John Foley, executive d1recto1, 1
. a
t f wa lk·
. mgs un 1
o wea 1er Police Athletic League.
d th
e arian.,emen
su ch allocation o no appear •s LarL,;, After that it 'will meet Dttvld L. Garth, special consultant !
mg lours by Mayor Lindsay bright at the moment, the , as often as is necessary. Its · to the Mayor.

through ghettos.
May01· said. It was hoped that firs t meetin"' will be held Lillian Lampkin, executive direc- ,
In a statement announcing i a well-developed plan, prepared , Wednesday a°fternoon at City tor of the Youth Boapdj·
the appointm ent of the gro1;1p , i beforehand , might influence Hall. ·
Represen~lng ~e o ice C·
1Mr. Lindsay noted that the city I Congress t o appropriate money
Th<! m em bers of the task partment will be·
. .
·had gotten through the s um- to suppor t it
f •
. t
d Sanford D. Garelik, chief mspec.
01 ce 1 epresen
nme CI Y e- tor Franklin A Thomas depuLy
me~ of 1~66 without any ma Jor
Finally, the task force will partments a nd agencies.
cor:imi sslon er for legal matters.
racial disturbances. Summ ers coordinate ap ~ als to founda- The Mayor named Cyril D. and Lloyd G. Scaly, ass istfl·nt
are pa rticula rly touch;ir beca use tions and business groups fo r Tyson of the Human Resoui:ces chi ef inspector.
' slum dwellers escaping from money to pay for s ummer pro- Administration as vice chairA member from the Council
their s tifling apartmentsgat.her g rams.
. Ima n.
Aga inst Poverty and two m e~in the . streets , W:hcre even a j Mr . L_indsay recal_lcd the pn- 11 Others appointed to the task bcrs from other city agencies
will be na med later.
s mall mc1dcnt might lead to vately financed Rhemgold Su_m- force were:
1m er Concert F estival, which !___ __ _____ _
- - - -- -- ----- - ---·
The generally peaceful sum - a ttracted large a udi ences at
mer of 1966 was due in part , jazz, folk music, a nd rock 'n'
the Mayor said, to the "ex- · roll performa nces in Central
tra ordinary efforts" of scores of ·P ark las t yea r. He a.lso citerl .
city officials and private volun- ' a spor ts festival for you ths
sponso red by Old London Foods :
"From this experience we a t Prospec t P a rk a nd Ra ndalls
learned many lesso ns," the May- Island.
· ·
or went on. "Most importa nt.
Last summ er the ci ty 's a nti!we learned that coordin ation of poverty program reached into
1the work of key agencies--the the comm un ities for the par;police, fire, education, anti- ticipation 0f "indi genous groups"
1poverty, and the Mayor's office in organi zing day .camps, voca-was needed a t th e hi ghest tional-trainlng courses, and trips
level. This is the job the task to the country for slum children
force will do."
who had never been out of
One of the first efforts of I their own neighborhoods.
the task force will be to develop
These efforts were considered
a citywide networlt of adults successful. But former Parks
and youngsters who are r<'· Commissioner Thom as P. F.
_garded as the leaders in their !Hoving said after wa rd that


wha t was needed was a co.
'ordine.ting group, '·headed by
one s trong man. t o steer these
diverse efforts and uti li ze nil
city agencies that could contribute to them.
Mr. Lindsay sa id that Mrs.
Thelma Johnson, a n official in
th e Hum an Resou rces Adminis1trn.tion, would head a summer
ant ipover ty
p rog ra m.
Mrs .
J ohnson w ill also serve as a
°. .
I -·--·· - ..

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