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Community Relations Commission
1203 City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Perry Homes, Scotts Crossing area, Neighborhood Hearing, Thursday,

May 4, 1967 at Wilkes Chapel Church, 2251 Perry Boulevard.

This meeting was arranged by and held at the request of the residents

of the area.

Mr. Dobbs and Mrs. Paschall explained the establishment of the Com-

mission; asked for helpful suggestions as well as problems.

l. Mrs. Odessa Hill.

Need recreation area; sewers inadequate for all water that runs down

from Jackson Parkway; area needs a Jr. High; Archer going on double


2. Mrs. Frankie Simpson, 1721 Barrett Drive, N. W.
Children need recreation area. Copy of petition to Mr. Delius with
159 signatures. Randall Street is becoming a car dump in the Bolton
Hills area.

3. Mrs. Mary Sanford, President, Tenants Assn., Perry Homes.
1000 families in Perry Homes; 67% headed by working women; teen-
agers need places to play and supervision; have asked various public
agencies for help; 4000 children - the Community Center was not in
the original plans and it is located in a dangerous and inconvenient
place on (Proctor) Creek, no bus service to it and hard for children
to get there. Need traffic light at Perry Boulevard and Kerry Drive;
asked Mr. Pirkle at Transit Co. about bus service, not much help.
Basements at project could be used for recreation but no toilet

facilities. Community Center leased. to YMCA, which shows preference

to those who join YMCA; Tenants Assn. buys $200 worth of memberships

but still many who can't join; women work mostly in domestic service,

at $6.00 a day, plus carfare.

Mr. Dobbs pointed out that this area is isolated from rest of the
city. Plans to add 1500 more public housing units, but no plans

£or additional school.

4. Mrs. Olivia Pullen, 2760 Marco Drive, N. W.

Need Boys Club, YMCA, YWCA in that area.

Mrs. Sanford said recreation dept. is developing a ball park and
tennis courts at Gun Club Park, children can't afford tennis rackets,

‘would be better to let them play in the space.

5. Rev. David Middlebrooks, 1857 Spring Avenue, N. W. 355-6338,

Forest Grove. Area isolated, need extended bus service, particularly

so young girls will not have to walk so far going home, some have
been molested. Street paving needed ~- on Spring Avenue, Francis
Avenue; sewers there but not connected.

6. Mrs. Darthula Stanfield, 2535 Abner Place, N. W. 792-7441,
Need sewers so bad you “can't eat your dinner."*' (Mr. Dobbs said
Proctor Creek smells so bad at times people can't stay in their house.)
Several vacant lots - need "no dumping" signs; old cars on Arno and
Hollywood, told needed permit to get them moved. New Finch School -
beautiful but no auditorium or gym, no place for meetings such as
PTA (opened in Sept. 1966).

7. Mrs. Frances Strickland, 2598 Abner Place.

No place to play, vacant lots could be cleaned off. Bus comes fast


down street, dangerous for children playing in street. She is
sponsor for a little teenage club but “they have nothing to do;
nowhere to go."

8. Mrs. Jessie Gaston, 2330 Perry Boulevard, #30.
Lot, need equipment for children to play; mothers will take turns

9. Mrs. Glayds Palmer; Mrs. Arie Shelman, 1818 Hollywood Rd. N. W.
Need police protection at night; need play area; should close pool
room at Hollywood Plaza on Sundays.

10. Mrs. Frances Ghani, 2111 Clarissa Drive, Apt. 621.

Need better bus service, need shelters for wait for

bus, have to stay from school if weather is bad; need police patrol

at night; play area for smaller children; creek odor is bad.

1l. Mrs. Eddie Lee Dozier, 2417 Clarissa Drive, N. W.
Proctor Creek has odor and mosquitoes; “went down to City Hall about
sewers'', but nothing done. Need recreation area - Finch School
grounds Locked as soon as school is out, would be good play area for

12. Mrs. Jeanette Trimble, 1370 Drew Drive.
Closest Library on Jones Avenue, need Library; 24 hr. police pro-
tection; traffic light on Kerry and Drew; speeding on Perry Boulevard;
could use basements for recreation; dangerous to get to Community
Center - dark, on creek; need to enforce school attendance Laws;

more day care centers.

Rev. Williams said all Negro schools are overcrowded; one way to

deal with it is for "tyou people to raise hell about it," going to

have to sustain your protest; Board of Education needs to know you
are not going to tolerate these conditions; should fill up some of

the empty seats in other schools.

Mrs. : we can't pay for bus service to other parts of town.

13. Mrs. Minnie Maidson, 2314 Abner Place.
Sewers inadequate since all apartments have been built; sanitary
dept. comes out once or twice a week but that isn't enough; open
sewer at 2315 Abner Place, N. W., dangerous for children playing.
14, Mrs. O. Wheeler, 2436 Abner Place, N. W.
Complained of discrimination against couple of Moslem religion who
answered public appeal for additional Negro adoptive parents; were
denied child because of religion; appealed to local agencies and

State Department of Family and Children Service, but no help.

Also said dog catchers come and "take dogs out of your yard; take
the dog sleeping on front steps.'' They said a Sinclair service
station at corner of Covington Highway near Conyers charges deposit
for bottles and then refuses to return deposit when bottle is re-
turned; mentioned discrimination against blind; need for night

police patrols; too great a tax burden on homesteaders.

15. Mrs. Trimble.
Trouble with public housing is with managers, not head office;
Manager has last say; tenants are afraid to complain.
Mrs. Pullen: 10 years in public housing; it is a good place; rules
and regulations are given.

16. Mrs. Don Gates, 1488 Kerry Drive.

Usually know of charges ahead of time.


17. Mrs. Carrie Smith, 54 Drew Drive.
Need for recreation area.

18. Mrs. Reagan, Perry Homes.
When teenager goes to work rent goes up too much; child has no
chance to rise.

19. Mrs. Ruby Hawk.
Charged for a new screen door without asking, one Little hole in it;
different charges for same things; when she moved she was charged
for things that were there, but she was told, when she asked if
they would look again, they “don't check but one time; What are
plans for Summer activities for children in Perry Homes?

20. Rev. C. A. Samples, Westmoreland Drive.
Reminded the group of the court case re Josephine Williams, to be
heard Tuesday in Superior Court. Said city could make Model Neigh~
borhood of Rockdale urban renewal area, vacant Land, demonstrate how
to build homes, etc.; people need to be able to get ahead before the
rent goes up. Need information on U.S. program that gives Cuban
refugees $2000 loan for house, plus $25 a week while waiting for job.
Robinson School built with no playground.

21. Mrs. RosaLee Miller, 2416 Clarissa Drive, N. W.

She is paying sewer tax but no sewers connected.

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