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Community Relations Commission, 1203 City Hall, Atlanta Ga. 30303


Name of Neighborhood - Mechanicsville

Description of Neighborhood:
Geographic Boundaries: NW - McDaniel E - Capitol Ave
W- Southern RR 5 - Universit, Ave.
Development Programs - iiodel Cities
Zoning Classifications - Residential (private, apartments, little
Conditions of Streets - Fair - some streets unpaved
Condition of Housing - Fair to poor
Racial patterns - Negro areas

Political Representation:
City Ward - lst County - Fulton
Aldermen - Dennis, Griggs Commissioners - Aldredge, Mitchell


State Senate District - left blank State Legislative Dist. 124
Senator - Coggins Representative Dist. 124 John Hooc
U. S. Congressional District - 5th Bd. of Education ~- Ed §S.
Congressman - Thompson Cook

Educational Services:
Atlanta Public School Area - 5 Superintendent - G. Y. Smith
Public Schools in Area - Pryor St. Ele., Bryant Ele., Cooper
St. Ele.. Closest high schools are

Brown High, Washington High, Carver
High, Central Jr. High, Parks Jr. High
Vocational Schools in Area - None
Nurseries - Southside Day Care Assn,
Private Schools in Area - None

Recreational Services:
Parks in Area - None
Recreational Centers in Area - Dodi Ave. - City Recrestion Center
- (Small Six-Room House)
Parks Serving Area (located outside area) - Pittman, Grant
Recreational Centers Serving Area - Wesley House, YMCA

Social Welfare Services in Area:
Summerhill - Mechanicsville Neighborhood Service Center

Health Services in Area - None

Business Enterprises in Area - Small grocery stores, clothing

Public Services:
Routine patrol (Detective, Juvenile & crime cars 24 hrs daily
Fire Protection Services - Same as all other residential areas
Schedule for Sanitary Collection - 2 times weekly
Housing Inspection Schedule - Monthly
Public Transportation -Satisfactory

Civic, Political and Religious Organizations - Mechanicsville Civic
League ~- Mrs. L. M. Thompson

Neighborhood Profile No. 7

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Churches and Religious Organizations:

Zion Hill Baptist Church 66 iicDaniel St. S.W.
Fortress Ave, Bapt. 1147 Fortress Ave. §.V.

Greater Nt. Calvary . . 388 Glenn St. 5.V.
New Hope Baptist 236 Richardson 5t.

Calvary Temple 700 Cooper St.
Resident Contact Persons:

ir. Marvin K. McDowell 781 Hubbard St. S.W.
Mr. Rudolph Hines 110 Edgewood fve. N.&.
Rev. L. C. Clack is 591 Pulliam St. S.W.
Mr. Edward Moody 241 Doane St. S.W.
Rep. John Hood 802% Pryor St. S.W.
Mrs. Rosa Brown -857 McDaniel St.

April 1967

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