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Oc t obe r 26 , 1967
10 A. M.
12 Noon
TELEPHON1i1 trll-.i4B6 EXT. 466

4 P.M. City Hall
To hear from all the seg ments of the community concerned with employment
-- employees loo kin g fo r workers; those looking for jobs; those giving
t r aining f or jobs; employ ment service and labor repre~entatives; public
and private a gencies with employment programs. If you are interested, contact the CRC office.

** ** ***

Georgia St a te Emplo y ment Service, Atlanta offices in July had 659
job orders (described as a "slack season") and 11,324 active _applicants
(5,B47 . females).
All EDA Centers referred total of 1,811 clients to Manpower counselors in July.
Majority of "hardcore unemployed 11 interviewed in Labor Department
EDA Human Resources Survey, 1966 were Atlanta na tives or 10 year residents
or more.
1350 At lan t a esta blishments reported to U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 1966 employed a total of 103 , 79B Negroes were 17% of
the total employed, 1. 8% of the total white collar workers and 4% of the
total craftsmen employed. Of the 17,641 Negroes, 5.45% were white collar,
4 .7% craftsmen.

HOUSI NG MEETI NGS : Sec ond Friday each month, 10 A. M. City Hall of Organi' mmittees on equal
zations and agencies with programs in housing. Sub-co
housing opportunity, le gal housing problems, tenant-landlord relations,
and military housing was held on October· 13th.

*** *****

SOME FACT S ON ATLAN TA HOL SI NG: From Relocation Study of the Community
I mprovement Program (CIP) for the City.
Displaced by governmen t al action, 1964 - 27 ~hites, 110B non- whites.
Relocated in su bs t andard dwellings - 0 whites; non-whites 5.2%
Estimated displace men t of all urban renewal families as of July,
white - 426 , · ·nan.:iwl:11te - ·: 3 ;,044 , ( 92%)
· **** **********
OBSERVERS I NVITE D: Or ganizations, agencies and individuals in MetroAtlanta are invited to serve as observers at the Atlanta Community
Relations Commission regular monthly ~eeting (4th Fridays, 1:30 P.
City Hall) and any special meetings (as called) of the Commission.
Planned~ _QQi ~ scheduled: Meetings of the CRC with the Atlanta
Board of Ed ucation and t he Boa r d of the Atlanta Housing Authority,
also the Office o f Econ omic Opportunity. Dates being arranged.


EQUAL OP PORTU NIT Y EfV1 PLOYMENT CLALlSE £JIB.. .fl.ll CONTRACTS: lrJ ill be requi red under an ordinance passed by the Board of Aldermen on Septewber
18th upon the recommendatio n of the CRC, Vice-Mayor Sam Massell, the
Summi t Lead e rship Conference and others. This is required of Housing
Aut ho ri ty co n tracts, by federal regula t ions. CRC has recommended that
Sc ho o l Boa r d con t racts also require it.

DI XIE HI LLS: Th e CRC Execu t ive Committee met at the Mayor's request
to hear fr om th e r e s iden ts of the area, following the incidents of
June 19- 21. Re port s o f t he meet i ng and follow-up reports are available
fr om CRC office.
�Pa ge 2
SCHOOL S : On Septembe r 14th the CRC called a sp e cial emergency meeti ng with the At l a nta Boa r d of Education, Superintendent Letson and the
representati ve s of t he At l a nta Summit Leadership Conference, to obtain
facts about the sc hool situation. (The Commission had met with Dr.
Letson : n J uly 12th an d as ked the School Board for a joint meeting to
discus s matters of policy . President Ed Cook of the School ·Board had
agreed t o s uc h a me e t i ng, but had not set a time). The School Board
had a l r eady sched uled a special meeting to discuss a disciplinary matter
f or Sept1mber 14t h. Th e Commission met and heard the grievances of
parent s and orga nizations and telegraphed another request for a joint
meetin g with the School Board, stressing the urgency of the situation.

**** *********

NE I GHBORHOOD TE AM S~ ADVISORY COUNCILS: The original 5 Teams of the
Commis s i on members t o keep in touch with specific areas have · been expa nd ed to 1 0 . T~a ms .o nd Aduisory Councils are being appointed for each.
The Team s a r e f or Ed gewood- Kirkwood; SLmmerhill-Peoplesto wn; Mechanicsville- Pit t sbu r gh ; Vine City- Lightning; Northwest-Dixie Hills; NorthwestPerry Homes Ar ea; Boulevard-Parkway; Ca pitol Avenue and Blair VillagePool e Cr eek. Any ne i ghborhood or organization can call for a meeting of
the Community Rel a t i ons Commission.
YOUT H MEETI NG: When much of t he nation was trying to keep young people
fr om me e ti ng, t he CRC voted to hold a special mee ting and invite the
yo un g peop l e o f Atla nta t o t he City Hall to give their vie ws on their
,0 1rm •pr oblems..
On Augus t 9th, mnre than 150 pac ked the Aldermanic
Chamb er a nd spoke , fro m all parts of town, The views of all of their
probl ems were pre t ty well summed up "nothing to do and nowhere to go .
YOUTH CEN TER £.QJi PI TT 5_~URGH .&.B.ll.: Inspired by what he heard at the
Youth Hear in g on Aug ust 9th, Michael Forkner of t he Pittsburgh area
weht ba c k· a nd hun t~d up a · building which could be used as a youth center.
Wit h t he he l p of t he EDA Center, community groups a nd individuals, a
place wa s located which the owner agreed to lease f or this purpose. The
Ci t y Par ks and Recreation Department is nenovating the building and will
staff it, a nd f or the f i r s t time t he young people of the Pittsburgh are~
will have a place of t heir own. Congrat ula tions to all who have worked
on thi s.

MR. J OS EPH ~-.J YAN T: Mr. Wya nt has been appointed t o replace Mr. Al Keuttner
who r es ig ned f rom the Comm is sion when he moved to Los Angeles to join
th e s t a f f of " Pace". Mr. Keuttner's serv i ces as an original member of
t he Commi s sion wa s a ppreciated by all. Dr. f '~ veland Dennard, another
ori gi nal member of t he· Commissicin who r e s i gned l a s t · win t e:r
when he left At l anta to a ccept appointment by Ne w York City Mayor John
Lindsey as Depart ment Commissioner for Human Resources . Dr . Dennard na s
now Eecome Dir ector of the ne w Technical Institute of the Di s trict of
Co l umbia i n Washing t on . Our congratulations to both.
~JSSIDN MEMBER l • t!_ . ALE X,1NDER, .§.B.. attended t he VJa shington meeting
o f the new l y f ormed Ur ban Coalition , the Steerin g Committee of which
i nc ludes Mayor Al len.
COMMISSI ON CHAI RMAN I RV ING f. KALER was invited to Dallas, Te xas to _
me e t wi th t he Cit iz ens Commi ttee interested in establishing a Community
Relation s Commi ss i on.

t:!.B2,. VE.LMA STR ODE: t-'ir s . Str ode , officer in charge of liasion with
local a ge ncies f or th e Commun i ty Relations Service of the U.S. Department of Justic e , vi s ite d t he CRC at our request last month. Mrs.
Strode is the s ister of t he Reverend Homer Mc Kewen, Atlanta pastor, and
we want to thank her publ icly fo r her assistance wh i le she was here
and at other times.

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