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Report on Meeting with Staff of Bethlehem Center (located near Carver School)
and Wesley House Centers (Southea s t and Southwest): on April 24, 1967
The staff who work with young people in these areas expressed . the
following concerns:
That Police don't come 11 when you call them, or take so long that
they are too late to help when they do ar r ive.
That Police need special training to handle young people,
That there should be some r e gistration and/or regulations
concerning the possession of firearms and weapons. They
spoke of increasing incidences of use of knives, etc.
That laws r e lating to the sale of whiskey to minors should be
more stringently enforced.
That no more l i quor license s be a pproved for the area close to
Bethlehem Center. They have opposed it at he a rings which they
known about, but wonder where the he a rings are advertised.
That mo re reh ab ilitative work be don e through the Juvenile Court.
Te ndency to send clients home wi t hout much work - either a tti t ud e
th a t nothing is wrong or th a t nothin g c a n be don e .
Th a t people in the nei g hborhood are afra id to report som e o f t h e
old e r yo u th, for fear of repri s als - both a dults a nd younger pe o p l e .
a r e afra id.
They h a ve ma d e v a r io u s cont a c t s with Police De pa rtm e nt, Juv e nile Court ,
etc .
Th e y are still worried a bou t wh a t th ey fee l to b e a g ro wi n g
"la wl es sness" and u s e of weapons, which they feel to be a pro b lem o f
11 Commun i t y Relation s ",
How can community protect itself a ga inst peo p l e
who in timid a te by threa ts, which a re not basis e nough for leg a l a ctio n
or people who h a ve residents scared to swear out warrant against th e m?

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