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12 0 3 CITY H,~ LL
VINE · CITY-LI GHTNI i\J G /~R U\S fviEETING. THUR5 Qi-\ Y,.-.A!:.rn I.. 6 , __.l. % 7 , :-:- lCl.. F'.•__y.
C[ISi'-IOPOLITAN ,n,f.ljE t HUl~CH , l7[J v:·N[ s·;Hu: T' r,. '.if .
Mr. T. M. Alex a nder, Sr . , Team Ch a irma n, c al led t h e meet in g to o =c~~ .
Commissio n Membe rs prese~t :
Mrs. Fred W. Patters on
Archbi shop Paul.Hallinan
(Mr Jack Sells, Team Membe r, wa s out of t~wn)
Mrs . Eliza Paschall, •Executi v e Di rector
Commission Membe r, Mr . C. G. Ezzard a nd Al d s r ma n Q. V. Wi l lia mson w~re
also in a ttendan ce. Visi ting stud en~ s from Agnes Scott Co ll ege we r e th ere
to observe.
Mr. Alexander expla i n e d the purposes of the Commission, he sa id, " 1r.' e d i dn't
come he re to gi ve directio n, we ca me for y ou to tel l us what has to be done .
We all know this would not be a popularity c ommittee."
Mrs . Do rothy Bo l de n Thom ps on, 6 43 Delbri dg e St . , N. W., 668 - 2 422
Mrs. Tho,nps n n serv ed on the Ad Ho c Committee wh ich helped to e s t a blish
the Co1mission, asked about the idea of Advis ory Committees fr om the
various ne ighb orhood s for the Comm i s s ion . Mrs. Pa s c hall said that
these would be appointed follo win g the neighborh o od hearin gs, that the
Co mmission ha d in mind tryin g to use the exi sting organ i zat i o ns . and
groups(, rai;J,e r th a n forming a ne1r1 and a dditional organization i n _the
co mm unity.
Mrs . Th ompsn n: "E ducation, l abo r and housin g are all im porta nt
but t he most important is ed uc ation."
Mr, Ron Stirr up , c /o 141 1·Ja l nut St . , N. W.: " People mak in g
$4 0 . 0 0 a week , not a legal minimum wage , need adeq uate wa ~es
for hours worked . Will you spea k fo r us? Don't t e ll us 'to do bet ter' . 11
Mr. Otis Cochra n, 227 lfa lnut St . , N. lv , , 525-1792 : " Group
accross the cou ntry le ast r epres en te d on v arious co mmunity gr oups,
boa r ds, et c., is_ the 1 8 - 25 year r a nge; t~e Atlant a Youth Coun cil,
for e xamp l e , hc::_s ·n o . 11 yout h" o n the board ; knows o f no policy
making board i ~ 15:36, 29 December 2017 (EST) City with members h ip from the 1 8- 25 year range ;
urges Commission to pro vi de for parti cip ation fo r thi s gro up;
necess a ry to stop wo r king 'f ~r' and sta rt wo r ki ng 'wi th '; need to
get ri d of paternalistic point of vi ew ; everybody is ' somebo dy' -whether they 're working or no t; the proble m is not b ei n g he a r d when
you come hon es tly a nd humbly ."
Mr. Geo rge Sims , 16 1 -Ba nkh ead St . , N. W. ,:
e duc a tion . 11
Mr, Eddie Muro hev , 141 lrJa l nut St ., N. W. , 523 - 5136, : ' 1 fasn 1 t
go in g tQ speak, but would s ay t h is f o r the bo ys fr om th e Recr ea ti o n
Cen ter pres ent, that they . ne e d a la r ger building to ha ve a re c r eat i~n
program ; th e re is a vac a nt building in the a r ea (Ma gnolia ' Map l E Sts. :
a Ba pti s t Cent er th a t woul d do wel l f o r a re creat i o n c e nte r; p_esen ~
Center is 3 rooms about 7 x 7,or 8 x 8 ft."
"Int e r est e d ma inly in
�- 2-
Mr . A1 o n zo Calch1el l , 263 Mangum St . , N. l:J . , 523 - 88 15: "From Li uht,, i 79 ,
100 famil ies wi th abo ut 1 ~0 0 c hild r en playing in the st reet s ; need t o
f i x up houses, need ho t and c old running \\late r. 11
Mr. Alexende r: If add r e sses of those with out wafe r wer e given to the Be tt e r Housing
Co mmi ssio n at the City Hall, own er 1r1 culd be requ ired to f i x the m. 11
Mr. Cald1r1el l : 11 S.., me of the ar ea is z o n ed f or busi ness, b ut th_e y 1van t t o ke ep it t o
live i n ; some people o n welfare, gettin g $45 . 00 a mon th, c an 't pay to ha ve re pa irs requ i red by co de e nf orc e ment, made; c a n't get in to Public Hous i ng be c ause
o f long 1v a i t ing lists . 11
Mr. Alexande r:
"S ome people in publi c housing nee d to move out so ot he rs c an move in."
Mr. Cochr a n : "Some r est ricti ng policies, su c h as those ab out il le git imat e chil dren,
kee p some o ut; people i n mos t need, c an ' t ge t in to publ ic ho usin g ."
Mr. Cl a re nc e Ezzard, Co mmi s sion Member : " Keep he 8 ring th a t pub lic housi ng
is all filled up but don't think that i s t ru e , Co uld Co mmission ask for an
inven tory ?"
Lightning has l playlot ( wi t h l ba s ket ball goal)
clos es at 7:00 p. m. , c hil dren a r ~ not goi ng to bed then, will pl ay in t he
streets; n eed a shelter whe r e the y c a n dan ce, et c . , and ne e d to have it o pen
past 7: 00 p. m.
9 .
Bro ther Ch a rlie Sheoard, 40 0 Maye r s St . , N. W. , Fo und a ti on Clu b, Li gh tnin g :
" Ma ny s ma ll child re r? pl ciying in the streets , tr uc ks c omin g throu gh Ma ngum St r e et.
Mrs. Sylv_:i_a__C_o_c_h_r_a_n ,. _t.O A, C. D . Aide : " They have ta lked t o peop l e who own
bu s in ss ses , and th e y have ag r e ed for t ruc ks not to use Mangum and Fou ndry
Sisn s·- (No . t ruc ks ~ !. lOlrJe d : Slow , Children) ·, 1ould help . 11
Mr. Gerrv Chew , Vista Worker : "Lar gest pro bl ems are ob vious on es ; Was n't
Co mmission established just t o ease the c ons ci ence of the ·city; ,Jhat makes
th e Co mmiss i on t h i nk they will be e ffective?"
Mr. Al exand er : "I n appoi n ting Co mmiss i o n, the Ma yor is trying t o get at the bottom
of problems . "
Archbishop Hallinan , Commis s ion Membe r : "Th is was in the ba c k of eve r ybody ' s
minds - but at first si gn that things a re being 's we p t un de r the ru g ', I
would resign and know others who 1vo uld, 11
Mr. Stirrup: "I t 's no acc id ent we ha ve a Vi ne Ci ty ; We ne e d n ew ma c hinery; i f Landlo r ds
won't fix plumbing, et c ., the City should take the ho use an d do i t . "
Alde rmen Q. V. Wil l i ams~ n: "Pa r ks Comm i ttee is aiking fo r a ½ mill o r more
tax for r ecreation; Finance Com m ttee is waiting to see what the Soa rd of
fd ucation will ask for before setting it; The Admi nis tra ti o n has sa id that
the Ci ty has to r eplac e the EDA mo n ey spent on recreation last y e a r." Mr.
Williams on on Pa r ks Comm . t t ee l ast summer a nd insist ed that Vine City get
some of the program, he was raised i n Vine City and ~n that Church.
Mrs. Pat terson, Committee Member: "We ha ve no il l usion that we can solve all the
problems; We are exper i menting with liasion between the Cit y and the people.
Mr. Wi lliams 1, n; Ci tv Alderm a n: "A ut hority to paiie the streets c omes from the Leg is · ature;
Pol ~c y has been that 51% o f property owners had to sign for pavin g , etc .,; In
some ~lace s in Vine City one person own e d mor 8 tha n 51%, they could control.
New l cw per mits the City to adver ti se a nd if 51% don't ob je ct, street can be
�pa ved; Once pavin g is done , the Ci ty c an r e - surfa ce, etc . "
Mr . Ezz a r d , Commis s i o n Mem be r :
whi c h are not paved?"
" How doe s the Ci ty rec on cile re - surf a cing streets
Mrs. Thoma s on : " Nobody po unds on th e 1-iord Ed uc ation . 1-Ja re School is in double
session; bo a rd of e duc n t ion is a tight little group; Need to strengthen
scho ol attendance."
Mr. Ale xande r:
"Co mmission memb ers divide themselve s up ; Reverend 1villia ms st a ys
1-J i th board of e du c ation . 11
John Ro binson. 645 Be c kwi t h St., S. V-J •• At . anta Universi. tv : " Need to
work on educ at ion; I too k a bo y back t o Was hi n ~ton Highschool, said he
c ouldn't c ,:, me ba c k in day sc hool." "If out 6 months, polic y not to re- adm it
them . r,
Mr. Fowlkes , Di r ecto r Nash - Was hi nq ton EDA Cent e r : "Glad to s e e th e
Commis s i o n i n ou r nei ghbarho .J d.
Ccn any ir:f lu e;; c e be us ed t o up cate the
plans f o r c hanges ; At Atlant a ~oci a l Wo rk ers Club , heard that p r 2s e nt
schedule 1-i il l mea n Urban Re ne 1·1a l in Vi ne City i n 1 0 to 11 y ea rs ·; . rm . p L,in:3
toiimpro v e Lig htni n g because it is zoned f o r Comme rcial uses ; Ne ed to u~date plan s so peo ple c an expect abol i tio n of sl ums mor e quic kly . 11
Mr. 1.rJ illi cJmso n : " Unless some meth o d is found fo r more Ci ty rev en'...le , c a n I t d o !;h :, t;
Cit y has to e ma tch Urban Rene wal f un ds by i / 3 an d only place to ~e& it i s
bond is sues. "
Mr . F o vi 1 ~es :
Mr. Che w:
"Ci t y shoul d in c l ude Vi ne Ci ty a nd Lightn i ng in Mo del Cit y funcis.
" Should ma ke e dllcati Qn more releven t; 1e)<tb oo ks a re out moc! v;; All a:r.e '.,J.
white' and Neg ro students can ' t i dentify ,,.,i th pe rs ons in t he m. 11
Archbishop Hallina n:
As ked abo ut ele c tio n of Schoo l Bo a rd Memb e rs.
Mr. Otis v/ h i te , Princioal o f '.va r e Sc hoo l a nd Pri:,si cie n t o f Ga te Ci t·,, Te a che:c s :
Hi~· o r ganiz at ion c on c erned about tex tboo ks, i f children are to i dent i f y with
·tile good in th e U. S . , they must be repre s ented in the textb ooks . ;·hJ r e
Sc hool has purch ase d so me new ' intergrated 1 te xtbook s with Ford Founda t ion
money; Ne9ro tea c he rs are 'concerned wi th so meth i ng s wh i te tea c he r s aren't
conc e rned wi th; di ffere n ce bet\/Jeen in t er grati ,n and assimi l a tion of te a c ' ,er I s
g rou ps . 11 Mr . ~vhite ha s b e en Pri nc ip a l 11 years in Vine Cit y ; Fut h er and
Son pro Gr a ms at Boys Club e nc ou r aged.
Mr. Charlie Lo we, 1B94 Penelooe Rd., N . W. 10314, EO~: Co mme nded
Co mmiss i on for he a rin ,J S, shou ld all work together, " Need you r help in
getting t o the peop l e; c an't make Tr uant Offic e rs out o f EDA wor kers."
Mr . Coch r an: Repo r ted o n convers ation with Dr . Boo zer of Sc hoo l St a ff that r eports
of truan c y de pend on Principal; 11 Have co mpulsory school attendan ce lu 1-1 , but
i t is up to Prin ci pa l to ex c use a n d rep o rt. There a re 11 So cial ~o rkers ~
anq ~~ Vis i ti~ ~ tea chers i n t he who l e system.
Mr . Wi l l i ams on : " Wa r e Sc hoo l ha s Soci a l Worke r thro u gh Ford Fo undati o n Program;
Hm-1 ma ny other scho ol s ha v e that ? 11
Mr s. Thomoson : , 11 Dro po ut s c ome because they have pr n blem1,; there is a reason -fo r
f o r e ve ry t hing ; somethi n g wrong an d the c h ild is unhap ~y; children
can be unhappy too; nobody knows what is 1tJro ng. 11
�- 4-
Said he once dr orpe d ou t, but went ba c k i n sch oo l;
Not Princip a l's f a ult , not pa re nts fault ; i t ' s t he Co mmun i ty ' s
fault ; th e wa y people are l ivin g ; if had better pla c es to st a y,
w1uld stay i n s c hool .
Mr . Ch a r .es Hawk, Cou nc elor, \·/arz, Sc hoo l : "Dropout s goe s ba ck
to f i n a nc es ; Nee d job s wi t h decent sa lari e s ; Should r e c ru it for
jobs a nd for NYC , et c ., on str aet s in Vi ne Ci ty; Wa iv e f or m~l edu c ation
requi rements . "
Mr . Murr:ihe1. :
" ED A rec ru its f or NYC a nd Jo b Co rps ; Ca n do s ome through Re c reat ion
Ce nte r. "
20 .
Mr. Ch a r les Bl ack, EDA Extension Mana ger : "In summer ' Impac t' pro gr am
Employe rs may not take peop le fr om Vi n e City Area bec a us e o f
educ a tio n a nd dis tance frum the job s; Need to have loc alized t rain in g , II
Said t hat they as ke d n e i ghbor wh o had r etu rn ed
from Juvenil e Home if he wa s glad t o get home; He replied No - not
g l ad to get home ; at Juv e nil e Home had a cl ean be d, 3 good meals,
cl ean cl othes, bett e r than at home. "
Mr. Wi lliamsnn : Re co mm
a Pu b li c Hea r ing on c onditions i n Pub l ic Hous in g ;
, e nded
Had vi s it ed Eagan Hone s; ba d hea lth co nd itio ns ; Hous i ng Authority
f or b i ds t elepho ne e xtensions put i n a 2- sto r y apartme nt ; no rodent
c ontrol; Housin g Project s shou ld mee t standards li ke pri vate
hou s i ng~ Eaga n Ho me s - no li gh ts at fr on t do or; tenants forbidden
t o pu t lig hts~; several rob b eri e s and rap es .
It was sug ge ste d that the Co mmis sion invite the Boa rd of Hous in g Authorit y to
join in a Public He a ring on Atla Gta Publi c Ho using .
�.... • : 1 -
I..i.1 0·

·-------______ _ --- -
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __.,i;,._~ .., :L
Name o:f Neigh;>e'I'Meod-: - 51:lMM&IRHJ.ll:ll. __; :L :~Li. ._· S
. • .. - . . .... . . .
. ..- ... - .. .... .. . ·- .... '. .
- .
l. ~
' ~
n ) ·' : ..
. . ·:15:36, 29 December 2017 (EST)~i:ieff :~~ ~ ~-~ iahb1o•rh'~~-d -: . .
Dr, N,\ ..
portion zoned
~-~a; :;. i·.v·_ ----------
. ·-·-- .. -· .
Condit ions Of Streets :._...;F...;a;;.1.::;;·r:.a.,,~m.::::o.:::s.t~a:,:r;.:;e:;...:,n.:.:a;;.:r:.,;r;:;,;O=W.,\.t...::;m~a:.:.n;.,1v:.....'...:D;.;.n.:,:e:;.·_·
e s:t.:t.~.l'!J_p :.
var1e u , most sub-standard.according ta code,
S,ome j,Jhi te, S,o,na,J)legro I Manv.- transitional areas.
Political Representation:
- - - - - City Ward · •
st ·--:-

Ald'!=lrmen . G.r ig'.qs, ·Oeno;i;s_
State Senate District
J. Co'uh't:y
- Fulton
1.:C_om.rnJssio.nih·.Al.f!tidge 1 . Mitchell, Brown
Sta te legislative District 124, 127
· - -m~pre!~~-n ta t i 'v·~ · · 'Jc)'f\7{ tfobd. Cox Dr.
4th Congressman -:Ben . Blackpu.n

S. Congressional District
. . .. ,._ .. - - . ...:. -~:.' ·... .
Ed. S. Cook, Dr. G. Y.
· e-"' • -..
.. ... , •.
P1,1b_lic_ SchQ.o.,ls . in _-'l_r.ea No High School.sin <.area .., r t3 sidents div.ided among
E. P~ Johnson Elementary, .. Ed Coale Elementary, and Capitol ~venue Elementary
Vocational Schod'J.S in' ·Area · Hoke-Smith (Admission restricted f' Most courses
10th_ _: .12th. gta de~ -- S_o~ei" fees.
, ,
·;- '-J. ,.;..~- - --·---__ _

Atlanta Public School
,,r.aa,,,_.,_.,..,··-·'- .. - ···. ---· - ..
�Profile No. l
Page - No. 1f
rar ., ,:-.)
_i:, I ,.J - ., . (TI~.u.,.;._J
J ,.'. YTIJ ~-:.,s_;
L"', l JJ Ii-' H .,_Jl I
necreational Services:
Parks in Area
Recreati nal Center5.
inL Are__ a--_:. ,
, , 1 , ,,......,,, ,, , ,• A
A , . 1 .. , ...... .
0 • • ,.
J _1 _
Z ... .. . t _. ,5 ,. . .... _
. . . g ·~
,. . :::S-7..·,_
1 .

Parls Serving Area_____G=r~a~n~i-·_P_a_r_k______________, ________

1,~7s¼,~X _t:1?11.,1_

ej,~ ~lZf ie:q. __;,C_o urt

Recreational Centers Servine Agea


Social \;Jelfare Services in ~rea.: 1, -rl
· -'I~ ,
. -~ -- -
l&::'"','\1! :f\
.....E-;O;,.,A~_._~.,.....;;;,;;...,....,.;;,;....,....,...,......,...;;;,;,........,~~;;;;;,;;;~,..;,.;:;;...;;..,.....,.C.-.,,e..;n..t..,e,_r_,......,.,.,...._....,_ _ """""____
__: ,,- , :. '2!__!2~.;...U~ !.
·-· · ' -'" ·1
~ .J~ l..[r


J' Llf "'
n;..r ~I
.:>-1.. LZC...:.-
.i.,:1..1 II ;,

. \.
C'll. .:.f..J ,C:.J
·.n.,- :..,1..· ...: ~o...··..,.,,.,.,.b,.,h""""'1!,',,.:..~·xt~,~-&l'.

~~ ,!!,,-,~,;~

· ""'-~b'""~,,:,,·o1,i,.,,L9!!
--~ -""2""·"".:s.-··...,,_,....n........+....§..q_ ..
r"...,...r,..1..&..-· - - - - -
- -· - - - · - - " ·...2.:....:""•_"1_,.:1..1.- ...
. -t-u...u
Business Enterprises in Area:
! ,l .
j -J ,·,:tn I'.: '.l'•
Mostly small groceries, drug and clothing stores.
r,,... ,
Police ServicesPatrol, Detective, Juvenille & Crime Cars 24 hrs. daily
L .., j _
i t..., . . 1 ; L f ··
· s: · ,
fi r e Protecti on Services Same as all residentiaI"area ~
_.· _._ _:....:_S-che d~l-e--'"f o,r· · Sarh
tdf' ileet-iens-
--- -
~ee k1i1~---~c:t·A~dufJ rvar:t'es in
t o down town.
'.l <
'l '
' Address
Mechanicsci l l e Civic League
Mrs . L. M. Thompson

facilities not ¼~~a t ed in geogru phic area .

223 Bass St., SW
�.. ,
Communfti Relations ~ommission, 1203 City Hall, Atlanta Ga •
-, '

,,. •• ,'•
. 'I
Name of Neighborho.od: Vine City
Description of Ne.i ghb'orhood·: ' ·1 : · .- _;, ·
,.·•r, ··, ;,
· Boun d arie·s
. ..
. J ,~ .-.·: ~ S ifl_!pso~
. ' . . . s·.r
",.r ·,.~ ·..:· Sun-set' Ave·.· : Geograp h ii:;
· ·. Northside 'Dr.
'. "S r..:.: Hunte~ St. ·
Developmental .iProglfains ...· None . ~ .', C' j •. ~'
Zoning Classifications - Residential, apartments, some comme rci a"i .
Conditions of Streets - ·. Fair ··to po'o r' · ' . •"'·
Condition of Housing - Diiapidated
Racial . Pat t e'rns ~ ' Negro ·area1.l , 1.··,•• "
~ ..... ,·.

t '! '(
P~litic3i Repr~sent~tion:
, I
City \fa;d .;.; r:Jrd ,· -··
Aldarman - Wil liams on, Kn i ght
State Senate District
Senator - Horace Ward
U. S. Congress i onal Dis t. - 5th
Congre ssma n - Fletche r Thompson
. : 'f.1
. II
·Co'unty · - Fulton ·.:·
Commissi oner(s) Aldredge; Brown,
~ itchell
· State Legisr atf ve -District - 136, 137
Aepresentati~e Jul~~n Bond, Grace
ill _ ,, • ~. Hamil ton
Bd. of Education - Dr. Rufus Cl ement
Educational Services:
A-tlanta Public School Area - 1 1 , ~, • Supt •. -:-,: Dr., .H~ A. Bowen
1 _
Pub1ic Schools in Area .. l;'l,f"l .'4 i;l_e thun.e / -K·E . A: , ltjar_e :_·~ one block out of
area (no high sch9ol in ,area , - most students
~t_tend B. T. l-Jashingto.~ &. _C entral J ~. High.

Ware School is on e o f ~d . Impro~ement Project

(Fo r,d, Fqupda tion )
Vocational Schools in Area - . _{'Jon e /. B§lthune Community,. School
Nuis eries '-
Lundy's Day Nursery
Pr i va t e School s in Area - None
Libraries in Area - None
Recrea tional Se rvi c e s:
Pa rk s in Area - None (2 play lo ts )
Recreational Ce nt ers i n Area - Vi ne City Recreat ion Ce nter, Carver Boys '
Cl ub
Pa r ks Serving Area - Washi ngtbn Pa r k
Re c reationa l Cente rs Servi ng ,,rea - No ne
Social Welfare Services i n Area:
NASH - Washingto n Neighborhoo d Service Center - Vine City Extension
Health Services in Are a:
Neighborhood Unio n Heal t h Ce nter
( Fulton Co unty Dept. of Health )
Business Enterprises in Area:
Small grocery stores, wine stares, barber shops, and cafes
Page 2
Neighborhood Profile ·No. 2
Public Services:
Police Services - Routine patrol and stationary patrol a t Vine and
Magnolia Sts.
No fire station - nearest one at Si mpson & Troy Sts.
Secp edule for Sanitary C~~lections - Jw ic e weekl y
Housj ng Inspection Schedule. ~ left blank
Public transportation - One bus line do wn Magn!)lia ,St.
Civic, Political and Religious Organizations:
Vine City Council
Mrs. Helen Ho ward, Chairman
587 Rock St.
Tel. 525-3111
Vine City Improvement Assn.
Mrs. Ozella Smith, Ch a irman
Vine St. Tel. --Democratic Organization - 3K
Otis Cochra n, Chmn. , 230 Walnu1< St. - ~25-1792
The Uplift Club
Mrs. Alb e rta Fle t cher
Delbridge St.
Chu r ches a nd Religiou s Organi z ations.
Mt. Gilead ·Bpt.
Rev. Hall, Minister
Vine City Bpt.
2nd Mt. Olive Bpt.
Re s ource Persons in Area:
227 Walnut S t.
Mr s . Sylv i a Eochran
Mrs. Helen Ho ward ·
587 Rock St. Mis s Pa uline Kindell ' ' 141 Walnut St .
580 Magnolia St .
Mr. Davi d Bu r n e y
230 Vla lnu t · St.
Mr. Otis Coch ra n
58'7 ' Ma gnoli a St.
Mr. Jo e L . Br own
Mr . Eddi e Mu r phy
141 VJ alnu t St.
56 0 Found ry St.
Mr s . Ru by Lundy
Ma g noli a S t.
Mr. Hec to r Bl a ck
643 De lbridge S t.
Mrs. Do r oth y Bold e n Thomp s on
4-4-6 7
No phone
52 5-1 792
No phon e
MU 8- 24 2 2
�Communi.ty -R~lat'i o'ns ' Comrhi~sion, 1203 City Hall, Atlanta, Ga.

• :31..
Name of Neighborhood: Kirk wood
Descri~tion of.Neighborhood: .N - Memorial Dr.
W.- Wyman St. S.E.
E - Rocky Ford Rd. S - Rail r oad . ( to D'e.catur)
Developmer:ital Programs - None
Zoning Classifications - . Residential 4F, commefd ial
Conditions of Streets '.;;. Fai f t 1o good ' l
.,_; !:.) ,,
• -~

Condition of Housi o g ~~-· Fai t to g~od 8~ome dete ±-i 'or~~ti~ng"·, ·,
· ·
Racial Patterns - ' Negro Are t3 s, . b ;an ~itional ar ea!:l- : ' ( f:i;-om ~h:i.t e · to Negro

1. ll
· , .·,
· ' ' wi -t; h'i n past· 2 years)

• ,
d • I "; • I · . ' °"',
Political Representation:
City 1.fard - 2
. .
,. 1
· ' County ~ fl~ Kaib • . ·'
Alderman - Gilliam, · Flanigen ,Je,_,
. '. , C6m~i~sioner·: - .IL:. ·Mann i ng, Chmn.
· -·r 1
• I, State Senate District ' - 43
"i.1 State Le~1 ~], a ~1ve " D1strict 119
Fran k G. Miller
· .Represent~tive - "fostl~ke
Bd. of E~µ ~~ tion · - W~ ra ' ~
U.S.Congressional . Di st : · _ 4th

Leroy "Woodward
Congressman - Blac kb~rn •·· , '·'


,. .


Educational Services:
Atlanta Public School Area - 5
Supt. - Dr. G. Y. Smith
Public Schools in Area - Kirkwood Elementary, Murphy High School
East Lake El e mentary, Burgess Elementa r y,
new elementary under construction
Vocational Schools in Area - None
Nurseries - No public nurseries
Private Schools in Area - None
Lib r ari es in Are a - None
Recreational Services:
Park s in Area - Bessi e Branham (Kirkwood Park)
Parks Serv i ng Area - Candler Park
Recreational Centers in Area - left blank
Recreational Cente r s serving Area - l eft blank
Soc ial Welfare Services in Are a:
Edg ewoo d Servic e Cen t er , EDA
Kirkwoo d Ch ris t i an Cen ter
Heal t h Service s i n Ar ea :
Non e
Busi ne ss Enterprise i n Area :
Reta il, c hicken hat c hery , lumbe r company, Sou th e r n Iron & Manufacturing Co .
Public Services:
Police Servic e s - Ro utin e patrol
Fire protection service: - Left blank
Schedul e for Sani tary Collections - twic e weekly
Housing Inspection Schedule" Le ft blank
Public transportation - Satisfactory . Sunday transpo rt ation is poor.
Civic, Political and Religious Organizations:
Confederation of DeKalb
Kirkwood Council on Human Relations
Block Clubs, EDA
�Page 2
Neighborhood Profile No. 3
Churches and Religious Organizations:
Israel Baptist
Turner Monumental
Resource Persons:
Mrs. Eliza Bro~n
Miss Rosetta Williams
Mr. James Dean
Mr. James Crowley
Mr! ijenry , W~ Brooks
Mrs. Georgia Ashe
Mr. Joseph Finch
Rev. O. E. Myles
Prof. John Davis Gaither
Mr. James Cosby '
Mrs. Charity Hill
Mr~ · J. A. McClain
The Rev. Hosea Williams
17 .~ast Lake Drive
50 Mason Ave. N.W.
1312 Dupont Ave. 5.E. _
2170 Boulevard Drive
1628 Foote St. #7
1361 Dupont Ave., s:E.
1560 Foote 5~~ N.E.
1424 LaFrance St. N.E.
1514 Foote St.
2079 Delano Dr., N;E.
8 East Lake Dr. N.E.
April, 1967

·- ....
' ' 1

�Communi-hy -Reh a tions- Comrn-i-ssion.,- -1203 City Hall, Atlanta, Ga.
• l.i • ·•-Name bf Neighborhoo d' - ' L:i ghtning
Description of Neighborhood:
Geographic Boundaries- :~,. N -i. ·s-impson St.
W - Northside Drive
• 01 '
Hunter St •
~ r~ r, Marietta St.
Developmental Progr~ms - No~e (Projected - part of Vine City proposed urban
Zoning Classifications - Residential ~ commer~ial {_factories) • I
of • streets
- . .Poor •
'M '
l. .
I l
Condition of Housing - Poor - dilapidat e d
Racial patterns - Negro area
. "
Pol i tical
City \;Jard ... 3rd
Aldermen - Williamson, Knight
State Senate District - 39
Senator - Horace Ward
U. S. Congressional District - 5th
Congressman - Fletcher Thompson
County - Fulton
Commissioners - Aldredge, Mitchell,
State Legislative District - 137
Representative - Grace Hamilton
Bd. of Education - Dr. Rufus Clement
Educational Services:
Atlanta Public School Area - l
Supt. - Dr. Hilliard Bowen
Public Schools in Area - None (one block from area is Cra ddock & Bethun e
No high school in are a - students
att e nd several - mostly West Fulton, Washington,
and Cent r al Jr. High
Voca t ional Schools in Area - None
Nurseries - None
Private schools in area - None
Libraries in area - None
Recreational Se rvi c es:
Pa rks in Are a - None (2 pl a y lot s )
Recre a tion a l Ce nters in Area - Non e
Pa r ks Se r ving Area (not located in geo graphic area) - Washin gt on Pa r k (no t
in walking di sta nce )
Rec reat ion a l Cen t ers Se rving Are a (not loc at ed in geogra phic are a) Ca rv er Boy's Clu b
Soc ia l Welfa re Se rv i ces in Area:
Non e (Vine Ci ty Ext . - NASH - WASHINGTON Ne igh borhoo d Se rvic e Ce n ter serv es
a r ea)
Healt h Serv i c es i n Ar ea :
Busine s s Ent e rprise s in Area:
3 grocery st o res, casket-maki ng company, city i ncinerator
Public Services:
Police Services - Ro uti ne patrol
Fire Protections Services - No statio n in area - served by Simpson St.
faci l ity
. Schedule for S~nitary Collections - Twice weekly
�Page 2
Public Services co·nt, 1:l: ' JJ •j;; c , J 1 ·.1,1
Housing Inspection Schedule - Left blank
Public Transportation - 2 bus ·1-ines , , d.i:> rtr.11 r!"!a_gnol-i-__a- ?t_. a~ri-r.U do,\rlf1 ,Simpson St.
_, _i:riq£,~ r,- 1Z1
Ca.v ie, Pcili tic·al -and Relig:iious·•;ions: _ ,::. ~:,:,·,L.
Name: , ··. , - c.
- I~
,_f o~.~;~~t i on
Cl~b ..: '
- . -, 'M1f ~ • . Gci rbt't,1_y1 Mafsh i l 'f' .

.J ,.,

11. .,, .. d
t.2 [ ... ',. -, \
Churches 1~nd · R'eiigio~s -o'rg·~;~izai:io'~s: .,
Mt. Gilead Bpt.
Re½• ~~½,
Resource Persons in Are
Mrs. Dorothy Marshall
Mrs. Mary' Nelson ..


.r~;L.·~, .

b · ,
2 1t'-iJ
f,_ ,..:..-:.i..1 0 1
··\1 y_L. 1
i. m~ '1L • 1
r. ; r- •
April, 1967
. ',
1.- (
I If
,G.i: ., C 'Jtl
,) I



 ;"' ._, _, l

- ;.
Coml'r!,q,_n_it_y __Relation,s ,i ~-~ rn ission, 1203 City Hall, Atlanta. Ga • .::30303
O!, r~;
Name of Neighborhood: · Edgewood
Geographic Boundaries:.
W. -Whiteford..:. .Ave
• ,,

S. -Blvd.
• :{ '
. ,11·
E. -Woodbine
~ . N/ -De.l:\'
Developmental Programs - None (proposed urbanr renew~l) ·, ·
Zoning c1.a~sif 1icp.:,t ioJ1s ~:.. Residential, com~e-rcial
- •· ;



g~g~i~t;rls o~l H143.215.248.55i~;~ _-:~t;t
·~· ' · .•-,l - ··
• ·
Racial Patterns - Negro areas, white areas, few transitional areas
Polit i cal Representation:
r I "l A
City Ward - 2nd
County - DeKalb
Aldermen - Gilliam, Flanigen
Commissioner(s), B.Manning, Chmn.
State Senate District - 43
State Legislative District 119
Senator - Frank G. Miller
Representative - Westlake
U. S. Congressional District - 4th
Congressman - Blackburn
Bd. of Education - Mrs. Leroy
Educational Services
Atlanta Public School Area - 5
Supt. - Dr. G. Y. Smith
Public Schools in Area - Wesley Ave., Whiteford; in process of
building new Jr. high; no high school in commun i ty most students attend one of the seven traditionally
Negro high schools i n the city
Vo cat i onal schools in area - None
Nur series - Little Mores Chapel Day Ca r e Center
Pr i vate Schools in Area - None
Libra r ies i n Area - None
Rec r eat i onal Services :
Pa r ks in Area - Wesley Pa r k
Rec reat i onal Centers i n Area - 1612 Woodbine St.
Social Welfare Se r vi ce s i n Area - Edgewo od Neighb ~rhood Service
Health Servi c es i n Area - DeKa lb Hea lt h Cent er ( on fringe)
Business Enterp r is es i n Area - Cleane rs , Florists, Atlanta Gas
Light malnteuance sta t i on, shoe company, B. F. Goodrich, lumber
company, Atlanta Public School warehouse
Public Services - No comments on police , fireprotection, sanitary
collec ti ons, or housing inspection. Comment on
public transportation reads - constantly c onfusing schedule changes - no serv ic e f rom eas t
to west into DeKalb
Civ i c, pol i t ica l a nd r elig ious orga niz atio ns - Bl ocks Club s (EOA
2nd Wa rd Ci vi c League
Church e s a nd r e l ig io us or ga niza t ions : Grea t e r Trav ele rs Re st,
Be ulah Bapt i st, Ki ng s Memo r ia l Methodist,
Little Mores Chap e l , St. Paul AME, Antioch East
·1 2~
.. · ,.: Ir··
,·r ..
,• 192.res ~r .~ .,- -- ..
--- ~567 Paxf ofi' st~ ; "'"
Mt: rbhai les Tu}n~f0 • 9 JlrJ.l- . \
-:r Mr. , _B.alph Long '", 1 , .,,., . .Principal, Wesley Ave. School
Mr . .... ·.A.;. wa J;.s p n,:~ , .
.1. . · " ' ~ ,-,.. ••L
187 Wesley.A ye.
Mr. -Delmark .Yoat -r lJ .. c.O <'
, . ~£11.. .180~ ·M-enfo;ria-J::>~n r .·
. .
Mrs • Louis g 'Wn:i?t·e'V) · l ".1. ;t.n :2 r·.t 8. 22G 1 Hutcti'.f ns ·St •
. .t •
Mrs. Ruth Flemister
'11 ~'29 Da n'i el :'st. s·. 1L · r-r 11 '

·n ··,'. ",! ,. ..,~J

·:i ·:

.c;., ra s..:lrfw •. 1:·r:,.u

~-1.,.!:l; -
,!. ;r, .. .,.-~

April 1967 .
• r:
b ·,o\·:
n 'l
~ ~
'I:. ;._f
• Q
') l
• [
�April 27, 1967
T o: All Department Heads
From. : Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr .
Your presence is reque ted at a Department Heads ' Meeti ng
on Wednesday, May 3rd at 10 :30 a . m . in Committee Room 1/2 .
Mr . Irving Kaler, Chairm n of the Community Relations
Commission, together with Mrs. Eliza p - schall, Executive
Director, will be present to beief the department heads on the
activities of the Corrununity Relations Commission.
U you are unable to
fir t as i tant.
ttend thi
meeting, plea e send your
�April 27 , 1967
Mrs . Eliza Pa chall
Executiv Dir ctor
Community R lation Commission
12th Floor, City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Mrs . Pa chall :
Mayor Allen has c lled me ting of our City Department Head
for 10 : 30 a . m. on Wednesd y, M y 3rd in Committee Room 112,
on the Second Floor of City H 11.
It will be greatly appreciated if you will ttend this meeting ttd
brief the City De run nt He de on th ac;tiviti . · of the Community
Relations Commi ion.
Sincerely your ,
R. E rl Land rs
Admini tr tiv .A ei _tant
�April 27, 1967
Mr . Irving K. Kaler , Chairman
Community Relations Commission
12th Floor, City Hall
Atlanta , Georgia 30303
De r Mr . Kal r :
Mayor Allen ha call d a meeting of our City Dep rtment He d
for 10 : 30 • m. on W dnesday, May 3rd in Committee Room #2 .
on the Second Floor of City Hall.
It will be reatly appreciated if you will attend thi meeting and
brief the City Departinent Heads on the activiti
of th Community
Relation Commission.
Sincer ly your •
R. E rl Lander
Admini trativ A
i tant
TELEPHONE 5!!-4469 EXT. 499
E x-Officio
President, Board of Aldermen
April 29, 1967
MR. T.
MR. R . J . B U TLER
Archbishop of Atlanta
MR. M.
"Buz z" RYAN
Mro R. Earl Landers
Administrative Assistant
City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Mr. Landers:
Executive Director
Thank you for your letter of
April 27, 1967.
Mrs. Paschall and I will look
forward to meeting with you, Mayor Allen,
and the City Department Heads on Wednesday,
May 3, at 10:30A.M.
I appreciate this opportunity
to discuss the program of our Connnunity
Relations Connnission.
Yours very sincerely,
~/L ( ; ,-~~
Irving K. Kal~r
Mrs. Eliza Ko Paschall
(" ( .
k c,.Qq"-
April 17, 1967
Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
I appreciate your kind reference to me
when you spoke at the National Convention of the
Council of Jewish Women.
Several ladies who were present told my
wife about this, and this pleased her~very much.
Yours very sincerely,
Irving K. Kaler
/ ~/ ~
President, Boord of Aldermen
TELEPHONE 5t!-H88 EXT. ~88
April 13, 1967
MR. R .
Messers Collier Gladin, Colonel Malcolm Jones, Mr. Ray Ni xon,
Mr. Les Persells, Mr. William Wofford
Eliza K. Paschall, Executive Director
Public Meeting on all phases of Housing in Model Neighborhood Area
Arch/,i,il,o}J of Atlanta
l\!a. F . W .' PATTERSON
MR. M.
"Duzz" RYAN
At the public hearing which t he Commiss ion held in the SummerhillPeoplest own and the ~echanicsville-Pittsburg areas, we were asked to
help plan one meeting for the whole model neighborhood area where
all the various questions about housing might be brought up and
discussed and answered as they relate to each other.
For example, i f there is to be no lessening o f code enforcement
during the year' s planning period, where will people b e relocated?
Are there relocation re s ou rces within the area? Will the sched uling of improvements in streets, etc., be delayed until the year 1 s
planning is done, or will that continue without regard to th e model
planning? Etc., Etc.
Executive Director
It seemed to those present at the meetings that it would be helpful f or
the residents to ha v e an opportun±y t o he ar t hese and simil a r questions.
put t o the heads of the vari ou s dep.artme nt s concerned and for e v e ryb ody
to hear everybody else's answers.
The group has scheduled suc h a meetin g for Tue sday, April 25 1 B p .m.
at St . Stephe n' s Church, Geo rgia Avenue & Ca pitol Avenu e .
Planning and Zoning; Model Neighborh oo d, Mr. Colli er Gladi n
In s pe ction and Code Enforcement, Mr. William Wofford
Con st r uc tio n , Mr . Ray Nixon
Reloc a tion, Mr . Le s Persell s
Housing Resources, Colonel Malcolm Jones
Mayo r Ivan Allen, Jr • .,,,,.,-Alderman Rodney Cook
February 16, 1967
Atlanta, Georgia
The first public hearing of the Community Relations Commission of the City
of Atlanta was held February 16, 1967 , at 7:30 p.m. in the Aldermanic Chambers
of the City Hall.
Mr. Irving Kaler, Chairman of the Commission, presided. Other Commission
members p:r'esent were: Mr. T. M. Alexander, Mrs .Sara Baker, Miss Helen Bullard,
Mr. Robert Dobbs, Mr. A. L. Feldman , the Rev. J. L. Griggs, Mr. Joseph Haas,
Mr. Al Kuettner, Mrs. F. W. Patterson, Rabbi Jacob M. Rothschild, Mr. M. O. Ryan,
Mrs. Mary Stephens, the Rev. Samuel Williams.
Mr. Kaler recognized Aldermen George Cotsakis, J.M. Flanigen, Charles Leftwich,
G. Everett Millican, Hugh Pierce, Jack Summers, Q. V. Williamson, and Senator
Leroy Johnson and Representative John Hood. Mr. Kaler thanked them for their
interest and support.
Mr. Bennie T. Smith, of the Grass Roots Council , and Senator Dan McIntyre sent
letters expressing their regret at being unable to attend the hearing and
assuring the Commission of their interest and support.
Mr . Kaler stated this hearing was the first of a series of hearings planned to
afford the citizens of Atlanta a place to seek help with their problems and to
voice their complaints or grievances.
The chairman then introduced Mrs. Eliza Paschall, who has been appointed by the
Commission to serve as its Executive Director. Mrs. Paschall read the list
of persons who had expressed a desire to be heard and asked that all speakers
leave their names and telephone numbers for future conferences. Mrs. Paschall
stated that her office would begin the following day on checking into all
complaints and that all matters brought before the Commission would be thoroughly
The meeting was then turned over to the Reverend Samuel Williams, who conducted
the hearing. Mr. Williams stated that a series of neighborhood hearings would
be held and that meetings would be held with all City department heads to
discuss problems or complaints presented at these hearings.
Mr. Williams expressed his gratification at the interest shown by the large
number of persons, approximately 250, attending the hearing. All persons
wishing to address the Commission were asked to limit their remarks to three
minutes in order that all might be heard.
�MRS. HENRY TOOMBS, 2871 Normandy Drive, N. W.
Mrs. Toombs expressed the feeling that Fulton County and the City of Atlanta
are neglecting an opportunity to meet the needs of many of our people by
failing to part i ci pate in the Food Stamp program of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture. Mrs. Toombs explained the operation of the program, in which
68 Georgia counties are participating , and reiterated her belief that the
City and County should i mplement all programs designed to meet the needs
of segments of our community.
MR. WILLIAMS. JACKSON, Dean of School of Social Work, Atlanta University
Dean Jackson expressed his pleasure in the formation of the Commission and
his hope that the Commission could be helpful in seeing that all services
of the community are made available to all people. Dean Jackson feels that
despite progress in the availability of public services resulting from
civil rights legislation, the services of many private agencies are still not
available to all citizens. As a case in point, he read a letter from a
woman who has experienced difficulty in finding nursing care for her aged
mother. She stated Hillhaven had taken her application, promising to notify
her when a vacancy occurred, but she has heard nothing further. Upon
making application to Highview, she was told that Highview had never admitted
a Negro applicant , but might have to accept Negroes at a later date to comply
with Federal laws .
MR . ARTHUR BARHAM, West End, (Bush Mountain) Student at Clark College
Mr . Barham stated he was concerned over an incident in which several
Negro youths were threatened by white youths with a pistol. Mr . Bar ham
s aid a case was made against the white youths , but the case ha s been pendi ng
i n court si nce J anuary 25. Al t hough Mr . Ba rham conceded there wer e legal
reasons for the t wo postponement s of the case , never theless he felt i t
i mposed a ha rdshi p on students t o have to get out of school so many times .
Mr. Barham also cont ended t hat t he police and other per sons in the city
seemed more anxious to obtain informat ion regarding gangs in the neighbor hood
t han t o concl ude t his spec i f i c case . Asked i f he would coopera te with the
Commiss ion in an i nvest i gat i on of potent ial gang warfare , Mr . Bar ham said
he would cooperate, but r ep eated hi s asser tions that he actual ly knows very
little of any gang act ivity .
THE REVEREND AMOS HOLMES, 1035 Simp son Street, N. W.,Vice President of the Atlanta
Chapter of NAACP, Chairman, Housing Committee of NAACP
Mr. Holmes stated the City should concern itself with an up to date citywide
zoning plan. The City is still using the 1956 zoning format, which is now
inadequate for the growth of the City. Mr. Holmes feels zoning policies
should be geared to meet the needs of the City and its citizens and should
be free from citizen pressure or commercial domination. If the city is
to eliminate ghettos and provide housing for all its citizens, planning must
be done on a citywide rather than a sectional basis.
Page 2
�MR. ROBERT W. HAVER, 430 Lynhurst Drive, S. W., Southwest Atlanta for Progress
Association, Cascade Heights Area
Mr. Haver described the work of his organization, which is concerned with
preserving their community on a balanced integrated basis. The special
concern of this group is that white people do not move out as Negroes
move in, thus creating a racial imbalance in the schools and community as
a whole. Mr. Haver stated that while the use of percentages in governing
human relations is undesirable, the community nevertheless feels it is
important for the present to try to maintain a 50-50 balance of white and
Negro families to give their children an opportunity to grow up in a truly
integrated situation. A series of community forums will be held at Holy
Family Hospital, beginning March 9, to discuss ways of stabilizing the
community. Mr. Haver asked for the moral support and encouragement of
the Commission in their efforts. Mr. Williams expressed the pleasure of
the Commission in learning of the work of this group and pledged the full
assistance and support of the Commission.
HR. CHARLES CLARK, Southwest Atlanta
Mr. Clark stated a Negro real estate dealer had tried to procure housing
for him in a white neighborhood and alleged many prospective sellers had
stated they were afraid of the reaction of their neighbors if they sold to
a Negro family.
Mr. Kuettner said he would be interested in receiving reports on any real
estate agent who will not handle sales because of the race of the client.
Mr. Clark was asked to appear before the Commission at a later date to give
his story in full detail.
MR. JAMES ~1ARSHALL, JR., 392 Rock Street, S. W. Block 13 near Incinerator
Mr . Marshall stated there are no recreation areas in this section; the
houses are unfit f or human habitation; there is only one paved street in
the area; garbage and litter from demolished houses is not picked up.
Mr. Dobbs asked if there was any plan for including this area in an Urban
Renewal project. Mr . Marshall said he knows nothing of such plans. He
also stated that the Sanitary Department is very slow in responding to calls
to pick up trash.
Rabbi Rothschild stated this area is high on the priority list of communities
whose problems will receive special attention.
MRS. ALVENIA DAVIS, 449 Markham Street, S. W., speaking for residents ·of
Markham area
Mrs. Davis stated that several houses unfit for habitation have not been
demolished, although some have been unoccupied for more than one year.
She feels these houses are dangerous and are a breeding place for crime and
Page 3
Mrs. Davis also alleged that the housing code is not impartially enfor ced,
contending that persons who own many houses receive more lenient treatment.
that the owner of only one or two houses. Asked who owned the substandard
houses still being occupied, Mrs. Davis stated Joe Schaffer was the owner.
MRS. HAMBRICK , Walker Street School Council
Mrs. Hambrick stated the residents of this area protest the continued use
of the Walker Street School buil ding, which is old and in substandard
condition. The residents want the school building replaced and feel the
transfer of children to this school should be discontinued. Mr. Kuettner
asked if the problem had been discussed with the Board of Education.
Mrs . Hambrick said members of t he community had met with Dr. Letson and .had
been told tha t work has been done on the building recently and that plans
for replaci ng this school were not included in the r ecent school bond issue.
MR. GLENN GLEATON , _1035 Garibaldi Street, S. W.
Mr. Gleaton asked what the responsibility of the City is in regard to the
individual homeowner whose property is bei ng damaged by leaking sewers or
overflowing drains. Mr . Dobbs stated that new homes were inspected by t he
Ci ty and the Building Ins pector should not clear houses which had inadequate
sewer or drainage systems. Mr. Gleaton replied that he had complai ned t o
the City of the damage to the foundat i on of his house and had been told t he
house was too close to the ground. No further help on the matter was off er ed
by the Ci ty.
MRS. SALLIE BILLI NGSLEY, Pittsburgh Civi c League
Mrs. Billingsl ey comp l ained of poor police pr otection in this area. Many
r obberies have occurred, but the police have not appeared very interested
in the matter. There are ver y few str eet lights. Teenagers are hanging out
in vacant houses. Mr. Williams sta t ed tha t Alderman Charles Leftwich ha s
discussed the problems of this community with the Police Department and
every ef fort wi l l be made to provi de better pat r ol s ervice, especia lly at
night .
MR. HERNANDEZ, Southeast Atlanta , close to Blair Village (Gilbert Heights Ar ea )
Mr . Henandez asked what can be done about unscr upulous real esta te dealers
who attempt to buy houses thr ough scare tac t ics, s uch a s t el ling homeowners
that the section will be t urned over to Negroes or tha t it is going to be
torn down for an Urban Renewal proj ect . Mr . Hernandez stated t here is no
racial trouble in the area , but real est ate deal ers a re constantly sta rting
rumors that the property will be condemned by the City to build apartments.
In answer to an inquiry as to the real estate companies involved, Mr.
Hernandez stated tha t Bickers, State Realty, and Collins Realtors were among
t hose engaging in thi s practice.
Page 4
�MR. HERNANDEZ (Continued)
Asked if he had called any of the Urban Renewal agencies, Mr. Hernandez
replied that he had not talked to anyone in those agencies, but he could
not wait for this. He feels the City should investigate immediately, as
many of the people in the community may be panicked into selling their homes.
Mr. Hernandez was asked to meet with the Commission at a later date to
provide specific names and additional facts.
MR. OTIS COCHRAN, 230 Walnut Street, N. W., Vice-Chairman, Advisory Board,
Nash-Washington EOA, Member of the Board of Directors of
the Atlanta Council on Human Relations. (Vine City)
Mr. Cochran stated the City should investigate cases of discrimination
in employment practiced by many of the firms and contractors with whom
the City is doing business. He stated that a group of consultants engaged
by the City to make a study of equal employment opportunities actually
practices complete discrimination against Negroes in their own hiring
Mr. Cochran also addressed the Commission on the problem of recreational
facilities in the Vine City area. Mr. Cochran stated that a full time,
long-range program should be established rather than relying on emergency
measures to solve crises.
MR. JOE LEWIS HEADSPETH, 575 Magnolia Street , N. W. (Vine City)
Mr. Headspeth, with two other teenage residents of this area, appeared
with Mr. Cochran to protest the closing of their recreation center at
141 Walnut Street. Mr. Dobbs stated that because of a reduction in EOA
funds, the center had to be closed becaused funds for recreation technicians
were cut off . Mr. Headspeth turned over to the Commission a petition from
residents of the area requesting that the center be reopened.
Alderman Millican stated that there has been a 30% cut in Federal funds
available for EOA , but the City is working to provide the same service
to this area as was available last year.
Mr. Headspeth stated that he and his friends felt very strongly about this
matter and that if it were necessary demonstrate in the streets to spotlight
their problem, they would do so.
MRS. LOUISE WHATLEY, Pryor Road (Carver Homes)
Mrs. Whatley protested the lack of recreational facilities in this housing
project in which approximately 4,000 children have no place to play.
Open space which could be used for football and baseball fields is available,
but the Housing Authority will not permit them to use it.
Page 5
Mrs. Whatley also protested the managment's practice of doubling and
tripling charges for repairs according to the number of repairs requested
in one year. She stated repairs were often made without the occupant ' s
knowledge or request. Tenants have been charged as much as $36 for
repairing a screen door and have been charged $5 because their children
played on the grass. Mrs. Whatley said a receipt was given for the charge,
which is paid at the same time as the rent , but the receipt does not
specify what the charge covered and the tenants do not know where the money
goes. She said complaints had been made to Mr. Howard Ball at the Housing
Authority, but his attitude was that the complainants represented only a
minority of the tenants.
In reply to a question about a tenant's organization, Mrs. Whatley said they
did have a Tenant's Association, but it is more or less run by the management.
Mrs. Whatley also complained that the tenants are treated with discourtesy
or disdain by the management.
MRS. CHARITY MURRAY, 76 Hilliard Street, Apt. 612, Grady Homes Apartments
Mrs. Murray stated that a woman living in an apartment across the hall
from her had fired a pistol, narrowly missing her grandaughter. A case
was made against the woman and she was bound over to Fulton County Court ,
but both the defendant and Mrs. Murray had been told to vacate their
apartments by letter from Mr. Carl Brown, manager of Grady Homes. Mrs.
Murray stated she went to Legal Aid Society, but they could not help her,
Mrs. Baker asked if any charge had been made against Mrs. Murray. She
said no charge was made against her. Mr. Williams stated that an investigation
would be made.
MR. DON CROWLEY, Edgewood Area , East Atlanta
Mr. Cr owley stated that large numbers of people have migrated into this
area and there is an acut e need of recreational facilities. The citizens
of this area want supervised recrea tional facilities f or their children.
MR. LORENZO JOHNSON, 1583 First Street, President of the Wesley Homes Tenants
Mr. Johnson stated the apartments are unsanitary, unfit for human habitation,
infested with rats and snakes. He said that persons who attend meetings
of the Tenants Association had been threatened with eviction. In answer
to an inquiry as to the owner, Mr. Johnson stated he believed the apartments
were owned by a Mr, Sam Maddox.
Mr. Dobbs asked him to call the Commission if he is threatened or harassed
in any way because of his testimony before this commission.
Page 6
�MR. JOHN DAVIS GAITHER, 1560 Foote Street, N. E., Edgewood Civic Club
(Blue Heaven)
Mr. Gaither is concerned that this section is a political football between
DeKalb County and Atlanta. He said if complaints or requests are voiced
to DeKalb County, he is told to call Atlanta; if he calls Atlanta authorities,
he is told the matter is under the jurisdiction of DeKalb County.
Mr. Gaither also
to describe this
residents of the
it and they want
expressed a strong sentiment that the term Blue Heaven" used
area is derogatory and inappropriate. He stated that the
community are proud of their community and want to improve
the use of the term "Blue Heaven" discontinued.
MRS. JOHN W. STAi.~LEY, Chairman of the Council on Human Relations of Greater Atlanta
Mrs. Stanley congratulated the City on the formation of the Community Relations
Commission and expressed great faith in the potential effectiveness of the
MRS. THELMA McCLENTON, Bankhead Estates Apartments
Mrs. McClenton feels the occupants of these apartments, which are privately
owned, should receive better maintenance service. She also stated the
apartments are rat-infested and no pest control is provided. The children
have no play areas.
MRS. NANNIE McCORMICK, Oakmont Drive , S. W.
Mrs. McCormick cited health hazards caused by Proctor Creek. She said the
creek causes basements to flood in rainy weather , sewerage backs up to
the doors of homes; the odor is highly offensive ; and, most serious of all ,
it is a great hazard to children.
Mr. Dobbs stated that seven children have died in this creek. The creek
pr esents an especial danger because most of the parents i n the neighbor hood
are at work all day and the children ar e not super vised.
MRS. J ANI E HAE SIMS , 774 Norwood Road (Thomasville )
Mrs . Sims said this area is t hr eatened by poor dr a inage and by overflow
of t,1at er in r a i ny weather . Mosquitoes are a probl em and backed up sewerage
causes offens ive odors .
THE REV. J. ALLEN JAMES, 1152 Welch Street, S. W. , Pittsburgh Civic League,
iastor, St. James Baptis t Church
Mr. James asked that the Commission make inquiry into discriminatory
practices by the Municipal Court and the Housing Authority in the enforcement
of the Housing Code.
Page 7
�MR. DAVID McGOUGH, 50 McDonough Blvd, S. E. (South Atlanta)
Mr. McGough cited water overflow and sewerage problems in his community.
He feels there is too much "buck passing 1' when he tries to reach City
MRS. IULA O'NEAL, 1612 Foote Street, ij. E., Apt. 5, President, Edgewood
Improvement Association
Mrs. O'Neal cited the danger to children in this community from open
streams running from above the park.
She also complained that truancy laws are not enforced in this area.
Problems cited by Mrs. Gresham were: No recreational facilities. Many
elderly people cannot get welfare assistance. Poor sanitary service.
Garbage collects on warehouse property and causes rats.
MR. LEWIS HOLHES, SR. Reynoldstown Area, representing Reynoldstown Citizens
Improvement Committee
Mr. Holmes stated that he makes building repairs and alterations and in
the course of his work has seen many violations of the City health laws
and the U. S. Government pure food laws. He asked for a private meeting
with the Commission and was told such a meeting would be arranged.
MRS. ANNETTE WATKINS , 773 Hill Street (Old Summerhill Area)
Mrs. Watkins feels the practice of permitting colored people to move into
old deteriorated houses vacated by white families perpetuates the pr oblem
of substandar d housing for Negr o families. She feels these houses s hould
be demolished if they are not fit for occupancy.
THE REV. L. WILLIAM HOPE , Peoplestown Civic League
Mr . Pope stat ed the problems with which he is concerned cannot be covered
i n the t i me allotted for each speaker . He asked fo r an opportunity to
meet with the Commission at a l a ter date . The Commission wil l arrange a
meet i ng with him.
MR. STERRS A. J OHNSON, 260 Linkwood Road , N. W.
Mr. Johnson f eels the Civil Def ense program is of vital importance and
participation should be open to all citizens. He stated that there are
no Negroes on the staff of the Atlanta Civil Defense Agency.
THE REV. PERCY L. HEATH, cab driver
Mr. Heath protested brutality of the police. He feels he was unjustly accused
of running a red light because he pulled into the intersection to make a
turn. He said he has heard rumors that police have to write ten tickets
each day. Mr. Williams assured him that this is not true.

Page 8

�MRS. BEATRICE CAMPBELL, 1331 English Avenue, N. W. (Blandtown)
Mrs. Campbell stated this community needs bus service and better street
lighting. She also cited the need for recreational areas for children
and asked for the elimination of a portable bridge which the children
have to cross to get to and from school.
MR. JOHN MATTOX, 2541 Tilson Drive, S. E., East Lake Heights
Mr. Mattox complained of poor sanitary service in this area.
He is also concerned about this area being rezoned as commerical. He feels
the people who have invested in property in this area have a right to have their
investment protected. He stated that signs saying the property was zoned
for business extend on Memorial Drive from the Expressway ramp to East Lake
Mr. Dobbs stated that no property can be rezoned without a public hearing and
the occupants of this area must be alert to attend such hearings. They should
also take care when buying property to see that the area has not already been
rezoned for business.
Mr. Williams asked that any persons desiring to be heard at a later date
notify the Commission.
Chairman Kaler expressed the Commission's pleasure in having had the opportunity
t o hear from representatives of so many sections of the city. He stated that
additional meetings will be scheduled on a neighborhood basis and the dates for
these meetings will be well publicized.
The mee t ing was adjourned at 10:20 p.m.
Page 9
The Community Rela tions Commission was established by the Mayor end Board
of Aldermen in November, 1966 end t he 20 members were appointed in December.
The Execu tive Director was appointed in J anuary, end approved by the Mayor
and Board o f Aldermen on February 6, 1967•
The fi r st business of the Commission was to hold a Public Hearing in.the
City Hal l on February 16, to which individuals a nd/or represe ntatives of
organizations were invited to appear and st a te what they felt were their
own problems or those of .the community.
More than thirty-five (35) persons
spoke, on matters ranging from the food Stamp Plan for Fulton County to the
pros pect of immediate eviction, from a plea for help in a 15 year old struggle
against water damages to property to the need for r ecreat i on fa cili ties , better
sewerage, end help in racial stabilization of neighborhoods.
Two spokesmen presented a petition with· more than 200 signatures.
A civic
club president, e student, a teacher, an academic Dean, a housekeeper, a
member of the State Board of family and Children's Services - men and
women, young end old, they piApointed problems of their community.
Following is a summary of response to matters brought up:
Vine City: As requested by the Vine City Youth Council , the
Vine City Recreation Center ha s resumed services under Mr.
Eddie Murphy. The city of Atlanta Recreation Department is
paying his salary, along with a supplement from the Boy Scouts
of America. The Boy Schots's supplement came as a result of
NASH- Washington Service Center , EOA, following suggestion by
the Executive Director of the Commission.
General Recreation: Mr. Jack Delius, in reply to many other
recreation requests, reported that the playlot program will
�have priori t y in summe r p r ograms 9 t hat 21 are now scheduled , a n
i nc rease from 7 operat ed last year . He point ed out that t here
a r e no EDA fu nds for this , a nd in orde r t o budget fo r these he
has had to c urtail a c t ivities i n other pa rts of t he City t o
save $48,000 fo r s al aries for playlot pe rsonnel .
Exi~tin g pl ayl ot s a r e located e s fo l l ows :
Summerh ill - 2; Mecha nic sville-3 ; Butt e rmtl k Buttoms-1;
Vine Ci ty- 2; Light ni ng-I ; Edgewood-! ; Cabba ge Town-1 ;
Park Av~. ~ L~n i ng St r et-ls ArliMgton Circla , N. w. ~1;
Ce nt ra l Ave ., S. W. -1; Proposed new sites a re Li ghtning-! ;
Perry Homes- 1 ; Edgewood-l J Huff Roa d , N. W.-1 ; Plun kett Town ,
Bende r St . , s.w. and Li ttle St r eet ~ S.E. Four (4 ) port abl e
swimming pools j us t ac quired t hrough a nonymous gi f t ; site s
not ye t decide d on .
Public Hous in q : In r esponse to inquirie s a bout Mrs . Murray who
appea r ed be f ore the Commission , Atl ant a Housi ng Authori t y -s t aff
r e po r ted that t he tenant ha d be en warned last f all about complaints
from nei ghbors, ha d been give n evic tio n notice whi ch ha d been
wi t hdra wn after conferences , t ha t the dec i s i on of t he mana ge r t o
evic t was uphel d by t he c en tral s t aff. The Autho rity did , however,
agree t o the Commissio n 's r eques t to po s tpone evicti on while the
Commissi on got more information. (Mrs. Murray pl ans to mov e soon ;
she was part icularly grat e ful not t o have t o move du ring cold
wea th e r which woul d have been di fficul~ for he r el de r l y mother. )
Gen eral i nforma tio n about publ ic hous i ng. requested by the Commission,
is tha t leases are f or a month and are on the f orm normally us ed by
public housing uni t s t hroug hout t he countr y; i t i s not c us tomary i n
any public hous ing to giv e wri tten not i c e s of r ea son s for evic t ion.
Project managers are gi ven maximum a uthority to ma ke dec is i ons, but ·
t here is a t e nant rel a t ions officer at t he cent ral offic e, to whom
t e nants may go for any bus ine s s . Fun ds collected f o r damages, etc.
go i nto gene r al operat i ng f unds for that pro j ec t. ( Ho using Authority ·
pro j ects receive no operating funds exc e pt from rents an d the overal l
operation must br eak even . ) The r eceipts should i ndic a t e reason
for charge .
Neighborhood Stabiliza tion : Meetin gs a ttended in Gilbert Heights
area and in Lynhurst area fol lowi ng appea r a nce of res i de nts at
Hearing. Geo rgia Real Es ta t e Commi ssion investigator explai ned
responsi bilities of l i c ensed real estate agents a nd r i sks o f
dealing with unlicensed pe r s ons. It was announc ed that those
agents operating in t he Gi l ber t Heights area had agreed that
anyone who had put his house on the marke t t hro ugh a misunderstanding about the neig hborhood wo uld be pe rmitt ed to r e s c ind
his acti on.
Individuals i n southwes t area i n transition have asked fo r help
alo ng t he following lines: all sections of t he city must be opened
up to make one housing market, "by opening up oth e r areas t o all
people, the tension will be relieved here"; "Negro teac hers be
placed in all schools where teachers are needed, so th at people
won't have any .plec e to run to avoid contact with Ne gro c i t i zenss
financing be used to encourage housi ng market r a the r than t o
discourage • .
Demolition of sub-stan dard hou s i ng: Pro pe rt y referred to on
Markham St. , owned by Mr. J osep h Shaffer , is under court orde r
and the city can do nothing.
Property on Garibaldi Street, da ma ged by water: Several city
departments have sent inspectors out and each disc l aims any
raeponsibility for the situation . Mr . Gleaton has obt ai ned
legal advice and an engineer has been engag ed t o s urvey the areao
Five(S) other residents of t he s ame area have signed statements,
describing similar conditions , o f damage from water entering
house and being una ble to e nter f ront door i n times of heavy
rain because of water standing.
Res~lutions from the Atla nta Branch. NA ACP, as ki ng Housing
Resources Committee to reque s t "Op e n Housing Occupancy"; urging
state tax abatement law, req uesti ng Mayor an d Board of Alde r men
to reduce term of Atl a nta Hous i ng Aut hori ty members from 10 to
5 years "as in other cities of the c oun try " a nd to increase
Negro representation on autho ri t y.
1. Police protection in Pitts~: Pol ice a dd e d , alt hough r ecords
show not as much crime there as i n s ome oth e r areas.
l. Inadequate maintenance, etc •• i n priv ate a pa rtments: report s
have resulted in inspections and in s ome c a ses, the a part ments
have been found unfit and residents are now on the priori t y list
for relocation.
Sewerage and drainage problems: Individ~al locatio ns report e d
to Construction and Sanitary Departments, end in several cases
Proctor Creek: Mr, Nixon says property lines extend to middle
of creek and it is responsibility of property owners to fence
property and parents to keep children away from creek if it
is dangerous.
Food in neighborhood stores:
Civil Defense: General Woodward states no discrimination, says
records are not kept by race, so cannot report on participation
of Negroes; 14 employees (No Negroes) Mr. Starrs Johnson is
now on state merit system register for Deputy Civil Defense
Property owners must sign for new sidewalks, 51% of
the owners of the property fronta ge must sign a petition requesting
paving and agreeing to pay for same.
Investigations by Health Department.
Nursing Homes: Administrators of 3 facilities mentioned
(Wesley Woods, Hillhaven, and Highview) all have expressed
policies of no discrimination; Mrs. Dempsey has been so advised.
Hillhaven reports one Negro pat i e nt~ Highview reports no
applications; We s ley Wood s says they have always offered
services to all. (Highview r eceives $5 00 from the ci ty
c ertain pe rcent of space re se rved for patients receiving
public welfare assistanc e. )
B. Pla nning and Zo ni ng: Planni ng department says area in
East Lake Heights, where re sidents are concerned about
possibility of zon ing for bus in e ss is zo ned R4-single family
residential,and there a r e no zoning changes projected.
General statement at Hearing t hat Planning and Zoning still
according to 1956 format "i s inacc ura te 11 , Planning Department
Zsays present format is multipl e , with formats varying from
area to area, and changing as the need arises •
Sanitary Department-garba ge collection: City of Atlanta is
responsible for all collec t ions in Fulton County and for all
within city limits, even if in Dek alb County. For portions
of East Lake Heights not in city limits, Dekalb County is
responsible. All c ollectio ns fo r private residencesare on
twice weekly schedules, with 2 or 3 days lap s e between collections. Business collections are done nightly .
NQ report yet on Ci ty Perso nn el Department ; CIP , UA agencies
city contrac ts require equal opportunity. To be tak en up at
meetings to be sche duled with vario us department heads.
Food Stamp Plan: Inquiry di rec te d t o EDA; response that
inquiry should be made of state Family and Children's Services.
This has been done; report pending.
Delay~in ~Court ceeeat , ~5tedent=cam?lained of having to appear
ea a witness and case postponed; lawyer, etc. say this is inconvenient for everybody but see no remedy.
Marchp 1967
Public Housing occup a nt compla ined of ext r a charges; referred to Tenant
Relatio ns Officer.
Owner of substan dard dwell in g t ha t was ordered demolished said occupant
of dwellin g (sic k, little inc ome, e tc . ) could not find new housing.
Hous i ng Relocation Of f i c e re po r ts have visited family, suggested public
hou s i ng 9 but clients do not want public housing but income is insufficient
f o r adequat e private housing ; r elocation officer still working on it.
General questions about short notic e of evictions in private housing; lack
o f relocation resources! stric t ne s s and rig i dity of public housing eligibil ity .
City regulat ion s abo ut parke d cars; ca r was towed away from in front of
residence , owner showed registra tion ce r tificate ta polict but car had
been parked over 72 hours wi th out being moved; complained that car parked
in front of res i dence s houls not be moved - no driveways or alleys , yards
too small, no o the r place to park c a rs; persons often do no t have money
for new t ire s, bat te ries, etc. withi n 72 hours.
Pol i ce: Individual reported he was arre s ted by off duty police officer
who said he was usin g ba d language; t hat he was shot b y pol icema n, taken
to Grady, beaten by policeman th ere; charge d wi th disor de rl y c onduc t and
resisti ng arrest. Pol ice de part ment reco r ds s how report o f pol i ce o ffic er
that person was using obscene language, that he resis t ed a r rest, was shot
and taken to Grady for treatment . Case is on court c ale nda r .
Report of discrimination in employment in a Met ro Atl anta c onva l esc e nt
reported to U. s. Dept. of Health Education end Welfare, Office of
Equal Health Opportunity.
Report of discriminatory service to Negroes et a re s taurant;forwarded to
business with request for in f ormat ion.
Voluntary associations: question raised about access to Negroes of events
held in certain private clubs and sport events. To be referred to Commission.
Difficulty in finding suitable middle income apartment for Negro tenants,
To be referred to Commission, Housing.
Continued practice of Grady Hos pit al to practice racial segre gation in
regard to emergency ambulanc e service: ambulance driver reports that
lest summer two white police o ffi cers were picked up in Boulevard area
rather than seriously injured Negro youth, because ambulance dispatched
by Grady Hospital wee for "white".
As of March 25, 1967
The f irst neighborhood hearing of the Community Relations Commission of the city
of Atlanta was held March 14, 1967 at 8:00 porn • at the Wesley Avenue School.
Mr . Hamilt on Douglas, Jr. · pre s ided .
Other Commission members present were Mrs.
Mary Stephens, Chairman, Mr. C. G. Ezzard, Mr. M. D. Ryan ·and Mrs. Sara Baker.
Mr. Douglas t old the group the committee was very grateful to be at the meeting,
and to feel free to tell them what was on their mindso
He t old t hem how the
Commission was established and whyo He asked individuals desiring to speak to
sign a card.
The following is what the individuals had to report to the
1. MR. CH ARLES TURNER, 1567 Paxton Street, Mr
have the committee in the neighborhoodo
Turner stated that he was happy t o
He was concerned with trying t o get low
rent houses. He said most of the people in the community were wage earners, that
they had few professionalso
He said they had been promised this, they even made
a survey and made plans, but since then they have built a new school, put up a
warehouse, and built a park.
The apartments in the area are sub-standard.
would li ke for the Commission to help get low·rent housing in this area.
2. MR. J AME S DEAN , 17 East Lake Drive, Mr. Dean said that he has been living in the
N.E. area for 9 months, and was buying a house on East Lake Drive.
He told the
committ ee he had 10 things that he would like t o bring before them.
Wh a t are s om e of the real concrete pow ere of the Commission ,
Mr. Dou glas answered by saying the Commission was forned to 'fi nd out the
problems that exi st in the city and make recommendations to the Mayor and
Board of Aldermen, because, he stated, they are going to correct the things
that are wrong.
He said the problems that will be heard tonight has a
relationship to various parts of the city, for example, police service,
and poor service will be heard from, ·from all the areas .
The commit tee
will take the problems back to the Mayor a nd Board of Aldermen, and the
different departments.
The Commission does not have t he power to do what
needs t o be done , but will recomme nd what i t think needs to be done
stressed the fact that since the Commission has come this far in its
program , he believE:>'it will be able to help correct s ome of the wrong
We-nee d more parking s i gns on East Lake Dri v e
He stated there has been several accidents in front of his house because of
no pa r kin g signs.
There is a n e e d in the East L2ke are a for enforcement of Health Laws.
Genera l sanitation is bad.
He stated the sanitation department was coming
around 2 or 3 times ~ week, now sometimes they do not come around at all
during the week.
There is a need for proper street lightning on Memorial Drive, East Lake,
and Boulevard.
There is a need for Enforcement of the Housing Code.
Better sewer conditions are neededi he said when it rains, it seems like a

There are no s ide wa l ks on Boulevard and East Lake.
Edu c a ti on.
East Lake Elementary is overcrowded.
school went on double sessions~
The first of February the
He said the parents were only notified one
week in advance of the doublfr session, this was u~far because the parents
did not have time to make the adjustments.
Example, a child changing from
going to school in the morning and start on the afternoon session, the problem
of g e tti ng s omeone to look after him in the mornings because the parents have
to work.
During the 1965-66 term there
There i s no P,T,A. in the school.
were only 42 Negro es in the school with a· capacity of 625.
Now there are
900 students with the increase of Negroes moving into the neighborhood.
9 • . The store s in the area are very un sa nit a ry • . The vegetables and meats are
o f a v ery l ow grade.
10 .
Re z oining.
The area is in a transitional period from whites to Negroes.
Now they wa nt t o rez one it for business .
In his area, Carter St. and
East Lake Drive.
Mr. Ryan co mplimented Mr. Dean on his remarks.
P.T.A. in the school.
Then he asked why there is no
Mr. Dean said because the students are 80 to 90
and the parents do not want to meet together.
He said the principal is retiring,
but this sh ou ld not ha v e anything to do with t he P 0 T .A.
Dean what d id he do.
Social Work.
Mr. Ezzard as ked Mr.
He said he was student at Atlanta University School of
Mr. Ezzard suggested to him that he come to the Commis sion and
se e wha t he could do to help.
% Negro
He s aid he would.
MR. RALFH LO NG, PRINCIPAL OF WESLEY AVE. SCHODL u Mr. Long s tated that it was
the responsibility of the parents and not the teachers or principal to sta rt
a P.T.A. The teachers and principals are suppose to cooperate with t hem after
it is establishedo
He also brough t up z oning.
Two years ago t here was no liquor stores from
Moreland Avenue to Deca t ur .
store e n almost every corner.
Now that the Negroes are moving in, there is a
He said as f ar as crime is concerned it is
going to get worse and all these liquor stores are contributing to it.
sa{d who ever is permitting al l the s e store s licenses should not be permitted
t o do so.
Mrs. St ephens s ta ~cd there has been a lot of changes in the permitting
of licenses
It is no w out of the hands of the Board of Aldermen.
Mr. Long
sa i d he would like to know who to see about the matter and he would follow
throu gh.
He s a id they would go to court if that was necessary to halt the
number of store s tha t were being permitted to openo
MR. J AME S CRO WLEY, 50 Ma s on Avenue , N,
w. ,
Mr. Crowley· is concerned with
recrea t ion, he said it is very poor in th e areao
In the past 10 years the
area ha s gro wn tremendously, and recreation facilities have not been added
to acco mod a te th em.
There is a smalljumped up park" in back of the school,
Wesle y Ave ., but it is not adequate.
of Cha ndler Pa rk .
vi s ors a re ne e ded .
It was put up to keep the Negroes out
The part is not properly supervised.
More trained super-
(look into the facilities of Walker, · and Besser Brandon
Mr . Howard Long of the Recreation Depar tment was sent to the meeting
by Mi ss Carmic hael , he said he would take the complaints back to Miss Carmichael
an c 1".r. Delius.
MR. A WA TSON, 18 7 Wes le y Ave ., Mr . Watson stated t he need for a be t t er l i ghtning
He sa i d t he r e i s nig ht s chool f rom 6 : 30 unt i l 10 : 30 and the area around
th e sch ool i s s o dark some pe ople are afr ai d t o come out .
He a s ked the Commission
t o help get l i ghts on bas eball a nd foo t ball fie lds , he sa id i f th e se a r e a s are
lig hted, crime will go do wn (Mr. Douglas s aid if he ha d no t studied a ma p f or
half. a n ho ur before c omi ng , he would not have been a ble t o f i nd the s chool .)
Mr . Wa tson s ai d it is eve n wo~se when t here is a he avy rain .
Al so Foo t e a nd
Second St r eet s ar e not paved , this :is also bad when i t r ai ns.
ha ve bee n a dded si nc e the are a was lighted up in t he begin ning .
He s a i d no lig hts
He also me ntio ned
ol d ho uses t hat s hould be t orn down , he ~ga ve an e xample of a fir e down s tairs
i n one of th e sch ool s, and the f ±re wagon could not get in becau s e of the houses .
r~RS. ELIZ ABETH GIFFORD, 1565 Bo ~ (Left befor e her turn )
MR. DELMAR R, YODE R, 1800 Memo ri al Dri ve , Edgewood NeiQ hbqrhoqd Serv i ce Ce nter.
Mro Yoder st a te d t ha t he wa s spea king as a pro fessional a nd was wo rking wit h
the people in the a reao
Ha s a i d t he Commi ss ion nee ded to deal with Pu blic
Rela t ions of minority groups, and he said Miss Bullard could lead it.
groGp would let the people know about the good things going on in the neighborhoo ds0
He said that crime , and filth always get a place on the front page,
but the good things are overlookedv
He stated there are many good families in
this a r ea.
He s ~id that Bert School was start ed sometimes ago and seems like it will never
be finished.
Others schools have been finished that were started after this one.
He was co~cer ne d with white abandonment of area s when Negroes start to move in. ·
He s a id it should be someway to get people to stop movingv
about ge t ting low rent housing.
He was alas concerned
He said the Commission should try to influence
the Urb an Renewal to help with this.
He stated that the city has built a new
stadium and other nice things of this nature, but we need something for the
peo pl e of areas like But termilk Bottom, etc.
Ag enci e s are not providing services.
He said the City Wide Service
He gave the Metro Atlanta YMCA as an
He said the Atlanta and Dekalb Government work against each other.
When s omethin g is brought up one say it is t he responsibili ty of the other.
He said he was gl a d Mr. Lon g of t he Recreation De partment was present, but
Miss Ca rmichael and Mr. Delius already know of the problems that exist.
MR. HENRY W. BROOKS , 1 312 Dupon t Avenue, S. E.
Mr . Broo ks s aid wh e n he move d 7 ye ars a go i t was a very nice neighborhood,
now i t is junked up with on e t hing a nd t hen a nother.
t o c heck on this .
The City wa s s uppose
On Wylie Stree t refriger ato r s are dumped.
The people are
rui ning th e nei gh bo r hood by us ing it as a junk yard .
MR S. LOU ISE WHITE, 220 Hu t chi ns Street , Mr s . Whi t e is a civi c worker v
s a i d sh e l i ve i n th e hea rt of Edg ewoo d.
Agr ees with Mr. Brook s a bout the
ju nk ya rd s . Sa i d t he c i vi c grou p c a nnot do a thi ng a bout it .
She gav e a n
example of a car being dumped on La f ran ce St re e t , the polic e put a t icket
on it.
Now pe opl e are taking pa r ts off i t, soon it wi l l be a pil e of junk.
She was a] i=:o rc:nlJ1lc e r ned a bout sa ni tation, said people a r e du111ping th eir
garbage ou t in th e back yard, s he a s ke d th a t pe ople s hould pl ease be ma de
to ge t a nd use garba ge cans .
She said there are house d with 3 r ooms and
peopl e with 11 a nd 12 c hild re n a re living in t hem.
They are c all e d o ne
wa y ho uses , bec a use th ey have one way i n an d one way out .
She s aid they
w~nted sgme pl aces built f or t hese pe opl e to live wi th a pa rkin g s pace
a nd s omewhe re f o r t~e c hild ren t o play , a nd def ini t ely no one way s bec a us e
they are _ha zardso
�-5There is a need for a red light at the corner of Whiteford Avenue and
Lafra nce Street, other signs should be used also.
Example (Slow-Children
MR S. RUTH FLEMISTER, 29 Daniel Street, S. E., Mrs. Flemister had her 16
year old daughter with her.
She said she was operated on by Grady
Hospital when she was 15 months old.
She is now handicapped.
will not give her a card because they say her husband makes too much
money, she said he is a common laborer and has 3 children to support
She said she has been to other places to have her daughter treated,
but they will not because Grady will not sign for it.
MRS. GEORGIA LISHE, 2170 Boulevard Drive, Mrs. Lishe was concerned with
sanitation, she said a lot of the stores carried a terrible odor,and
they keep a lot of old boxes out in front.
Also teenage boys hanging
around outside beer stores and breaking in people houses.
needed at Ruckeford Street and Boulevard Avenue.
A light is
There has been
several accidents at this site.
Mr. Joseph Finch, 1628 Foote Street, Apt. 7, Mr. Finch expressed the
need for more recreational facilities.
He said a YMCA should be
organized so the teenagers will bave something to do.
MRS . LAURA W. NUNNALY, 1286 Fair Street , S. W. (left)
MR S. F. 'vJ . ARN OLD , 57 Raymond Street , S . W. (left)
REV. D.E. MY LES , 1361 Dupont Ave.
E., Rev . Myles said he was happy
to be at the meeting, that every body had touched on about everything
he wanted to say but he would make a few remarks. He wa s concerned with
wha t did it mean when people sp ok e of low-rent hou si ng?
He said he was
asked t o mov e from seve r al di ff ere nt plac es because he wa s making too
much money to re main.
But during these times he was sick and in the
hospital a nd could no t work for quite a while.
taxes in Fulton and Dekalb counties.
He sa id he is paying
At the Dupont and Whitefore Ave .
sch ools, children are very dest r uctive, some thing should be done aboutit.
He expressed a need for more Pol ice protection.
He commen t ed on Mr.
Lon g ' s remarks about the Liquor stores, and said the thing to do about
them i s to boycott.
He stated that some of these responsibilities lie
at the people dooro
• -

· : - •• •
- -

' T ";
-- •
· - · ··- ;---
- -· ··
- -
- · ·· ·
·· ···· · . .
···· -
-- - -- -
PROF. JO HN DA VIS GAITHER, 1560 Fciote St., N.E., Mr, Gaither stated he
was happy to be at the meeting.
He said if we stayed until the midnight
hour, the same problems would continue to come up.
of the problems. Lightning
He commented on some
Atlanta was suppose to be one of the most
lighted areas in the world, it is in certain parts, Ex. Peachtree Street.
But, other areas are badly in need of light.
When you
go to Atlanta to try and get something done, they tell y6u its in the
jurisdiction of Dekalb County, and when you go to Dekalb, they send you
to Atlanta.
Police Protection tnere
is one policeman on foot and when
he goes to one area of his beat, people are doing what they want to on
the other end, end vice versa. House Construction
You can tell where a
Negro live because of the way the house is constructed.
Low-rent housing
He said houses should be built up to present day standards.
Mrs. Baker asked him when he referred to low rent housing, did he mean
sub-divisions or government projects.
Thomasville area.
He said the kind that are in the
Mrs. Baker said those houses are bought and not rented
Prof. Gaither told the committee to take what hes been said and take it
seriously, because the Edgewood-Kirkwood area is on the move.
The question of what type of houses the people are trying to get was rei ntroduce d.
It wa s decided that houses that comply with the Housing
Cod e Enforcement.
I t_ was pointed out that some of the houses the people
were talk ing about were built before the housing code was in eff~ct.
Mr. Douglas explai ned t hat the problems would be turned over to the
pr op er departments.
It was suggested that a specific resolution be prepared by the people of
the neighborhood of the thi ngs that are wro ng .
Mr. Long said these thi ngs had been reported 10 years ago and nothing has
been done about them.
Mr~ Douglas re pl ied by saying that this Commission
has been establis hed to try and help t he people communicate with City Hall
and see that these problems are solved .
17 9
MR . J AM ES COSBY , 1424 Lafrance St., N.E., Mr. Co s by stated that he was
having t rouble with Real Es t ate Companies.
Educ a ti onal pro gra ms.
He was c oncerne a ab ou t
He sa i d s omebody sh oul d be hi r ed t o tea c h the
people in t he un de r priviledge a r eas ho w to liv e.
Mrs. Charity Hill, 1514 Foote St., Mrs. Hill's concern was with lights,
and street paving.
She referred to Foote St., and Mason Avenue.
complained of the dust, she said gravel was put on the street but it
only made things .worse.
MR . J. A. MCLAIN, 2079 Delano Dr., N.E. , Mr. McLain was concerned with
rezoining of the Kirkwood area.
Houses that had For Sale signs in front
of them now have signs of rezoining for commercial use.
He stated that
we are trying to keep communities from going slum, but how can we when
city hall is passing these laws.
Mr. Doutlas stated he would get the
city attorney to drqw up a list of what the city of Atlanta is responsible
He stated that except for court house functions, most of the thnigs
are concerned with the city of Atlanta.
Mr. McLain said there shouid be enforcement of the various Codes, sanitary,
housing, etc. · He said the Federal Appraisal System should ~belooked into.
Mr . Douglas thanked the people for staying and suggested that the committee
conduct a tour of the community and see some o~ the things the people are
talking about.
Mrs . Baker told the group the Commission would get a list of what Atlanta
and DEKALB county is responsible for.
Mr. Long thanked the committee for coming and said the community has been
making some progress but that they still had a long way to go.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.
Mr. Clarence G. Ezzard, Chairman, called the meeting to order.
Members present:
Mr. Al Kuettner
Mr. Joseph Haas
Mrs. Sara Baker
Mrs. Fred W. Patterson
Mrs. Eliza K. Paschall, Executive Director
(League of Women Voters of Atlanta members present to observe)
Mr. Ezzard called the meeting to order, and after the invocation, called on Mr.
Joseph Haas to preside.
Mr. Haas said that he felt at home in the are3; he was born not far away and went
to school in the area.
He described the establishment of the Commission and spoke
of his own interest and belief in it.
Mrs. Paschall reported that she had the following information from Mr. Collier Gladin,
of th e Ci t y Pla nning Department about the Model City Program (of which the 9 e areas are
The meeting held earlier with the Mayor, etc., were to inform the people that
Atlanta would apply for the program and tell what the program would be; the ~p~lication
submitted on March 13, 1967 was for a grant of $500,000 for planning; if this application is approved, the city will receive the $500,000 probably around May 1, 1967, and
it will take about a year for the planni~ to be completed; during the year the resident s of th e a rea will be completely involved in making the pl.Jans for the areas;
no pl a ns ha ve bee n mad e yet but it is e xpected that the final plans will emphasize
r e habil i ta tion of e xis t ing res i de nce and as lit tle tearing down as possible.
neig hb o r hood s should strengthen existing organizations so they will be able to
pa rti ci pat e i n t he planning ph a se.
MRS. OLIVE AN TH ONY, 135 Little .Street:
t o do ?
wanted to know ~hat are they intending
Th e r eport f r om Mr; Gladin elaborated on by Mr. Ez z ard.
MR S. ALICE BURTON, 1 0 43 Hil l St re et :
wa s al so ,co nc e r ned about plans.
Ezzard said If your property needs imp rovemen t, go on and ma ke them.
expect no change s for a year. ·
will decid e what is t o be do ne" .
MR S. NELLIE MALLORY, 136 Little Stree t;
sit steady in the boat."
Mr .
"I unders ta nd you all a r e sayin g to
MR, H. E. PHIPPS, President o f Peoplestown Civic League and Chairman of the
Summerhill-Mechanicsville EDA, CNA C, 179 Haygood Avenue, S. W., 627-4449:,
pointed out many things needed for years, "Don't want another year for Model
City; been asking for some things for ten years:
Resurface Haygood Avenue
from Capitol Avenue to dead e~d; extend Vanira from Connaly to Hill Street;
resurface Vanira Street.
Sidewalks on Vanira; needs complete resurfacing
from Capitol Avenue to Martin Street.
Traffic light at Haygood and Capitol -
need for school children (asked Mr. Karl Bevins three years ago - had childien
killed there.)
Space for play area on Violet Avenue between Vanira and Haygood;
finish park site at Martin and Boykins Street, started five years ago, stopped
when Stadium was finished, dirt dumped from Stadium; Sanitary Department has
left trash on Haygood and Violets Street for two ~eeks; vacant lot at Ma rti~
Vanira could be usec for play lot; signed petition for sidewalks on Martin St.,
need repairing (said he had slipped in mud hole in sidewalk on way to meeting).
No recreation facilities in Peoplestown. 11
Mrs . Ma rtha Weems , 123 Vanira Street, S. E.:
owners .
"People in Peoplestown are home
City can resurface streets around Stadium but not around homes".
"Complete Connelly Street to Vanira Street; open Primrose all the way from
Littl e Street to Tuskegee Ave.
MR. STEPHEN MELSH, 979 Violet Avenue, Vista Work er :
"St ant on Par k voted in
1963 Bond Issue; $17,000 appropriate d to finish development, $100,000 to
rehabilitate communit y center; · why hasn't any work been done"?
MRS . PEAR L J" HARRIS, 101 Love Street, S. E.:
"I f I've got to get out, say so.
Repairs cost a l o t, understand they don't give much f or hou s es•
Re v ere nd Ro y Williams ,
" Bad if p eople have to invest in loans for
repairs and then have to move".
Th e Honorable John Hood, Repre sen tativ e from 124 District:
"N eed to clarify-
people not so worried abo ut Mocel City Program; worried about Stadium Parking,
wh ere will it g o"?
Mr. Ezzard suggested another meeging just on Housing and Model City.
concensus that this wo uld be helpful.
Mrs. Paschall and Commission Team urg ed
to do t h is.
Mr. Kuettner:
" Ho w do t h e y g e t s p ace for Sta dium Parking"?
Mr. Hood 8aid Stadium Authority has power of eminent do~ain and can condemn property.
~i R.
,JOH NSON', 21 Ormond Street, said houses aroung his had been demolished,
his still standing, he is puz zled.
Mr, A. L, Be nton, 162 Lamar Street, S. E.:
"Get back to Summerhill, needs
street lights, sidewalks, needs to open up Primrose Street, open Bass to
Cudzo so Sad you ca~'t get throughf Glen Street (Martin to Colony)
emban kme nt with no sign or barricade.
Dang.e rous".
Mrs . LARRI E PARKS, 196 Connolly St., S. E., 622-4874:
Her house was inspected,
and she signed contract for $2000 worth of repairs, then thought house might be
torn down, doesn't want to keep contract.
Referred to Lawyer at EDA.

"Mayor Allen said we are not going to force people out of their

home - who would set price for homes"?
Mrs. SARA BAK ER, 938 Park Ave., S. E. (Commission Member):
"So much confusion,
would be good if inspectors wouldlay off".
Mr. Kuettner:
Mr, Hood:
Stadium Authority must compensate for pioperty, inclusing improvements".
"Stadium Authority has contract for four to five thousand (4 to 5DOD)more
spaces within ten (10) years.
MR. BENNY T. SMITH, 209 Archcrest Drive, Hapeville,(From Poole Creek Area; one
of members of Ad Hoc Aldermat ic Committee which recommended Commission to
"Co mmission was created for people to have confidence:
Atlanta has
opportunit y to receiv e money for planning, so many public officials, people are
told different things."
Revere nd Orin BENTON, 795 Martin Street, S. E. 524-3341:
area, ought to think ab out people.
"Always been neglected
So many on e-way streets, sometimes have t o
go fi ve (5 ) blocks out of t he way; people are "stirred-up" out here, not going
to improve area if don't know.what's going to happen; when whites s t arted l~aving
area, they started teari ng do wn one e nd of Was hington Street, what about the
other end?
Peopie out here are concerne d an~ want to know .
are willing to fight to kee p our propert y ."
Tell people we
Sigh on 101 Love Street:
(" Kee p it up or we'll tear it down" ) make s people anxious.
Mr. Smi th:
Mr. Ha a s:
"City Inspectors should identify themselves."
"Are there legal services at EDA?"
Officer Lyons from Summerhill-Mechanics vill e Center:
week days , 9- 12 on Saturdays."
" Attorney at center 4-6 p.m.
· 16.
Mr. JESSE PORTER, 139 Little Street, S. E. 525-6939:
"Fix Little Street
be tween Elmira a nd Nartin; fix Ma rtin Street do~n to Stadium, Dangerous,
no street lights, much traff ic. 11
Mr. Phioos:
\·Jhat lights there are, over here are dim. 11


305 Kil so Drive, 758-9161:
Get inspectors out for a
I f the City will fix up streets and sidewalks, we'll fix up houses
Need storm sewers; water sometimes 10 feet deep at Elmira, Little,
Ami and Kennet Streets.
Mr, Hood:
Three (3) recommendations to the Commission:
That Commission recommend thar representatives from area be appointed on City-County
policy body for Model City; that it recommend to Mayor and Board of Aldermen that
Stadium Parking expand up rather than out; that Commission Recommend to Board of
Education that something be done about Capitol Avenue School - snakes and rats in
basement. 11
MR. COLQUITT, 381 Atlanta Avenue,
E., 627-6973:
"Has business near Stadium;
worried about expansion. 11
Mrs. \,i/eems , 123 Vanira Avenue, S. E., 627-4211; 672-4744:
"Need information
on $1500 grants, are people there eligible for these rehabilitation grants;
wpuld it be fair to keep inspectors out - maybe need to know what is wrong;
need Polic e pro tection (gambling in streets); high rents in area a pioblem. 11
Mr, Ezzard:
No s wimmi ng pool betweer, Memorial Avenue and Boy's Club at Lakewood;
Pittman Park is small; swimming pool at Grant Park filled up when desegregated.
Mr . Barnes of Highp oint Civic League; Officer Lyons of Police Department were
Need traffic light at Atlanta Avenue and Martin Street.
Mee ting was adjour ned at 10:30.
Lijter meeting on Hous i ng and Model City in
three ( 3) or four (4) weeks asked for.
�;·ie.1:b ::: s 01 1:,n .:; C ;,,~,n.""n it " ::.e J.r_·t i ons Cor(1l.:i s .s ion
Febr uary ,._ ~-9 ..,.C) J/, &.t l : 30 ? • .,. i n City II c.t l l .
mem' c r s wc~ e p r ese nt :

Vir .

rii c-~ e n I'·ri d c~:/,
T 1 c f)o J. l o ·\,-- i n 0
I .lo °'_-, irt6 !·~CLl e .1. ; Cl~ai i-'r~Cw1.L
~ e ,. s li ll i ~~ s , 7 ~~st Vi ce Cha ir ~an

·-! i s s :12 - ,::n J 1.:. l "' ar d , Se (; onci -r_r ic e C l1 £: i1"1l1a.r1

1. ~:- .s . -~,r o ~l }):1.t·L ~:r s o ti., 2c.-~ 1·~·to..rJ:-

~<1· s. ~~liza fc.. s c h ..1 _- , .:=:·:: c utivc Dir e c t or
..· li"6 .
Sc.1 .1. ::i.
JJ~.lrc :··
l<:..·. II;___:,;::i L, on .Jour; l as , J·r .
~e v. J scp!: La GTi g ~

,11.. • ...\ 2- l(·ue t t r.10 r

t'lr. ii, O11 O.ild 1.lQ,X"'l·," C 1 ]__
Rc,b b i J a c ob \:. :~ oth s c11 i ld
l"lr . :\1u O. 11 D·u.z z r: ~-lyu. n
?-Irs . :<a r y St (;vc n s
Th e Cl:.::. irrn:m c a lle d t h e ~1 c e t,i 1g t0 o r d e:r . He co mrr.e,,tcd on t ~i e
Public ifo2. _i n .z oJ: 1, • • c n i gl. · ')e: :.. c r e a:nd. e x ·) . c sscd h i s ple2.sure
i n t e i r...t ere s<:, th n.t Hn. s s h o",vn --y t h e nur.1:)e r of gr ouj_)S :;_)res e n t ,
35 i n &tcaa of the e xpe c~ cd 20 , and a l s o h is r e gr e t that t i me : i d
p e rmit hc~r i n ~ f r oh a~ l o f t he m.
n ot
The Cha i rman then i nt r odu c ed =epre s ent a t i v es ~r am th r ee org ~n i z o.t: ons who wero ::-1 o t abl e t o s::p c a:i.i:. at t:H~ Public :ie ari :t1g .
'_;_'.b ey
were Hr. \-f. ,Tre n n s o f f.i:t.1uc. l IIe:.1 l t:1 Oppo rtuni t y , Re v . J olrn :-for r is
of the ;~pis c o?~l So c i e ty for Cul tu r a l and Ra ci a l Un i t y , a~d ~ r.
Ra l 1), :,k Cro t sky o f Plan ned. Par ent:i ood ., ss oci a tion .
'i'hey we r e
gi v en t hr e e mi nutes to S?eak.
!<r. \frcnns serve s i1e i o"' IV of t:1.. U. ito cl S vc:, tcs
' , r
rv • .J
<.:' .
, - l• C ,.)• er vice

o:i..P Tr
.1ea J.l'i,l,
c n v10:n , cl,Jl (1L '{, C .1..1.2.:cc,
includi&~ ~o u ~h Car ol i n~, A a~ama , Geo r g ia, F lori ~a , and Te11ncs s ee .
He -ave a brief dos c ri~tion of his du t i es then ~c t old ~tle Co~~ i s sion
wh· the thought it coulJ do t o ~elp : Di vi de i n to co cm i t-~ccs and
co ~duct a study of the ? eal th , Edu c a tio1, a ad ie l ~ L.r c ? ro g r acs ~o
see i; t~ey &re coraJlying ,rith the rul es . ~iss Bull a r d us ~ ed if
th ey dea l with Government Agen ci es , he sa i d y e s , fe de r a l , st ate ,
and l o c a l.
Je would l_"ke t o r ec e ive a c opy of wh~~ t h e CoD~ ission
is ~oini every thirty days . He expre sse ~ h i s suppo rt &nd int er e st
in the j_,rogra;n .
·..'-r0 1°.ns :
n cp .:-t rriilCil
.1. •
r .e. nh 8c;C:rot s~-w :
i'fr. :Mc Cro t s1iy gave c, br i ef :: i tu,1.t, i o1'- re T- o rt
of 7PA . It came into be i ng Janu~=y 1, 1 )65. I t s f ir st yc~r wn s
denlinrr with getting crzanized for dcv e lopi~g r ee our c es, for
faoily planning, and birth c ont r ol .
I t worke with various
.... ,.-_

_ n, , .....

..... ...·"l ·1.....
·r , ~
t'.;\...J .. \. ..
1 ~c· -~,:1 =._ .:; ~1 o :i;
f a r:~ i. l:\- ~:, J.. (·.:n r_j r:~- ~ c .: -~-.o _.. -_., ~
~~ e :1 t .c T , ~T~~-. i1 c·.:. --).. 6 , 19 6 6,
1,,- i t l1 .J1.1 :~rc 1: ~ (~\~::_ · ; \- ~:..:.l o :-.e 0 ;i :-- :.;o ·:·.> c~"'. s::- : ·"t:~r: ~ ;:v=)~?~o=--~i r:: c::. -!-) c-; }- 80
1 1;.~ti ~

11 c,s ~)e r i::o:1t~ .

.; .- ,~-~- - ·\. :::. ·1. f o :"" c -:-- ,·tc c ~~· ::. :--1 ~;i ·v·c~J. 2~. . (;}:. i! :j.. -ti ~11t
6\.'·t:C:I' ~'!. . :. ::_~:-~:.: ~ :.. c . . :.. _L 'l.·- -~ ~!·-~ i ...~-~· v j ,: ,:-: : L-11i~.. t i:~,:- : )...:)-~ i1.:..:~ 'I)C!::::. ::;110 . . . i · c; •:1
(; ~~:~~ (; ....' u. L . 0 1~~-;' -., ... ·. ..: L J ' CJ. _

_(:.nt .-; ~~ 2"'v" \; ~.. ] :: l: -..;t"/ ~i~~ inci Jo ~· c

_·;:..·. :! :C _· , _:._. ~i...Y. ·l, 1:.._ •. · 4- l ! .i.J~i ..: Le .::. tJ~l. ....:, .:: ._l,·v ~::: 1.· c . :. ' l:.: o:1Ct..:l"Ll
to b.i1·:; G. ,_... c i ·L, i~ c ~-.. 7 c .--~-~:·.. ._,:_~i n J ti_. .:.~ :.: \#. ·: ..... ~:.o ·~, ;:: .1.; (,__\.:. :..1~ [" .:_j2_-- -L.b c
~ l).:·.. .
,~·:::.i = i..:,; v:t r; l.<.t (:~~ o.: .· :..- ~·~..... :i :.. . . t2._c:·. -L ~:1~.. )U L, ~:. -.·: liic ~:. Lc ~i. : ·::~ s e _"'l" ices
c c..1: '"' ~; c ., J ~-- C:j_:-i:~-: 0(~(1
';::1::;::-2 :..s :_ .; ~~,__t: ~:.!~:..-tic, 11 C1..1 i l t,- i ."l 11 c :;c::- clin~2 -t.i o11
L c t ....,"c : ::.1 ~J:::. c ::~., ~..:· :.~ Cc·L1...: : .;/ :~ .:.:~.;.. .,~ :: .:~::.. ~r ic e :-:; r.:.-:..c. G-::'~L.J-" ::; e r...,?" ::. c ~::g
Coo~)=·~·c..-c,:ic: d..:: :~ 011~ :J 1..: :i_Jo.t:. -~ :.. : ::c I" S C;1;. ~;.J_ ,::o c:. 1:1c :. . . =..;..t.ion. 2..:-l.:l coo:cd.:'_ 1~.L!.t ion
0 £ s-:~.. f f :uGr:.:Jc:.--s ; . . _01 ~(: o:;. :._)c ~±_ c~r ::· .--:.~;:, i 1;.;
_ :.- \- C .:..
l:c is (:.:~.)trc ssc.•d

..:, t "t ~j_e :~::>S? e c-~ o f -= ~~)_'... e: ~-~~: ::. :L~ ~~ ~~i /lJ ~ ~ j-~; i-~)0 ~.<:1 00 :-" :::.(;<."l. : t~~ s eI'"'..=

cc ~: -~-c :- s i. :J. -:..: .. : s1..~i-c :--:.1J l0 ~) J.: c ,.; .s : =. i :~c· '.l~ l"' e ~:.011ses, \\•:1cn tl1c rc 8,J:" r;
~"'1.1 l t o _J. 2c u.~- ~:f . .-1.::) : ic r~c ~
~: ·t ~:. '.: .) >:.. -~2 ... 3~, "\.' e ll C!:;._ t.1. i ]_:'?e(i :r!.e a.::.--:)J' . ~{2
1• ~:
..: ~:.~~
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rc~iii c u s commu.ity i n OQt~ c rs of c onc ern to the Co~ J i ssio~ and
l1ri el: t l1c..:, t tile Corn:·J s i o11 c[;c tl1c cl:t.t1r c l1e s c..:..1<l s~{nagcg11e s
to :j2.. rt i c i:_1,:J,·t,c i r: i ts lJ:rog:--2.~Hs .
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follo '\'ri2G co:r:::'('c ·tion ':.rc1s ,;:ad.e :
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h \ ·:,:;~c cu-: i ve
Dircc~or li~tec. :::i,~ 312 , 0GJ s~ould h&vc joen r2co~dc i ~~ ~1 2,5 0 0 .
After the corTection it was Llovetl that the mi~ites be r eceived .
Mr s. Sie)hcn · rcpo~ted t~~t Al~c r ma n Le f t wi ch hnC ~nve s ti ~ut er.
so~c e:o;.1:_, l&.i!:.ts ubout :;oJ. i ce ::c rvi cc L: -~ho Pi ttsb t::.· .::;~1 :1 1-::'l wl.ic h
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c riwo rate t:1.crc is l owe r t ~-iarJ. in r::"'ny 2·n· ts o f the c i-t.y, but :10
wanted t~c Co~Ji3sion to know t hat t wo add iti onal p ol ic e off ic e r s
had bea~ ~ss igned to that area .
�~~ . .:.: ..:.:e:
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t ::. :..:,t. -Li:~- :c :·~...:is .~ io~: ::_~: ::c ~··-:o:.-: .~. -~-~- : e .2J:.. ::_ _::.i~:> o . .,... ~··1

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c~u<l :... ·t -.:; .:.,. =..: - . .- . 2.:o
·-:~2 i~T, :s ')
~u=c:i~~i~~, bu~~at~ ~~ 1 e t c . . ~ ~ a ~ ~~c ~ ~co~~c ~ ~~tic ~ of ~ ~ a Ji ~ector ,
~f to~ c ons ~l t~tio~ ~rit~ v ~ 8 2i~y Co~;~rollc r 1 ~ Office, ~~2 f 0 l l owiL~
a. c ·Lion.
T,.:2.l :. c.-:r1:
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u . ... ....:
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o :r
r son ) o~ t~e : x ccu~ivc
s ~ ~ll be ~ut; 0~iz ~~ to
C~ ... C: C~ -.::. .
.\ -~:;~1 ·i:,,:... .J . :. Oc.:--c
.~.;; c ·C :..t,~(~.:;~-.L (:{.. ) ·l~ vf) ~- ~ C~~ cll., ~ll~jec-t., ~~ o fir:. v.l
C!.. 0.c:.-Jvi~r.1 i.:e::·.-~ Li 0 11.·:.:-.:.1 , c.. ;t ~~ :.' i:-! r. . . ·. · tcJ~. u.: ""-J e;_:·so::1.:-:c l , 0-tc . h av ..,
Leen cl0a~ c d · p wi · h t~c CitJ ~~torn~· 1 s offic e .
3 ..
It ,;;~ s L-:6:. . cc G ·v:: c..:. -L <·, :10 ·.2:20c·~iv c '-~·vc o:2 :·Irs ~ I' ;- -. iJ. 1 .:. i.:' f'l_) n i :1.-t r,1c-11t

sl1 ul~. :.;e 1.:-0:;rl1i1.:"~r 8, t~ic, <J.·.. ", foll l· 1ri 116 ·t :1c 2-l)P o·'\""f~ l ~ .- -t l1e :3 ot. ::.' C.!. of

0-'~~>~ l. . ~ cor1cli-:, i 0:: s of c :-:·.~;~i.. oyr::c::l.~, 9 :3 \J.c l-1
. :. l d.c:rn!c:.1.
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o f c..:;_..point ...e:.t, :· ::;.,0 1· t:e :;_)o :;ition o:f t:.0 Dire c tor reL:..ti -,,-,:: "~o c ity
bcne~ i ts , etc . , h~s been c a =i~ied .

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,rn~ c1C::.o :,tcd_. 1 \
The . _ e '. ' U!'; so,:10 c ussion D. o ot". t t:-:.e rnc,-,_,~: i n.:r of t :10 t21·m n 1_):::-cstigious 11
IV , r::. s ev;._; r \:cc.. t£. . , :-1CJ t . .-~.i s l! 011. J. . :::: !":1 0 ,.1:-.1. ~1e: ~ . . s or.:.~:j r:10 st. co i1! ~>c T, e 11 -~, :"'-11G..
e "'f ic .:-·;.cio· s in z.ny "'JL';.r tic ul&.:;,· si tu..:~tion, n ot j::. cce--s::i.r ily ;: __ :·, cny ,
one £T~up; the tc ~Jj i s rc l ~t i ve anc the s el e cti on o:i. s uch
Jc r son would dope~d upo. th0 contc ~t .
T~ c c: ~ i rc&n ~~] oi ntcd t~c Co~mittc
on CoLoitt~cs, wh ic h 11a~
e .ipo,.re :rcci to 2.s~( 2 e o::_:J.e to s rvc on the c o;-,,r:1itte:e.s r.;:1cl ,,.:: ~ n.:o :cec1
to :.. e ::_Jo1·t o:t. th -:) n c;:~:, meet~ n.; o:i. t:::-1e C mm ission. The co; ...1i tt2e
con sist,ca. of tr.c 1o_lovi:::.~:

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~1 • •
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~ 11,
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~~ 8 \ r o ~) c·,~ ,1 ,,· i J. . i. ~-:1.. S
..... ..... ...,."'
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l. w
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_:.(;~i. ~-_-:.c"' 2_:._' ;::G:.:-~ ·,-.7 ,:; 2_-- ~~ '.t:l. t~.l -~:10 :~:~o e; 1..:. t i \r C ~)i :.· tc ·t,or

Co ::-...: :::. :_.-~;,-c:
J o ~ ) ~ ~. ~:· i;~ 3
E..::..1. :i. : ·" J:·. . J ou,;L:. .s, J .,

·-: _ 0

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J s ~ Cl:r.. i. :--m:.."'.:1
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.F:~c(. __., :1,~ -~ GTSOll
r~ .. 3. Se~~s :3(.:,:~cr

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71. . e ~l_:. i r·;·.1r. . j_1 st...!, t e cl tl1f...-t, ~..T:10 :1 r~ i:iectinb is scl1et.uled.:, i:2
mc~bers ca~not be t~cre, t,l1e ~;r sho'....ld l'C.:_:>o:tt it so ;:; o~.:e one
J_J.1.[... CC
I-~ ~rn..:; c. ::.. eoC.. tl1.c:..t t1. let.J~e:r· of ~:)lJJ."oci&.-t,io~:. 1)G ,1 -t i -~·::.e~1 -~o : ::L~~

.) .:::,:.: ~:. ~-:i:. i11--!j :.201' P l"Gj?CvriJ.1 ~ tJ.1e :r:.i.Ii1l"tCS O.i.ri t,:10 I~cbru2.J~:r 16, .~' u.::, _~ic

1:eL;.:::i_1,.cj. ~:icl 11:. ~c:.icod.ore i' :."eecir,1a11 ::'02.. i:1[: ili:.1~ ot~tj L1:·:.:1.vtt:r1ce:-n.J;.::t..:.
o!:: tl10 ~-~ce-Lin;;.
�-) -
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l~-l:.. :_, -.. . 1:": ·. :.;
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. : j_ ·_-.1::: J

,.:_\._1.:' 0 :",_;·· ·!. · ;..i ; G -~: :~· :~ C
~i "J2 ~ j -" L"°.l.:~ ~,~10 ~-' - ·;~ ..., G, ... .. t ~- _\ :::....:.:~~- ·'... i_o ~1 .:..- :-: _; ,~ •

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 ;, . .. . .. ,.) '- :; . :. _,·:~ir.·, ··.,.ti c 1l. :-- c-0 -~c:~i.:1.; -~J>;c ;j:·::..~, -~_c:; .- ~ c·:: :-~

 :-·. ·:\~C::i.~ ~ :~.-l=~:} ~-1~.t : .:-:. ·':.~1c -:,-.:.:·!:: 1~:L t :r

r e143.215.248.55ca.-'(iOl1 cc:1·vc::.:.
··-·· C- :~ ::·_, .:_ _::_.. -~ :, J:_;,;_;2!l o.t -~~-:~c _·_·v.l: - :i::. ·~.(,-. -=J~: :. _~_:·:.2:
.\ u ·GJ1 c :~ ::_ -~=/ 1 b.~J. :.." e .;..1 o i- -~) c ~~ -~ _;:. c. -~ ~:. 2 :1.c.J. . ~ i ~-: .- J ;..; · .i ~- ._;: =~-~,c ::~. ,.~~.:~ c ~ ~ -~: :: ~) : ~J~· s •
Cl:-:1, i·i.,J=- :·::::i.. :..- 2;/ a ·,-__.._ ::.. ~: "": :0:J::~~- - ~·J·t. :~ ::e: :i:~c: ·_:,:;,::::. -,{; J:..~~_c(. c::; ·:.;· :1e :t
,... r ~:.:~'lc :: ilC :!."c::: ·v i~~ t i.-:~~ c.-~ -~:: ,~ : · 1'0~ '~CJ~. 7 :-:.~ ~·~: -~ :~G.t ::0 ::.· ::: ~.-L·\li} of -~ :: ~ :-:.:. . ::.:,~· :;::_~ -.=- o e"\- ic ~ :::c~ a ~: 12.'i"~-~ -- r 1·.~~3 ,j u.:;·~j-~-= 0:_ . ~l1e
Co ~;1~~:. .: s io11 c.. :;·,.. \:r:("'.. ·t. ~:-i-t ;-;·. J ~"'c :-.2:-~::.i:...:... s~ :!. Ott =- (~. -.Jc ;s :;·~::;;1·t (l ~: (:.·;c
C'. [;I'Cc :11c· ::·L, r~-..1·v~: .... ~~·· i -~~- t, .;_· 7,_l ;:) ::: ~·-Jl~--~C~-":3' e t c.) C.-Ll\.°: -0~·~ :l.-~ t~ J.C ::() =-j_16
.l\. u-~J -OI'i ~~r : l::. ,:,1:.1 ,2 ~ ~
re J_~:. ,2s·G . . C.. to :101~ ~-:~~- t~:.8 c . .ri c·~~ or.t U-~-~i l r;: o :te
f a c ts co~tl t_ 0c 01.J ·Cckine( . .,
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"',lj_ -~;l
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': . . c :.~c ~.. [1.S 2- (1. i ;~ c 1.~!3 s i 0::.1 u ~Jc ·u. ..:;j t::. G i:-2.~111~· i-· o ~~ :~ a... _c ..1 i ~""- J i n C. i ·vi c: ur~. l
co :-.1J l £1inJ~s, ~;.:.J. i -t. ,ta.~ 2JgJ.' C:0c.... -~.:.:.~./t -~l1e ~:;;: 2cu·~j_-\,8 J i ~c 2c t ..:,:·· .:-.' ~o~1 C.
'we C l~~ .t)O -,·lC :i..~Ccl t,
-t r;;..l\.C ~r:1 '1: ~e r C.1." ~.. c --~.i. 0 11. \"" , :..2_i:>To :1~' j_o.,·~~[ i ..: :1.:; :_'
j ud.gc ~c:r.. t. , c.. s 1oul d co=---~c ~J~clt to tl1 e Co!~~i . ~ i ol1 i~ :_ t, ~- ~~ s l1 ot
p ossi~le t o wo r ~ c u t ~n ~rr&n~e~cnt 1rith t h e of·"ic e s co n c er~ ed.

e:l rt~1l1or i1co(I_ 0J._:,:,.,~J jl ~_z:::.t i.on:

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l"c p orte d Jv J.1:.:.t
3 :~0 nad.
been in t ou c~ with re ;~es 8 n ~ ~t i ves of t ~e 2 ~r eas r e? ~ese~·ted a t
the Feb~u a ry 1 6 , ~eating a~k i .g fo r uss i stance in n e i g~bor~ocd
stabil i..;c..tion.
She 2.tte1 c.ed a r:!e€··0L.g i - Gilb::;rt i-Ic i 6 :,t::, o :i.1 : I.J ~1cl.r:y, :::-coru :1.ry
20, u h i. ch iias also ::1ttcnclcC:. t :/ _·.. <l.ez·man ;JcI·tw ic l1, o., 1ci c..n ir.ves~i 0
gc..w~or f_on1 t,l12 G . .:or~in. hc '--.. 1 ::.::it~.t,c Cvr.:rnis .s io11 , i;-1:10 G:·:.:14.G,i: c:C. ·v}1e
re~ulat io~s rcg~rdi~g sal e
re~ - estQte an~ t h e ri 3~s of {ca li ng
1'it:1 ot: er th.1a c., l ice·:sec'.. .1.·e· l c ::;:.G. tc a.gcn-t.
J.e1;:.. Esto.-.:,e
re:;:-,:r csenta uivcs p:.~escr.t c..ssu.r0d t.1c £1'::'Olll) tlrn.t :1ny one ;::10 l1,~c""..
lis t sd thcj.~ ?ro2erty lo~ s~le and wou l d li~c tor consiier t h e
a~tter would be ;ernittc: to &o so. T~e ~r ou. w~s ~ssurcd t~~t
t~erc a ~e no ur ~~n re n c~a-, etc., pl~ns for t he are~ ~nd ~h-t
t. e ci t y services wil l bo n~in·t~ined ~ i thout ~nr r e g ~rd to t i e
r a ci ~l c o~~ osition oft~ - nei g~bor hood . The ,erso~s pr so~t
( ~11 ~~ito1 zcemed to :ee~ t~at ?~~ic selling ,,o u -~ stop .
I:1fo:r::10-l : 12..i.1::; i·: crc m~tclc · · or i :~cliviclurvls :ire~ nt -;:, o r:cct w:':. ·~;_.. _
~e :~c ~- livin~ in the Gcne~~l ~rea, to 2l ~n to-et~e - r r fu J ~re
-bi "-7]

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2-,, or 1 -.r~: o ~~o~-e a t, tl1c ::'e:J::·t1'l.J.~J- l6 E1ee·~i:·~;; , ~:. . . c.1 ~t 5}:e .:l

for ad.v ic e :fo1"' n, r:1cetir1;- o:.. :-1 :"' cl1 9.
i'i:"s. Clcv.,-to.t o: t,:10 -~:: ~e1'icu.11
J. :~ic :: .

.s Service C'.o~:-.i::it,~cc, l1t~s j ~e11 rneeJG i l!f; 1-·· i t b. . v: ::c gj,_" O11p

l'·l1~:.; .
Pasci~ll h~s seni so~e ~atcri~l to oe~bcrs of ~he G~Ou?,
t ei::::- ;:;.ccd, ing, ci:1d ?lD-n.:; to attend -~he ?larch 9 1rneti:1.;;.
Cc,:.::.:i ·~
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t.. ·-'
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·..-(t.::-: -~- :. (.'. :. :_: :~
..... . ' ._,
r "~I ' "'; "'
.......... Jo. ..
--, . . - ..

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I. .. - • ,' !,,;
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-.-~ ;:: :_; -,:. ~.. -v u .. :. C: -:1.

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'. : : . ~ 1
,J .:_·~ i~ ::_:.:.. l s
-· .. ,... ---~
7 ..: ., -· ,-.. .'. r •
J , .J.. _ ,. ; .. -'- · ·
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. i.....
'-' -


. J. , . ~ ,...
, .1 .. .......
1.:.· {) . ·, i_; :_..
J. 01..":.ll CL
..--.. :; ~-.. j_ _-_ ~: ·:.
o c c, ·•. ;: -~ ,, ::: t ::. : : : - c : : : ::, ::--. -0 :.. c ~-- -:. : : :-. · 1.- · ·.,: 1 e i :-:- :._; n .: i · v
·:.1.:e v _i t:: 1.rc. rti: :Joi:..:.1·. ~-:: Ol:: ~ t::!.:-.--~ :-- .;.} ~-: ~~ ·1e, :L:~~;,..;
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. J.
,.... :.
-- · O .J._
- . · - · · "\':
· .,1
.if _.
-- :.) - '~ J.
~u~s ~~ c~G J ~~ o ~osi~ ~~ i~ity of
~ro~? :o~ Z}cci2l ~t tc ~iio ~ .


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L- :.J _ ,
·'· '"'\ c·......
Co_ l ege .. (. ..,_;,
tl12 C:1lle;;·c
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.J. -(.
C Ct.. .,;V °i: 011
\.,1 .1. ....
...;. CO v ~-
. L • .., ,
\,,J. .l. \ ...:
'-' o r,,:,n s ~, l o ic. ,
co143.215.248.55 15:36, 29 December 2017 (EST) i-~y , ~ ~c :s~~a~ =~o~:~ b o r c ~~ ~ : d~~ to l~ 2~i iont \: ~l~~cc ~ l ston
-.; i·Ll:. -:.~ :::- e -:~l~e~ . 10 ~·o:-- j_ ...::?o :i... J.:.:-vtj_c~- lo:.. ·G~: e Cot,i::-li ::: .:.;io:1.,
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r ,·
........... .•. -- (°·--.,,·, - ··
o ~· C:l.I' i
·· -~i~--;11


l.J.~... -
,::, r.: ;:; . :1
l._:.. ...; ~1.1::.::i iu:: s ;.r j_ ...G~:.. -~ ~~ c .:. ~l~:~t1.. .. :?oli c e .Dc :i.1c;~·~:--~-:.:·l.t .::~~:; o ·:·c
( _i J •

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. .,,_
t~c : ~=ti ~a J : :~rt~c~~ ;o~ ~ n ~lic n
j:.,: t -~j~tv·~ J.:.0 f·c..L-0 t::~_!: ::::: culc..
e~ ave: t o t he 0o~ou u i ty 2olati o~c

4/e;:i_,:.,"(,~c, :: ~_;

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i .:.: . .ri·~
c.,-~i.o:.:. -~o l o~~6.i-:.:.: :tcli;;i.01..1.3 :_)c :.-'::c:.~s fo1-- & :r:(,.c :J i1.:c:
o.~.. :~t.:. :.:e:£~ l3 J~o C J::.;.;:: ~ :_,:;r .c:..i: I~.;~,e :."-:~ 1:: li::;ivus Co~-.L\r c2.t i.o :;_ _
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'7:10 :~2.t:.0r:2.. } Cr ·: : ~. ~-c .·,cc 0·° C~J.I' i.s'C, i :\::.:J r- :1c: :0.,.rs '{:. 'il l -:JC~Jr
l ul .sc.:1ol.c:.:rsj:j,·j~:; f .:,~t :.,t , " : ~ j T11 :, e11:"0~. . c11·G~:~j_·r.-3 c:~0cc~:. ;J~T
·'.:.:12 Cc!:lr:::_~ s i.o r .. ·vc, t..«.t,~0:.1?_ c.. ~-;1..t-io:~t.l e;o1~.:..""l21~c:1 c c
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~~ :-'~~-:,t~.:Q:::::. u~u :~: :~-- .. J~ o C..o :J ·t,:: £::-. .:J_J'.)~' ·t; -;j j~ - : : .J \.1 t~i z re: ~ti..1~l C..
..:: ..! ... 10 c: .s·~ -::.o t' 1C: C81:1l::. ~·-.:.:si v:~i. or -::i:1e i:1.c: i -\-2.C:.l1c..~ •
L. 1.
...?. .--., 1S C~~1 u.ll
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c -J e -00 1J·~~ ~r. O"'-tE:<~. i::i: ba ·tlJ.C C :~-Gj; / :£L l l \ : J.·G...:i:1

~ -re (:~:. o:" s o '] 0.,;:; 3oon c.s ·t.l:e iJ£t! 1:~ acco11~~-t, c ct:.1 l 1.:>c Oi)C :.::)::, <~°t c,. ,
~.l"- ~ ..
-~ .... . :

_.::ccc~~....,:::;.r .:~ :."r:i-'u~1re, etc. 1 ;.;ccu~. . C·:~ .,



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.t l : 3 :-::

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·, .' I -·· --
,. . , ... ,: -, ~ . ·,/ )
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-; I

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1!. •
• ,,._\ :.. _:1(: (; ·.·...:..
l.~ ~-
"" r .


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c o:-,·.~nu11i
~Ly Yi.2]) r 2s L:t.~ a· of t~1:: 2.~t~'-·.c~s ·i1i ;_) a[ :Jo~! 1 ·i.:~1c 1.,,:1~. 1..: ~ ~ir~c..: t :1e: , :(; 0rc
~a .. c. \:.:o __. ,_ :~I.:! :J r l..!;)' r cL ·c.: o (:.c··,10 ...: e t i1e rLC CCvsary tir.:.l..! 21.n~ d.el.. i c .::. t.ic n 'to t:·1cir
C. 0 ::~11it~C( ~ .:t :;
C_Lcr:;y ~
-;i:_::.jlt~·.:.. t .

cnr,;e;-;,t, e ducation,

1 .
3.i)O ::' '
i., .::-.ci1 cor:~1:itte: ~ s:10ul-:'. :,.J.v.::. a ))re sticiou s chairman , a re s(;:a rc:1 person a.n0. a n,ember of
";.1is coi.:1J1. is siort '3.rr.·~u! :.i. its total i.t10t·.:Oe'!:'s:--.i p .
Every cf fo ~t sj~~l be
e:~is te1 c c: .
-::o e n lis~ t~e help o= al l p er~incn- a gencies a l ready in
GV2U:LL c o:-.:..-iIT'i':I:; OI' "~~E CO~-::i:-iIS SIQl\1 on pers or..nel anci. func tion wh ose
yn.::cp ose will ·'.)e t uofolc : fi r st, to recom.rrrenc to t~1c ch airr.1an p otential
r.,2:,1::11::r s o i: t: e cO?i0ti -::-::ces t:o b e e stablisheci , aao. seco:i.d , to exp l a in
t 11e ir iu t ies and see t h2.t t'.1ey are being c a .:-riecl out within t i1e frame,;-;o r~ of the Co::inission' s organizational f r .
Lt..\·.' 1'...:-rLJ ;~~l.Jf:..L ::_::,j~"OI{C:2:·iEi,:T
W c.,C.TIG"(
0. rc:c:~:.c:~'r:01,
10 .
l.1. .
12 .
.:J .
I., .

2-U:uLIC ,!.CCC:-.::.-iCI:ATIO~iiS

Rl:.G:STR.ATIOI,: _:..,:_~;; VOTL<G
l·ilii.i~ CIPAL s::::1:,·1cr:s
"'. ·f2L": ARE .A.i.:D P'CBLIC ASS:i::S1'A~~CE
COi:·h·J.i:·:ICf-i.Tim~ hITEii.': 1-!..ii:D EZ'f \ TEEi, T:ilE c o:-i1·H.Ji.1 I ""'ES
VOLI;~-.;""TP~Y ASSOC I ·~TIOi.·s Ai.-.u OPGA.:.HZATIOi-JS :
( Bar, Heclical , Crmrc1.1cs ,
Lab or, p r o fessional g roups, c i v i c o rganizations , civil de fense , etc.)
LE l.L
A0D~TlGJ.:iAL RI:SOURCES: ru~ds ana Gran ts
S?~..:..GRS I EUREAG - us..;.ng cor..;-nittee 1:1embers
~'i.1.e fur.ction of this c orn,1 i t tee will be in t~m are<>-s: ~rev ention ar:.d
a levia tion of an er:,crgency si·i:uz.tion. Your s pccia:'.. c or,-:1:iitte - on
com:,,ittees rcco:m. e n ds that the memb e::s·:1ip o f this c o;:-.,,1.:..t tGe be kept s r::,.a ll
e.:1ou:;h to f .;.1-..ction immediately shoul an en,erzency arise in t he bene:ral
�- 2-
F eport o - Cc,·,~-:.·· t~ee o:i. Co:::-,rr:it t 2es
~11 , 1. t:-.. q -c i ·~
r.1.~:1~t 2:c :>~ a.u ~r.:2.ntcc~ ir1 C[..C11 specific c ase by a
f t :12t sub - cor:c:.i ~'!:ce ,.-,~1:;s ..:: w.rea 0£ i11·-./ e.stiz~tiot~ h~s b cer1 tl-1e
pa:.. ti cul.:ir ncig:·1 borl oo-· L1. ,.f',icll t':lc. n rcscnt m.c. rgci.1 cy arises .
co1,:l7t~.n ity

-.12.10c ~

~espcctiully s·.ibr:,iU: cc. :

~-~~.,. .

-~r.. ~·os~i
)11 l·l a2.s

Arc:.1ois11op ·).:.ul V. Eall inan

-I::. Buzz ~y.::.,

Yr s . i.:;:iry S ·ephe:..1s

,; i Jacob ii . : .:Z ot:1sc1-.ild

Lr . - rv · n c:
o f f i c io

 :-~rs . Eliza Paschnll) ex

�~r . I _viug Kale r
TO :


l;> iza Pusc:1ctl l

,':;}:e c ;...·;__ive Di r2ctor

1~ :
Ac count , BLd ge t, P ersc,ne l Po l i ~ie ~
~ s r:.s<?essn~y ro ::- i:i1e Co:::n-..i:.~sio:1 ·i:o p as s a z-c :::mlu·::io21
a .0an:, u nc1 c'.0. sis-:;.1at i n g ·t h ose ·who r.,r· - 1 bo au'i:.horizcd
c. -•3 · sn2t 2 1:.g
t o s i qn ch2 ~(s .
'l'he :C}~ccu-"ivo Cot1.mi.t t t"=~c 1 2c·t .::1g up ?l t he recor,,r,,cnc~a n of t he
City, r,::r . D.:.1vis , reco::-.1.mend "' t! a t t h e Se c r c·::a ry, :-' .
P.:..-;:. ... crson, an ·. tl10 Dir"~ctor i::>e au"cho-i zed to s ig·,i c _1eck s an:::
cpi.. · n c1 ccorclance w.:.t. -t.h c rccor;nnead w.·::.ions
t hai: -t:lw }:.oaks :t2
o f ti1e Cor:i~)t -oi _c r I s o f ficc .
Por ·c:').G s.J.~<:.e o f c o nv:.....nience and to -.ernons t ·-a t e t r:c Cm,:~ i s sion vs
in . -c:!:...c::t i n lack of disc.,_i~ninat.·· on o n t.· c ·, as .:.s o f s 2 : {,, _
·,·eco:\-..:--:,31. d t ne Ca9ital .Area c~ ·i:.:.. ze;. s l:; So -:.1 thc r11 "";:i.n ~; ,1~1ose
is Mr s . Ce le s-c. c D.1p:;.:ee .
f.ud.:re t . :
vie~ of t he fact that it is n o t yet clear w.~the r the sta ff
o f tl1e Co:-.r,n:ission will he el i,J.° ble :Eor cert c. in '::f-01XC b8n2.fits o f
city CE'.:C-:,lcyces , and that r,::<2 hOj?e . t o o:!.:>ta in nome o ff i ce e c_-:· i _ men t
gii:t. o:c long terr:i lo,m ba s is, I r3 c 0rr1IT'.c .1d t :::at th.~ Cor.1r:.1 i osio n
ac.opt. t.'1e at-i:ac.hed tentuti~,e bu ~9et wh:LcJ1 lists broac~ c at::.go ries
only aud th at fin~l action on a 196 7 bu qe t be t aken a~ 1~e ncx ~
mcctiri.g .
PcrsoLnG l
~c h~ve oecured infornation abott per s onne ~olicics a nJ practices
f~c~ ~h6 -·. S . Civil Servic0 Co~~ ission, t he Atla~~a 'r~an League,
t.hc C0:.::;-,unity Co~ncil anc-:. the ~ o u thcrn Rcgi01 a l Cm .ncil . I r co,nme;id
tl:a~ dcc(.sions alJout lcave 1 benefits 1 etc . , b8 CJ•" f ,_ r:,:- ,~l un·cil ne:<t
r.-:o:r_ t::-L. to cd v e I-x . P ile:;:1cr time t.o a;:;icert.ain ii tnc Co:--·. .issio:i.1
at2~f . is ciigible for city bcne· ·its, a na tha t ~he ~olici~s adopted
i a 1<arch be r et:ro&ctivG to the ti. ~o o:E er:,i_::>loy1~1ent.

rs . r:inr ic !Ii l 'I'hornas ha.:3 bco- 1. ~mploy,;d a s ...;ccret:;:u. ·17 f or a rr.o.:1th

to c.ivc us tine to worJ: o,:-.t th(_,sc p olicies i:i.r..d to foll ;;r.v ·1..~:i.e proccclu:;:: J of roce::.v .,;.nr.r a:::i;:) lica-t.ic; ..s ior th job o.c ::,:!CI:'·'? i~2.ry o : ,c2 th.aB~:1
~.::.t',;;:-;:.:-,:: have been £ina-. iz e1...'L
l:L::- :, . 'i:i: orc:as is a g_:-a(iu2..·::.2 of Morr is
~.2:-0·,.-m. Colleg3 Secretarial S cic.;;nc-r~, ..,ro:,ro.m e.:nc1 was rcco:·;.r,e:.1dcc~ · o us

J..;:.:- ;,'.iir.:,s Car .... ie CleHGmts, Di rG.::tor o :i:: Place:1ent: at ~·:orzis Drown Colleqi:~

�February 24, 1967
Tentative Budget (prepared on basis of consultation with Mr. Underwood,
in Comptroller's office.)
Executive Director
Office Supplies and Expenses
$12 ,500 .
$2 5,00 0

There appears no way through city financing to spread
the expense of equipment, etc., over more than a year.
The $25,000 will be advanced in quarterly allotments
and charges incurred must be paid currently, according
to the Comptroller.
If it is possible to obtain equipment through loan or gift,
any money saved he~e should ·be added to personnel.
�w, }

.' . . ...

. ., ., 1:~·.: _._·._, .,. "' .
' • • .,. b
... •._,._• .-i I
\ _..
' :,
... ,., '
I ,.
l.- ·-
t . - -- ~ •. .
-~-- : t~. ( <:-",.:..
, : •,,, ,
.. .. ..:. :.: • ~ -~- ( ~ .1
, , ir
. , , . ,.. , _
••• • 4 i..
l, · -
. '. ...
, ... . .


I "' •
, ,.._
. ..
. . :.... '. - . . ... --- .; , ..
. .., .,~; '
...-~ . ·.-- ".....
I' . ~



•• •
-~ • ,
J ,.4 , -1.. .... . --~

. .. ,. , . ..
•• ' •
. . , •• • •
i.. .. _

• ' ' . .. . ...
. . . . ... .... '. . ' ,-,
. .
.... .. •.
. . .. ., ....
.1 •
. _.__ :....:.

... ~ '·. .. ' .. ,., ~-·- .

.::··' ...

.i.. l, •
- -
' ..\ .. ,
. '·'
' ,
.... r:,. . :.··
·: : c . . . : .
. . ..... ., \ ,•'·. ··. ..·
. .,, .
• J
, ·,.,
... .
I: ' ,
' ...,
. ~
., .
.., .
\. , .l.
- • 1.,
.. *' L"";_·..:_ {.., ~.
,., ,
· '-

··t. , , .

"- ' 0
'" J r ·_. : . , -1
.... ,•• , . • I
. · i .1
, ....
. . :.:··~ -- ~) .: ;·~.
' ~... .
C·.i ·

, · ,


' . ' i

7. "...- ~..:. \_1' 1':'·
- · ,1 '
.•• r,. ,, .. ,
....,i , ..

,, .
,f • • •
,... ....
I \
·. , ·_ i., ,..
.• l ;
, ..
""' '-
. . ...., ,
......... \, ·•


.... ,.

·:.: •,)
. I,
,A ..,~ , ,.~ • ' !

, ...
., _.. , .. ..,.
, , . . . \...,
,: .
! ..·.,. ~- -
. .
- ·~ :· V'(.
... .. ...-,. . ~ ::.:·:'
• •• •
,, ~.
'-' · -
.. . , . .
..; v - :. - v -. :,1
' /
lo, ... ,
. G.~ :·· . :\. :. \, ,., ,_.
"' ··1 , • ••
• •
0 __. .".. ., ..·.,. . ·,o

.:. t. ~~:: J. ~.

.....,, .,'
,• ..J.1\.J.
t .. ...
11 .4, ,.
J") . . , . . ..,
.. . ' ., Mi
1 ~ ._. ....,. .. .
1_., _ ,,

~-.. 1, .. 1U ,.;, .. :
Le :1\f'() \t ... rJ·:,). ' ! l . iG.t. . : ' ·,,i-: :1 :~

··. ·-~ ,L: ·. t .. , .,:(·. - .. ~~.,:._.,i. ~· . .1 1 [.; ;:,t~ ~. ... . t;, J ~ :1. ~ ~·,.,: ~L i[._.~t

.~! .... e,~; ~ .,.:,. .,._
L.....:: ..:. !..i:: ~ . /::'l ·. tr,o a ~11 V 'l-iC! l :, __ ,;,:):Jt () dQ
1 ::"' · ·
t : f : i .. (
J• •
- ~ ... ~ · · : ! • :
.' .
i "· r ,
t\'.' n
. ~--.
__..._..,.._.r. ':L
..., ' '
...... ,.
•.. i. {.. .
L, • . : :
. ....
\.· -

'l 'f ._ ..
•• ' .. .
•' · , . 11 ......
4,. .._
., • • , •
.. _
• , ., • • , "'I
1,..- v , ... .J.
• '""""(.._ . . . . .
,i,,. _.,
.. , .~
• . • . •.
.... . " ."'
!'_ ~ ..••
• {
, .;..
., ,·.
r • , , ,
.f ,
• .1 ..i__ _ ••
~~-. ( )
. .1 : .. i . ·:- 1
, ,.,
,' .. . .

\ f,,
~ \.!
\11: •
'b o


President, Boa.rd of Aldermen
April 8, 1967
MR . ROBERT D oses
C. G. EzzARD
A r chbishop of Atlanta
Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
MR . M . 0. "Buzz" RYAN
Dear Mayor Allen:
Executive Director
Evidencing some of the concrete results
of the program of the Connnunity Relations Commission, I believe you will be interested in
the attached copy of correspondence from Mrs.
Irving K. Kaler
,,..,.,~..... ...
~ ';/ ·.- ',-':'._t.
April 8 1 1967
Mrs. Sylvi a S. Cochran
247 Ashby Street, N~ w.
Atlanta , Georgia 30314
Dear Mrs . Cochx-an:
We very much appreciate your kind
letter of March 9 commenting upon the program
of the Community Relations Commission of At lant.
We o~e much to the foresight of M yor
Allen in giving leadership to this program and
I am. the~efore• sending hitn a copy of your fine
letter .
We re pleased that the efforts of our
Executive Director. Mrs . Pasch 11, resulted in
th re .. hiring of Mr. Murphy.
W earnestly hope th t you will eont ct
the Conmtssion at any time in the future if you
consider th t we c n be of ssi t nc to the
Yours very
Chaim n
Mayor Ivan Allen• Jr. /
tncer ly.
,, I ~
�Li ~~ p,· ,, , ~
/lif!!l=== == = = == = =::=a!!!if
- .~·
• ""rn:u,:::,;,o,w.,,..,..,,,.,..=m>""°'•"" "'"==
- ~


March 9, 1967
t .'
., 1,:
Mr. Irving Kaler
Human Relations Commission
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
.I i·
Dear Mr. Kaler:
The Vine City Teen Council and r esidents of Vine City dee -l.y
appreciate your granting the youtqs permission to appear before the
Human Relations Commission.
We feel that the re-hiring of the Recreation Director, Mr. Eddie
Murphy, could never have been accomplished without your interest and involvement.
Our very special t hanks to Yirs . El iza Paschall, who was so helpful
in st eering us to the right contacts.
,C &-c-/ z..-/-CZ~;rv
Thank you a7a· '

- v -(dt /

' l
rMrsl Syl via S. Cochran
247 Ashby Street , N. W..
Atlanta, Georgia 30314
�Vi W
c/V,..wsh-,5 &£0»,e
v45e~ ~,..,~ ('-",-.,v~f esce,-.,t
TELEPHONE 767-7407
February 27, 1967
Mrs . Eliza Paschall
Executive Director
Co mmunity Relations Commission
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mrs. Paschall:
Thank you for your letter o f Febr uary 22, 1967 re ga rding a
statement made by a Mrs. A. J. Dempsey before the new Community
Relations Commission.
Unfortunately I ha ve not had the pleasure of meeting the complainant; nor do I recall any inci dent referred too in her co mplaint .
For your informa tion Hi ghview does not operate under Hill-Bu rto n
funds . Original cons tructi on, however, was fina nced partly with funds
secured under the Hill-Burton Ac t.
Highview has no rules regarding admissi on of patients wh ich ex clude admission of negroes .
Highview has fulfilled all requireme nts of the Department of Health,
Education and We lfare, as set forth under Title VI and has so advertised
in the community news media, by le tter to the county governments of Fu l ton and DeKalb, and ora l ly to all others interested .
Neither the undersi gned nor any member of the Highview s taff has
ever, with my knowledge, mad e any s ta teme nts to anyone whi ch would be
contrary to the Highview board's expre ssed admission policies.
Highview does not have on ha nd any requests for admission o f a ne gr o
to the institution ; nor has Hi ghvi ew e ver r eceived an application for a dmission of a negro. (See e nclo su res)
Respectfully request you di s semi nate this information to all perso ns
or interested agencies not listed below.
For the Board of Highview.
fa ~
Encl: ( 2)
Distr ibu tion:
T. Wa r d
Mr . J. W. Stephens on (Pre s. of Board)
Mr . Ja me s .Aldredge
Mr. Brince Manning
Mayor I van All en
(1 1 'r
-·-:: COP'I' ,1"
}COPY r::•:,,
�- ---

Some Facts About Admission To
--·-------- --·---------
Highview Nursing Home
2800 Springdale Raed S. W.
At lanta, Georgia 30315
· Highview Nursing Home is a privately operated, non profit philanthropy,
governed by a self-perpetuating board of directors. (It is not under the
direction of county officers ) . Service is limited to bona-fide re s idents
of Fulton County and, to a le sser degree , DeKa lb County. Application
for admission is made direc t ly to the administrator's office at the home.
It is not necessary to have the endorsement of recommendation of friends
or public officials. Acceptance of a patient is determined entirely on
the basis of eligibility, need and ava ilability of space.
Application is made on forms provided by Highview, one of which is a
me<lical report and diagnosis to be made by the applicant's physicia n.
Medical examination and judgement is required in order to determihe
whether Highview can pr operly serve the patient.
Because this community doe s not ha~e adequate nursing home facilities,
there is a considerable waiting list for a dmission to Highview, and
acceptance is usually slow. Critical circums tances surrounding a patient
are considered. Often it i s best a patient be placed in any nursi ng ho~e
where space is availab le, pending a vacancy a t Highview; and thi~ wil l
not lose the patient' s priority for Highview admiss ion.
Ot h er f actors a ffec ti ng admis s ion: Some patie nts floors are restri c ted
to WQme p , § Orne tQ men; and a va ca ncy on t he men ' s wa r g wi l l not prov i de
a bed for a woman on the waiting li st . Some spa ce i ~ appropriate onl y
for the care of amaulatory patients. About two-thirds of th e space at
Highview is devo~s to patients whose financia l circumstances require as si s tanc e from public welfare sources ; and t his rati o is mai ntained in
considering all applications. Also the r atio between DeKalb and Fulton
r e sident s is maintained .
The officers of Highview are concerned that the service s of t he Home be
made available to the community in equitable fashi on . Our sole object is
to serve those who need this ca re. However , our maximum capacity is only
.a fraction of the total need, a nd it is impossib le to admit many who wish
to enter here. Our most unhapp y task is to de ny those for whom we ca nnot find space.
./ / ·1 --J_, I', /7
, irfl.~,.t~·
I L-Lf#-1!.4<
7 / 1/fA
Harold T. Ward
Administra tor
l cor,y
Yt' no
r (•I'
c....· 1.... ,1
- - - ~- ---- -- LJ AdO:)
0<J 3X I
1 Qtl3X
2800 Springdale Road S . W.
Atlanta) Qeor gia 30315
Highview is intended to be a nursing ~
of limit ed means .
f or infirm aged men and women
Infirm is intended to mean that the person should have immediately avail ab le nursing care and medical attention of the degree u sually assoc iated
with a nursing home, but not t o the degree which normally requires the
s ervite of a genera l hospital or a chr onic-disease hospital; and a degree
of infirmity which requires more than simp le custodial c are .
Aged is inte nded to mean a person who is in the sixtieth year of life or
older . This age shall not be consid ered a rule abso lute if the capacity of
the h ome is not filled by persons of this minimum age .
Limited Means is intended to mean persons who do not have avai lable (owned
in their ~ r i g h t, or through kin who will a ccept fina ncia l respons ibility)
financial resources suffic ient to pay f or the ir care in the usua l privately
operated nursing h ome or home for the aged . A specific dollar-value on
r esource s is intenti onally omitted .
Patients• shal l be considered under three classifications- Class A she.11 be those patients who are entirely dependent upon public or
private agencies or charities for t heir care and live lihood.
Class B shall be those patients wh o have some fi nancial resources (se lf
kin) , but who require assistance from public or private agencies
for their care a nd livelihood.


Class C shall be those patients who have financial resour ces (self owned
or fro; kin) sufficient to pay cost of care and livelihood at this home,
but not sufficient to purchase care and livelihood at the usual private ly
operated nursing home.
Priority : First consideration will be given to Clas s~ patients. It is in
the publ:i.c interes t that services also be extended to the other two group s,
for it is wise to encourage persons to rely on their own resources. Under
this premise, next priority will be given to Class Ji patients. Bu t it is
not in tended to exclude all Class f patients in the exercise of the above
two preference s.
Exc lusions: This home is not prepared to care for persons with acute
psychiatric complaints, or with infectious or contagious diseases, or with
tuberculosis. Such patients will not be knowingly admi tted; and if the
condition develops or becomes known after admiss ion, it is expected that
~ ,10 ._1..,J
0::1 . !).,
the patient will be promptly removed .
The Medical Director (or the
Administrat or, if the Medical Director cannot . readily act) shall have
full power to judge and t oe.c t upon such matters .
MEDICAL REPORT: Prior to admission, a wr itten medical report and
opinion, by a licensed physician who is familier wit h and who h.:c1s
personally examined the applicant, will be required. The Administrator
or Medi cal Director may prescribe a form for such report, and may conduct s uch further inquiry as they deem justified. The requirement s as
t o, medical examination and report are for the protection of all patients,
including the applicctnt.
Information availnble through the Department of Publ.'..c
Welfare of Fulton and DeKalb Counties will be sought . Wri.tten commit ment to meet charges will be expected of patients or their kin or other
sponsors where ver nppropri~te. Regulations of th e Georgia Department
of Family and Children Services will be foll owed on Class A and Class
~ pa t ients .
RESIDENCE : Admission will be limited to reside nts of Fulton and DeKalb
Counties, f or Class A and Class B patients ; and to boon-fide dependents
cf resident s of these two Counties, for Cl2ss C patien t s.
---~ COPY _
____ _
�11 ch 6, 1~7
s . Eliz
chall, Executive Dir ct-or
tion.s Ccmmiseion
City mul, 68 Mitchell Stre t, S . W.
Atl. ta, Georgi 30303
unity R
Dear Mrs.
Thi ia
pl.3' to your reecnt l tter coucerning t
1c s for negr s brought to
attention ot the
Cam:ds ion by Mr •
it f
• J. D p
Uities and

I : I .a _, ~..
' , ·,:: !l
• • ••

I '
.: . ·.; :(:
"H ..


......... __
-.......... ___--..,.
A l anta 3 , Georgia
Ch ief of Constru c ti on
March 3, 1967
s . Eliza - asc .all ,
cu ~ive Direc tor ,
Co~-= nity ela ~i on~ Commission,
12th ~loor , City Ha ll
E:~ all :
This will answer the fi rst part of your letter of February 22nd
rega _ding the condition of the sewer reported by Mrs . Nannie McCormick
of 1 l:-3 Oakmont Drive, N. W.
1-it's . 1cCormick is a schoo 1 teacher and v."e have had some trouble
COi.1tacting he ; however, our Mr . Ken Lanca s ter has contacted Mrs .
~1cCo_o·· ck concerning the sewer odor and inefficie ncy of sewers in the
mldo D~ ive and Argyle Drive area of Lincoln Homes . We believe the
silt d posits that have accumulated in these lines i s the trouble
and we have instructed our construction super intendent to flush and
drag t.ese lines . After the completion of this work, i f the sewers
are stil operating inefficiently , we will initiate a program of
s udy to determine what is necessary to allev iate the sanitary sewer
pro l c~s in this area.
In response to the statement by Mrs . McCormick concerning the
drowning of a child in Proctor Creek last year, I would like to bring
it to t he ir a ttention with your Community Relations Commission that
t':ie property owners in this area are responsible for fencing the
czeck in the ir back yard, as most of the property runs to the center
of the creek and is the responsibility of the abutting property owncar
it would be up to them for the safety of their children and for
t .eir neighbors children in connection with the flooding of Proctor
Creek in heavy rains that they fence their backyards to protect the
children . This is not a responsibility nor a function of any
govern:nental agency.
Yours truly ,
k ·,v-· .. /,.>'


cc: .i:·!3yor Allen /
1-'.£.i. . Sam Ma ssell
Alder ~n Summers
Ald~rman Millica,2- TL ANT A
Ray A. Nixon,
,,. ;;

~ebruary 27, 1967
Mrs . Eliza Paschall,
Executive Director ,
Cormcunity Relations Coiililliosion,
12th Floor, City Ha ll
Dear Mrs. Paschall:
This is in answer to part of your letter of February 22, 1967
calling to our attention the unpaved block of Crumbley Street between
Whitehall Terrace and Ira Str~et.
For your information, the only way this street can be paved at
present is for the o~mers of 51'7. of° the property frontage signing a
petition requesting paving and agreeing to pay for same.
Iara sure you are aware of this section being included in the
Urban Rcnetral area, and I am sure that something will be done in this
area within the next year or so.
l n regard to the unsanitary conditions and compost pile at the
rear of this area, we will refer this matter to the Sanitary Department 1
of which Mr~. S. W. Graydon is the Sanitary Engineer.
Itoping this is the information which you desire, I am,

.. .

' .,.. )
! "'~ .. .

Yours truly,
RAN : hj
cc :.;I·iayor /I van Allen , ·J r .
Hon. $am Massell, Jr.
Alde r~n Summers
Alder~n Mil l i can
Mr . S/· W
. Graydon
. .Ji
. :1
BROARY24, 1967
• uchan
Chi f Houatng Cod
Mr .. J.
Cit.y B 11
Atl nt ,
In p cto~
r Mr. Bue
bad p
at priv
ly owned
loc tiona that
• th
ta of the ukh d Batat • Apar
tur maint anc servi ce, Vi f 1 th
ar not gettin
i0 for th high rant we p y.
e ue
king for your help
in getting rid of rat th tar
bout 'to take ov r the ap r ents.
Alao wen d repair
rk 1 the
jority of t.h ap
nta, winctowa,
airrors door, hole• in the wall, no til on kitchen floor or need
r pairin9, wall cracking, need play rea,
n d c •
pleta driveway,
do not w tour 9 rb ge cans i n t
gr nd, and
there ia b rglarising day and ni9ht. R preNnting the ara
s. T
a Mcclenton 74-6244, an Mrs. Luen 11 Dunl p
1401 ankh ad ighway,
• ·w. >'
caretaker at
the a
an •
of the Summ rhill area c
lained about the
enta at o
d 70 Love street.,
aaid ha curs a th children an
Real y co
in the neighborhoOd, drink•
w ter h atar• and junk
d ulla win, bring old
hem on property ne
ar• and
r• would like to hav h
oved. Th y h
lained t
t A ency bu~ tb y
n t done anything about
bed • n ~ k ov hi• n
, but hia initial• are I. •
· h li•• at ts Lo • st.
oubo.. n
r la 525-6718. ))
n 19
•• tot
oerely yo ra,
s (~

�February 27 , 1967
Mrs . Eliza Pasch 11
Ex cutiv Di rector .
Community Rel tions Commission
City Hall
Atlanta , Georgi
Dear Eliz:
re 11 v ry pleased th t you hev b
cutiv Director of the Co unity
nd · lo
forward to orking with you
ing many thing in th ~ ry ne r futur . Pl
ured th t both the P rke nd R er tion Division
t your di po al nd
ill do any and v rything
hum nly po ible wi~hin th c p city of our
nn 1
nd Budget to ell vi te th m ny d fici nci
r er tion nd park f eilitiee throughout th
dvant gd
of our cormnunity .
�Mrs . Eliz
P ge 'I'\- o
Pasch 11
which e ~ ill utilize in th o r tion of neighborhood pl y
lot . EOA started off by fin ncing th creation of 7 of
these lot and we hav no grown to pproxim tely 21 . We
pl n to oper t
21 . · e pl n to operat them from June 1st
through Labor Day and off r the children
vari ty of
eitivit s plus excursions with our new bu which will hold
30 youngsters or 20 adult .
Our probl m are many but most of them could b
olv d by money .
As a
mber of the .Atlant Youth Council I m ple sed to
ay nd to see th t the City dministrat'ion is le ning
to rds thi
gency as th coordinator of P rk nd Recreation
mong the priv te and public g ncie . Th re i
dup1ic tion in so
int ces nd c rt inly e should all
coordin te our activity .
I u
e the rel purpose of thi l tt r i to
in many inst nc
e wil l b unable tom t your r qu
the requ ts of th communities that c 11 upon you, ho ver,
thi i not to
y that you houldn ' t cont ct u in
that e can be c rtein th t verytbing i bing
humanly possible .
I i h you
ry possibl succ: ss in your n
looking forward to orking with you , I
und rt king
Cordi lly,
D lius
Gen r 1 Mn ger of
P rk
· nd R er
Hon . Iv n All n r Jr .; Mayor
Hon . Ch rli L ft ich, Ch 1
1 P rk
Mr . Charl e L. D vis
City of 1~t1 nta
Atl nta , Georgi 30303
Dear Charles:
Mrs . L. F . Manning of th Wom n ' Mi sion ey Union h . s
nd s ye her organi ation ould be illing
to sell us th house t 55 M gnoli Avenue · hich
happen to be next to our pl ylot t
n Maple .
Mrs . M nning ays that h r organization is roovin over
rly ay and they
1 th refore b willing to
ell us this structur for
littl less th n $10 , 000 .
A you know, · c re f ryin to provide teroporary em r ency
type r er tion in th slum r
s n I
s ;undering of
th po sibility of
v nc€ -cq i ition of this
house ince Urb n • ~n
1 m y ultim t ly n e i t .
e giv
your thinkin
your continu d
rvic , I
on tl'li
and thanking you
Cori lly ,
l Hang r of
H n.
yor /
. .
ere tin
�Febru ry 27 , 1967
s . Eliz Pasch 11
eutive Director
· ity Relations Co
City Hall
A l nt , Georgi
D r
s. P
· ssion
ch llt
ebru ry 16 by th new Community
tion of youn
opl fr
tition nd pl
for h lping
r t 141
lnut Str t .
o o
�Mrs . Eliza Paschall
l? ge Two
Thank you very much for your le er
our desir to be of service, I am
ssuring you of
Jack c. D lius
G ner l f. nager of
Parks and R creation
cc .
Bon . Ivan All n , Jr . /
Hon . s
M ssell , Jr .
Hon . Charli Left ich
Vin City Youth Council c/o
• Ch rl s Bl ck, N sh W shington
Virginia Carmich 1
Mr . F . C. Ne ly
February 21, 1967
Ir. Jack Delius
Parks & Recreation
City of Atlanta
Atlanta , Georgia
At the public hearing held on February 16 by the new Community Relations
Commission, a del egation of young people from the Vine City area presented
a petition wit h 202 signatures and a strong plea for help in keeping in
operation the Recreation Center at 141 Walnut Street, staffed by Mr.
Eddi e Murphey, who I understand has been paid by EOA funds .
I kno , the.t you are aware of the need in this area and of the urgeney
of this request, and also that you are familiar with any resources beyond
the immediate budget of your department. Is there any fay in which the
Commission can be of help 1n obt ai ning &dditional help , for example , through
the Federal Executive Board, which I understand is interested in youth
programs in Atlanta? Also , I have heard from a representative of the
Trinity Presbyterian Church, who was at the hearing and thinks a group
of churches might be able to help with salary for a recreation worker.
I have urged her (Mrs . F. Levering Neely) to contact you and work with
your department to formulate any plane .
Thie was one ot the most urgent needs brought to the Commission and I
would like to be able to make some report abo·.i.t it at the Cotlllllission
meeting on Friday, February 24, 1967 at 1:30 o' clock P • •
)1 ;v- p~
(Mrs . ) Eliza Paschall
Executive Director
Community Relations Commission
oc: ~ayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Ron. Sam Mass 11, Jr.
Alderman Charles Leftwich
Vine City Youth Council o/o
Mr. Charles Black, Nash Washington EOA Center
Miss Virginia Carmichael
Mrs. F.C. Neely
.r. fui.y A. n.xon
f ~onstruction
City fl'lll
tl nta , Geor ria
Dear ,r.
,:;_ on:
pulJ~.ic ho rin
p 11 t d JOliitliU 1! ty . l
ry l ·; . the _ ollowinl.! condition
earlier ton
ns rer;ort-
t y office:
lcnn Gl o.tou , 103;, G ribaldi .:itraet , st t i tr t
.e in th e-rly 1950 ' :~ ("I:irt) .
utor fhich drains into tha
conv.r~ition~ ,1th
,Jbera , b~t hu cotten nos ~isfactrenpon e h l1as h d hr1.s bt.
notice.,, .. rom
Dopert. ent that th ho1rnc ~t ould be r~-
nd on 'ebr1ar
. r.
17 h h d a cond
nation JO ic •
t te
th·J.t thio ir"' a problair. , not j Jst in
his lot, but in ot er~ ?n the araa . tle f el. t j t if J~
k,. tho repai ·a , the ,, • e thin,__ ill 't
con i r·11(3 le al uction o.::J a 1 t re.,ort .
When L.r .
a k9d
cout ct· I
, hP oention
the :e er lin, . I
to loo1< the it ia.tion and ne report d th
" 'or your information, I at a th.chi11& h.n· tc .. e or nd·...
dated Fobr 1 ry 14th fro
r . R. f~ . L no·ntor of the City
Jewer Department p rtainin~ to yo•r i uiry r a rding
s wer proulc
at 1035 GEribaldi ~tri t .
" ' The co bin, tion ewer that runn tln:ou h thiP. property
h1 been insp ct.., fro n • he in ida ::JLd found. to bi; in ood
condition, indicating th1.t the cower lim~ is not th., cau<.1
of tho '3ettling of the ho u· at th, bov ncidr ... c . 1 "
,lr. Gl .aton'
. on
f tl
ur tnt oncr-i
t tha
�Page Two (cont . )
hearing , and I would like vory muc to make a report on it at the re~ular
meetin~ of tho Coor.1ission on Friday , February 24 , 1967 , at 1:30 o' clock P. M.
Yours very sincerely,
sp _
(I r,, . ) Jliza Paschull
J.clcutive Diroctor
Co. mi t· aclation·~ C
yo1· Ivan
11..,n, Jr .
fion . dam ass 11 , Jr.
lderJan Jae', .3· mer'}
1 ei"'Ll< G. ~v re "t ~· illiken
Rocionc.1 Di rec tor , ·ID
~r . Glenn Gleiton
City Hall
February 22, 1967
~r. Ray A. Nixon, Chief of Cons truction
Community Improvement Progr am
City Hail
Atlant a , Georgia
Dear Mr. Nixon:
I have written to you about one of the matter s brought befo re the Comml.ll1-ity
Rela tions Commi ssion at the February 16 meeting,
Another matt er which as f ar as we can t ell should be r eferred to you i s th
condition reported by Mrs . Nannie McCormick of 1843 Oalanont Dr., N. W.
McCormick, who i s a public s chool t eacher , s t a t ed tha t the drainage in the
area is so bad that it is often i .mpossible for r esidents to use their
ba thtubs or washing machines and the odor from the sewer s becomes almost
unbearable .
Mrs . McCormick al so expressed the concern of the neighborhood over an open
cree , where l ast summer a child drowned , and 1hieh i s a cons t ant s our 0 o of
anxi ty to the parents in the area. They would welcome assi s t ance in
l essening the danger.
le have had also
reque::;t from ~omeone who
meeting but who telephoned t he fol l owing :
as not able to a ttend the
I would liko to see t he bl ock paved b tween Whit ehall Terrace nd Ira
St reet on Crumbley St ree t. There ha been five generations in t his spot
of land on Crumbley Street and the str0et has never ever been paved. I
would like very much if we could get it pavod . I . ark at night and on
the hot summer nights it io just terriblc--tho dust i s horriblo . I t'
worse in th aumm r than in t he winter, but tho arune probleI:1 xist in
the wint er , with the dus t ~nd all . In the you can not sit on thv
front porch because the dust drives you inside . The sanitary conditions
ar also b
in this are . In the tear of Cruobley Street there i s a
regular co po3t pil with odds and nds And food . You can aee this
scene on 11 three street . There have be n n w apartments built in
this area , but th dwell ers do not care about t e look of the plao evidently. Thy foel if it look
ood on the inside for e t the re t of
the s t r et. Th ae place would be much cleaner i f t hey had a oaretak r.
I understand you have to have a p rcont
of re ident~ to complain
bout this typ of condition, but aino th oe ap rtmente h v b~ n built,
I do not st nd a chance in gettin anything done about this slum condition.
My queation is, wh t can be done?
�Page Two
(Mr s. ) Eliza Pas chall
Executive Director
Communi ty Rel a tions Commission
cc: Mayor Ivan Allen , Jr.
Hon . Sam Massel l, Jr.
Mr . J a ck Summers
Mr . G. Everett ill icen
City Hall
February 22, 1967
Mr . J. s . Buchanan, Chief Hous ing Code Inspector
City Hall
Atlanta , Georgi a
r . Buchanan:
At t he public hearing held by t he new Comraunity Relations Commission of
the city of Atla nta , it waa r eported tha t there are s·veral vncant houses
on Markham Street which wer e vaca t ed as a result of code enforce~ent a nd
a r e still s tanding vacant. Residents of the area s tated tha t the vacant
houses cons titut e a threat to the health and peace of t he community and
r eques t ed the a sis t ance of the Commission in having the buildings
demolished .
We will very much appreciate inf'ormation about the regula tions covering
such ituations and particul ar informa tion about the s itua tion on Markham
Stree t.
( rs . ) Eliza P ochall
Executive Director
Community Relations Commission
Mayor Ivan Allen , Jr.
Hon . Sam f•lass 11 , Jr.
r. G. Everett Millicen
City Rall
b;ruary 22, 1967
r . H b Pi . re
o- P c ay ,
ox 1278
tlant , G Grgia
111 M
Do r · r . Piere t
n"ted to l t you know th t I h ve b n i.n
Gil rt Rei hts r
nd of the Lynd.bur t · r
bruary 16.
ov into u.r o fio 1l.l City ll,
After that., • will
b tt r 1t
City Hall
February 22, 1967
Manager, Hillhaven Nursing Home
265 Boulevard Dr., No E.
Atlanta , Georgi a 30312
Dear Sir:
At the public hearing held by the new Community Rel a tions Commission of
the city of Atlant a , the matter of admittance of Negroes to Nurs ing Homes
in the ar ea was brought before the Commission. Mr s . A. J. Dempsey, 1495
ozley Dr., S . W., r eported t~
loning :
Request for admi ssion f fil ~ng ~
tion in writing , going to the
f acility, bei ng shown around courteously with the notation t hat I
would be notified of an opening, as s oon as the next floor was made
available the following week; aft er repeat ed re~uest s be t el ephone
{not having heard from the Director as promi sed) I was informed
tha t nobody seemed to have known anyt hi ng about the initia l
applica tion fo rm made i n writing .
e 1111 appreciat e information f r om you about t he number of Negroes who hav
appli ed to t he Hillhaven Nursi ng Home , t he number who have been ad.mitt d ,
t he a verage t ime bet ueen bei ng pl aced on a lis t and bei ng admitted.
Si ncer ely,
(Mra .) Eliza Paschall
Execut ive Di rect or
Community Relat ions Commisaion
cc: ayor Iv n All an , Jr.
Hon. Sam. Maseell , Jr.
Dr. W. S. Jackson, Atlanta School of Social Work
Mr. Wr enn, Equal Health Opportunity Offic r , H alth , Eduction , and
Mrs. A. J . Dempa y
Mr. Duan
ck, Community Council
lf r .
City Hall
February 22, 1967
Manager , \'lesl ey foods Real th Center
1825 Cli ft on Road, N. E.
Atlant a , Georgi a
Dear Sir:
At t he public heari ng hel d by t he new Communi t y Rel a tions Commi ssi on of
t he eity of Atlanta , t he matter of admi t tance of Negroes t o Nuroi ng Homes
i n t he area was brought before the Commi ssi on. Mrs . A. J. Dempsey , 1495
Mozley Dr., s. W., r epor t ed t he follo ting :
I c alled t o iesley i ood 1h r e I undora t and ishop Harri s was
admi tted bef ore hi s dea th . I did not pursu admi ssion a t
Wes l ey Woods where t hey , too, indica t ed a long wai ting l i s t.
We wi ll appreciate information from you about the number of Negroes who
have applied t o the esley Woods Heal t h Center , the number who have been
admitt ed , t he average t ime bet ~een bei ng placed on a list and being
admitted .
Sincerely ,
(Mr . ) Eliza Pa chall
xecutive Director
Community Re l a tions Commi osion
EP :mt
cc: Mayor Iv n All en, Jr.
Ron. Sam Masseli, Jr .
Dr . W. s. Jackson , tlanta School of Social Wor
r . Wrenn, ,qual Oppo~tunity Offic ~r ,
a lth, ducation, and W lfar
Mrs . A. J. Dempsey
r. Duane Beck , Co uni ty Council
City Hall
February 22, 1967
Brigadier ~eneral illiam Rogers Woodward, Director
Atlant a Metropolitan Area Civil D€fense Council
30 Courtland St., S. E.
tlant a , Georgia
Dear General Woodwa rd:
At the public hearing held by tho new Community Relations Commission
of the city of Atlant a , the matter of participa tion by legroes in the
Metropolitan Atlant a civil defense program , both as Gtaff members and
as volunteers , as brought b fore the Commission by Mr. Sterrs Johns on.
e will appreciate informa tion as to th present positions held by
fegroes on your s taff and on civil def en e policy bodies in the
metropolitan Atlanta ar a .
·f .
(Ire .) Eliz P s oha ll
Executive Director
Community R l ations Commission
EP : t
cc : · ayor Ivan Allen , Jr.
Hon. r;
s el.l , .Jr .
Mr. Sterra John on
r . William Paga , (Chairman, Committee on Equal Employm nt Opport'1Ility ,
Fed ral Executive Board)
City Hall
bru ry 22 , l 67
r . J a O. D li
Dir ctor of Public R or
Ci ty all
Atl nt . , Geor 1
v vrltt n to
t the public hu«JC~&l..,.
t d
liz P cha.ll
cutiv Di otor
l ti.on
Pt t
or tio
bru ry 22 ,
City H ll
ebruary 22, 1967
Dr. Jrunes F. Hackney , Commission r of He 1th
99 Butl r Str t , S. E.
Atlanta , Georgia
Dear Dr . Hackney :
At the public heari ng h ld by tho n r Co'-""4,,IU.t,,
city of Atlant ,
• Le i s Holm Sr. ,
who 1 in th ."home & buoine
i prov
un~anitary conaition &nd pr otic - in o
Mhore he hao don repair and renovation wo~k.
r . Hol 00 said ho would w lco
to th appropriate otticialo.
Holm • o'f th prop r proo dur
into .
ty to 81~ th p rtinent d t il
ei t you adviaing u3 or r . Lewi
to 1 llov to hnv thio condition looked
Sinoer ly,
o ion
City Hall
February 22, 1967
Brigadi er General William Rogers Woodward , Director
Atlanta Metropolitan Area Ci vi l Defense Council
30 Courtland St., S. E.
Atlanta , Geor gia
Dear General Woodward :
At the public hearing held by the new Community Relations Commission
of the city of Atlanta , the matter of participation by Negroes in the
Metropolitan Atlanta civil defense program, both as staff members and
as volunteers, was brought bef ore the Commission by Mr . Sterrs Johnson.
We will appreciate information as t o the present pos itions held by
Negroes on your staff and on civil defense policy bodies in the
metropolitan Atlanta area.
5/i P~l
(Mrs~liza Paschall
Executive Director
Community Relations Commission
EP : mt
cc : Mayor Ivan Allen, J r .
Hon. Sam Massell , Jr.
Mr. St rrs Johnson
Mr . William Page , (Chairman , Committee on Equal Employment Oppor tunity ,
Federal Executive Board )
�May.or Allen
�• 1
�hr . C. 0 . :~au rich
Admini!Jtrn.tor, ~cono..., c
101 1·, riett Jt ..... eet , ·• o
Atlanta , Gnor(!ia 30302
ortunity, tl· nta , Inc .
Dear I1r . :rnrnerich:
hel b/ t:.r- n , Ccrr.l!l' nity 10lution::; Co~ission
of the City of Jl lant on . eb uary 16 , l rn . m nry Too , me:nbor of
the Georgia Board of ."a.rdl~· und Childrenn Services , '1poke in favor of th
adontion of the F on Jtn p Pl 11
caans of c.oating the basic neo of
providin 5 food for ~1 {.ti.ble poroon , n to that extent de.ali~~ wit
problor:1 of he lt 1.nd delinquency . · •rn . Toombs say3 that you have a
complote file on~·" fe si~ility oft ic plan for Fulton County , ,hich
.erv s the najo
ortion of tlant , and ~fforts to implement it .
At the ;:ub ic heurin
'o ·ill appreci t a vi inb ua
bolt the plan and 1 tr. pre~or t r.tat .• ~.
o tr" "'incerely ,
·r lt- 1-f'L/ J (L- 1-(' I~
( ,d. )
·11~ Panchull
~x nJtivc ~i octor
,o '.l 1i t.v i la tion , Commission
. P: P ..~
cc: ~
yor !van
Hor. • .J
llcn , Jr .
ssell , Jr .
~r . iollborn .llis
.r" . HEnry Too bP
�.br·urJ 20 , 1967
l.r • •• • .J •<:ld , DLect-:>r
atlan a tioacin~ ~thority
I urt BuilC!in ?
Atlanta , Gcor
ear 1r.
a 30303
tt rfie
dt the !)Ubl ic het.rin,., luld by tlH . . e ly a point d ']ommU!lity
":o_ mi:..:~ion on Thur
to the Coi.1mi. ,ion:
br, ury l · tlrn following
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u. ti"'
s r
6 . . ilL rd ..-.itrect , part e. t 612 (Gr
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coivcd an
-t ...
vi::li tinJ
to COllrt
f r
-ric, ... 1: •
., . .·..

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